NavTac Flashlights Review – Quality Tactical LED Light Bulb Performance?

Tactical flashlights are an all new grade of lighting devices, which are essentially advanced optical lens systems that offer high luminosity and amazing zoom capabilities.

These flashlights offer more features and shine much brighter than the traditional flashlights, some of the key features of tactical grade lights include smaller battery size, optimal lighting focus, increased illumination ability.

Regular torches use bulky batteries and offer only low levels of lighting, they are heavy and difficult to lug around.

Another problem is that the discharge of the power source (battery) , regular lighting options are known to drain dormant batteries and are also susceptible to rusting and decomposition.

Newer tactical devices require AAA batteries which allow for the design to be compact and portable. There are many options available in today’s market, flashlights offering power supply up to 2000 lumens can be purchased these days.

2000 lumens roughly translates to 50X more power than regular torches. Also, tactical grade equipment offers a unique advantage that it is made up of military grade metal, this means that the outer body is usually constructed using reinforced steel, aluminium.

These metals are not only highly resistance, but they do not cave under extreme conditions.

What Is NavTac Flashlight?

NavTac Flashlight is an all new lighting system which has been described as a ‘tactical flashlight with military grade strength’ that can be used as an important safety tool.

It features strong and powerful lights along with various unique features like an automatic strobe light, which can be used to alert emergency personnel to one’s location or even ward off perpetrators or possible assailants.

NavTac Flashlight Features

Some of the key features of NavTac Flashlight include:

XPE LED Source:

The flashlight offers a 1200 Lumen (XPE Lighting-Class Performance) bulb, which has been scientifically found to be one of the most efficient light sources in the world.

It also has various zoom capabilities, which allow users to focus and concentrate the light source over various long distances. This can allow users to have higher visibility and enhanced clarity.

Aerospace Grade:

The aluminium used to craft the outer body has been made using aeronautical manufacturing techniques. The purity of the aluminium has been maintained at a very high level, such that it can bear immense outside strain.

The metal can be subjected to immense pressure and extremely high temperatures without causing any drop in physical capabilities. Similarly, the outer body can also bear sub zero temperatures and high levels of humidity.

Quality Processing:

The manufacturing has been done in factories that have been attested to be of high working quality. All of the materials used for fabrication have been scientifically tested and been found to be of high purity.

US Made:

All of the parts including the outer casing, bulb and electrical structure have been designed and manufactured in the United States. This not only ensures top product quality but also helps in providing jobs to the local population.

NavTac Flashlight Benefits

Some of the key benefits of NavTac Flashlight are:

Different Lighting Modes:

There are various display settings available, users can choose from 5 unique light settings.

The settings include high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. Each setting can be scrolled or changed with the push of a button using the same hand that is holding the flashlight (one can push or toggle between settings).


Many conventional flashlights require a user's assistance to change settings or power on/off. However, due to its size, Navtac can be efficiently operated using just one hand.

Different Settings:

The strobe light setting is a self-defense method that can be used in the event of one being attacked or pursued, in this mode the light can be shone directly into the perpetrators eyes, allowing for an easy get away or enough to time to ask for assistance.

The SOS feature is for emergencies such as a car breakdown at night.

Telescopic Zoom Capability:

The Telescopic Zoom feature enables users to zoom in on a distant object using a specific mechanism which employs a broad or narrow light beam (which allows for increased visual clarity).

The Navtac Tactical Flashlight allows users to zoom anywhere between 1x to 2000X by simply pushing the head up or down at one’s desired target.

Purchasing NavTac Flashlight

The easiest way for customers to purchase a Navtac- Military Grade flashlight is by placing an order online on their website. Alternatively, one can also make a purchase through various online shopping portals which offer competitive pricing.

One flashlight is priced at $56 per unit but if you purchase more than one unit, the overall cost price can be significantly reduced. The complete range of pricing options have been presented below:

  • If users buy 3 flashlights, they can get 2 units absolutely free. The package costs $145
  • With 2 units users can get one flashlight free. This package is priced at $117
  • 2 units can be bought for $97.
  • One single flashlight is available for $56

On the official company website it is clearly mentioned that any customer who is dissatisfied with their purchase is welcome to email the Customer Service team and request a refund.

A full refund can be obtained if there is a legitimate fault with the device and if the flashlight is returned within 30 days of purchase. After the 30 day mark, a full refund may not be available.

In terms of customer help, there are many options which one can use to get in touch with company representatives.

Customers who would like receive help regarding any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 844-747-8516, by email at [email protected], or by sending direct queries on the link provided on the website.


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