ELWN Review – Innovative Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds & Earphones?

ELWN Review

The role of technology in today’s world and in the future are essential to modern living. Much like science, art, and history, the world is shaped by technology. With the impact that technological advances have had on all aspects of life, imagining a world without it seems impossible. Without technology, things that are often taken for granted, such as travel and keeping in contact with friends and family from across the globe, would be out of the question. Technology has allowed a freedom for choice for people to have access to a variety of resources with the push of a button.


Though many believe that technology is taking over society, technology can be used to keep mankind and the planet intact. Technology shapes the future, and can be not only compatible with nature, but beneficial for all of humanity. Technology has the ability to provide clean energy sources, emission free transport options, and low-energy houses. Technology does not only serve personal needs, but can be vital in discovering a way to make life more efficient by incorporating new methods and processes.

The goal of innovation and technology should not be focused on consumerism, but rather, adding value to society that simplifies human life. When considering innovation and technology, the popular criticism, “why reinvent the wheel”, often comes to mind. When designing or implanting tools that are equivalent to existing ones, it is important that as the times change, as do needs and priorities.

Without new ideas, tomorrow would never come. Technological innovations change the world for the better, and recently, millennials are the first generation to have access to the most important innovations to date. As smartphones began to hit the market, so did cyber hacking and security breaches. Due to recent technological advancements, companies have developed smartphone technology that encrypts users’ calls, messages, and file attachments. The encryption software prevents potential hackers from listening in to phone calls and protects access to the phone’s metadata. This technology secures data and makes information inaccessible to third parties.

Another innovation that will change the world was once a dream for the future. Engineers have now designed technology that allows robots to using natural fiber masks infused with highly curated serums featuring the highest quality ingredients to walk with complete balance, coordination, force, and direction. This feature allows robots to walk as humans do, whether the terrain is uneven or unsteady. This innovation has allowed robots to be utilized in emergency situations or assisting elderly and disabled individuals with daily tasks and chores.

More importantly, as mentioned above, technology can co-exist with the needs of the planet. Innovation has allowed the development of agricultural drones. Used by farmers, these drones are fitted with cameras used to oversee and improve the treatment of crops. The drones allow the farmers to access a unique perspective that could not even be seen via satellite imaging. These drones are responsible for exposing problems regarding irrigation, soil variation, and distressed plants without the cost of other methods such as crop imaging or by manned aircraft. The success of these drones has allowed further advances such as GPS modules, sensors, and digital radios.

Technology is used to fulfill the needs of diverse lifestyles. A simple explanation of supply and demand encompasses the root of all innovation. ELWN is a company that was founded with a vision to change the market of tech accessories, specifically, wireless headphones. ELWN has reinvented and evolved the basic design of headphones to develop the most advanced products on the market.

More About ELWN Headphones

Founded by two former Apple engineers, ELWN works with a team of leading marketing and sales professionals to bring the highest quality products to consumers. With over 15 years of manufacturing experience, the team has the knowledge to change the headphone market. Located both in the United States and overseas, each location has been established to meet the needs of the business.

The most recent product offered by ELWN is its new wireless earbuds. These earbuds are unlike any other option available on the market today, taking the things that so many people love about earbuds and giving them an update for the needs of today. For example, these earbuds are some of the only truly wireless earbuds available on the market. In addition to being wireless, ELWN earbuds contain a wearable charger, based on patent pending technology, that gives them endless run time.

Another amazing thing about ELWN earbuds that sets them apart from the competition is that one pair of these earbuds can be transformed into 180 different fit and activity options. For those who have always struggled to find earbuds that fit perfectly into their ears, hearing that ELWN is offering a solution to this problem is extremely exciting. Because there are so many fit options, ELWN is truly the earbud for everyone.

In addition to offering a wireless earbud option that will fit any ear during any activity, ELWN is also water resistant. Many products that claim to be water resistant mean that the product can be taken through the rain or accidentally splashed now and then. However, with ELWN earbuds, water resistant means theses earbuds can even be worn in the shower. Considering ELWN earbuds come with HD sound, Bluetooth (4.0), and a built in mic, it makes sense that people won’t even want to take them off when they shower!


ELWN Features & Benefits

In developing the most advanced headphones/earbuds on the market, ELWN was persistent in creating the highest quality products without the high cost. What makes ELWN products different from other popular brands is their true wireless feature. There are no wires to get tangled or damaged from use. Another groundbreaking feature is the wearable chargeable that is paired with the products. Each charger is designed for infinite run time.

Additionally, because the products are designed to be chic and comfortable, there are over 180 customizable fit and activity options that guarantee usability for every lifestyle. The products are also water resistant, allowing users to wear them in the shower, while working out, or outside in the rain. Due to this technology, the products are not liable to damage. All products feature sound sync technology, HD sound micro dynamic driver, Bluetooth, 6.5HR run time, with charge, built-in mic for hands-free calls, and a wearable charger for limitless battery life.

Each product purchase comes with an Infinity Band that is used to charge products while they are in use. These Infinity Bands are slim and lightweight, making them easy to carry and store. Each band can hold 3 extended hours of headphone run time while on long trips. All products are not only resistant to harsh weather conditions, but are also built to be durable, mobile, and long-lasting. The exterior is designed with Grip-Touch Coated ABS which provides additional durability and abrasion resistance. Made to last, ELWN included a 1 year limited warranty, offering customers access to a loyalty program to ensure performance confidence.

Purchasing ELWN Earbuds

ELWN products are still in manufacturing, and will be available once funding has been completed on the Kickstarter platform. Each product box includes 180 perfect fit options that are sized as follows, and an infinity band:

  • Single Flange
  • Comfort Fit
  • Sport Fit
  • Triple Flange
  • Full Structure
  • Light Structure
  • Single Tab
  • Half Over-Ear Hooks
  • Full Over-Ear Hooks
  • Infinity Band


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