AutoMend Pro Review: Phone App Tool to Diagnose Car Repair Problems?

AutoMend Pro is a diagnostic device that can connect right to a vehicle’s dashboard to scan for any one of the 7,000 possible issues or problems that need to be fixed. With the full report of repair estimates, on your cellphone, you can see why that annoying check engine light is on again and allows you to monitor it in order to avoid expensive repairs before they happen. With AutoMend consumers will know exactly what their car needs to operate at its best capacity.

What is AutoMend Pro?

Any responsible car owner needs to be proactive about preventative maintenance on their vehicles. While there are some ways that the average owner can upkeep their own vehicle, not everyone has the money to see a mechanic every single month to check on their car. General maintenance is a commitment, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. The use of the AutoMend Pro can get car owners the answers they need without the expense of seeing a mechanic.

AutoMend Pro provides users with a full scan of their car to look for any problems with definitive answers. It can pick up over 7,000 potential issues, ensuring that consumers know as much as possible about any upkeep they may need to perform before they see a professional.

With this knowledge, a car owner will know if the mechanic they see is helpful or trying to rip them off, saving them potentially thousands of dollars in the long run. In fact, to make sure that the user gets a fair price, AutoMend Pro will also tell them the average cost of performing the repair.

Where to Get AutoMend Pro

Right now, the only place to get the AutoMend Pro is from the official website since it isn’t sold by third-party websites and it isn’t sold in stores. For a single AutoMend Pro, the total cost is $39.99. Considering that a diagnostic test at a shop is usually more, the AutoMend Pro essentially pays for itself after just one use.

Customers can also choose from one of the following multi-packs to take care of their other cars:

  • Two AutoMend Pro tools for $79.98
  • Three AutoMend Pro tools for $89.98.

Users can also get a free AutoMend Pro with their purchase for an additional $9.99.

If the user finds that this product doesn’t work with their vehicle or doesn’t help with their car’s issues, it is covered by a 30-day guarantee for a refund or replacement.

FAQ: What Do Consumers Want to Know About AutoMend Pro

When it comes to car problems, most people are understandably cautious about the way that they remedy these issues. Let’s discuss some of the questions and answers that consumers might have about the AutoMend Pro.

Q: What does the AutoMend Pro do for users?

A: AutoMend Pro is used to diagnose vehicle health and to find any possible problems as they arise in real time.

Q: How do consumers use the AutoMend Pro?

A: The AutoMend Pro plugs into the OBD II port in the car, which is usually right under the steering wheel on the dashboard. Then, the user needs to download the AutoMend Pro app from the app store for their phone, allowing it to run while the device scans for issues in the vehicle. Within a couple of minutes, the user will get a complete report within the app that shows any problems that the AutoMend Pro detected.

Q: What is the OBD II port?

A: OBD II is the second generation of On-Board Diagnostics. The port is used specifically for the purpose of self-diagnosing issues in vehicles. All vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later have this port. By running a diagnostic test, the AutoMend Pro may clear the check engine light.

Q: What will car owners learn about the problems in their car?

A: The user will learn what the problem is and how much it will cost for the average repair service. Since this device makes no changes in the vehicle, it will not void a vehicle’s warranty.

Q: What operating system is compatible with the AutoMend Pro app?

A: The AutoMend Pro app works on both iPhones and Android smartphones.

Q: What cars can be diagnosed by AutoMend Pro?

A: This diagnostic tool works with nearly any car or truck that was made as far back as 1996, whether it is a gas, diesel, or hybrid vehicle.

Q: Does the AutoMend Pro need to stay plugged in?

A: The amount of time that the user can keep the AutoMend Pro plugged in depends on how often they use the car. If they drive daily or almost daily, they can leave it plugged in. However, if the car goes for days at a time without anyone driving it, the creators recommend unplugging the AutoMend Pro while not diagnosing problems.

Q: Will the AutoMend Pro show users how to fix the problem?

A: No. AutoMend Pro is meant exclusively for diagnostic purposes. To repair the vehicle, users will either need to bring their vehicle to a shop or perform the labor themselves.

Q: What if other questions come up?

A: The customer service team will be able to answer any questions about an order, a return, or the product in general. They can be reached by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 609-414-7087.

AutoMend Pro Summary

AutoMend Pro provides users with the answers that would ordinarily cost them up to $100 to learn by going to a repair shop, and that’s before they even start repairs. Some auto mechanics like to take advantage of customers that don’t fully understand their own vehicle, but AutoMend Pro provides the user with the knowledge that can protect both their car and their wallet. Then, the user can decide if this repair is small enough for them to take on or if they require professional help.


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