Cozy Sack Review – Premium Quality Foam Filled Bean Bag Chairs?

Cozy Sack Review

One of the most important parts of having a home, no matter what shape or form ‘home’ comes in, is that it is comfortable. While many people focus on making their homes look appealing to those who come in to their homes, when it comes down to it, everyone wants to have a comfortable home, a place they can relax and get away from the world. Unfortunately, so much of the furniture and decoration options available today aren’t comfortable. They focus, instead, on trying to be attractive.


Every person who has ever purchased furniture has a story about them going out and buying something that looked great, but after spending a longer time sitting in it, they’ve realized it’s extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes the cushions are too hard. Sometimes they’re too soft. Sometimes the entire design of the furniture is just subpar. Unfortunately, because this furniture typically costs so much money, customers have to stick with it for years, dreading every time they have to go and sit down.

When people think about the most comfortable place they ever sat or spent time in, they often don’t think of typical furniture. In fact, a lot of times the most comfortable place a person ever sat was a hideous piece of furniture from their childhood. And, a lot of times, the most comfortable piece of furniture anyone ever experienced was a beanbag.

Beanbags are notorious for being extremely comfortable and even a little big fun to sit in. Most children at one point or another had a beanbag in their rooms. However, that was the problem. These comfortable seat options were often confined to rooms, because parents often thought they didn’t have the proper look for be considered proper furniture.

The Cozy Sack is changing how people view beanbags. In fact, technically speaking, the Cozy Sack isn’t a beanbag at all, because it is filled with a superior material. And, most importantly, because the Cozy Sack is a ‘grownup’ beanbag, it can be used anywhere, from the bedroom to the living room.

About the Cozy Sack

Because a home should be about comfort, the Cozy Sack offers the perfect seating solution. Often called the grown up beanbag, the Cozy Sack is a cross between the beanbag that everyone loved as a child and the quality furniture that adults are expected to own. Unlike typical beanbags, the Cozy Sack isn’t actually filled with the small Styrofoam beads that used to fill these bags. Instead, the Cozy Sack is filled with a premium foam.

The foam found in Cozy Sack serves two purposes. First, this foam allows the Cozy Sack to keep its shape better than typical beanbags. Because the Cozy Sack can keep its shape, it is more like an actual piece of furniture, something those who want a comfortable chair option in their living rooms love. The second reason the foam is used in Cozy Sack is that it creates a much more comfortable sitting experience. Because this foam conforms to the body while also creating a feeling of support, it is the perfect hybrid easy chair and beanbag, giving the ultimate comfort experience.

The Cozy Sack was created by a furniture business that had been making both giant beanbags and more traditional furniture since 1971. Over the years, as more and more people wanted access to their amazing beanbags, the Cozy Sack grew out of the original business. Now, selling on the internet as well as several department stores across the country, the Cozy Sack is available to more people than ever, transforming average, normal living rooms into the most comfortable and loved place in the home.

What Makes Cozy Sack Different?

As mentioned above, the Cozy Sack was created by a furniture company that has been in the business for over forty years. It’s this level of expertise that is the foundation of what makes Cozy Sack different from other beanbag chair options. The commitment that the Cozy Sack company has to quality and superior workmanship can be seen in every stitch and every chair made by the company. It is this level of craftsmanship and devotion to quality that makes Cozy Sack different from so many other furniture making companies.

In addition to producing superior products made from superior materials, Cozy Sack is also devoted to making the entire purchasing process easier than ever. Cozy Sack has a superior customer service, helping its customers find out exactly what they need and helping them pick out the products that work best for them. Because of this devotion to its customers, Cozy Sack constantly sees customers returning to buy more Cozy Sacks, creating a thriving business of which the owners can be proud.

Most beanbag companies that exist today focus on selling one type of beanbag. However, Cozy Sack has a wide range of Cozy Sack sizes and options. This variety allows anyone the opportunity to find a beanbag that works best for their needs. From the smaller two foot beanbags that are perfect for children or small spaces to the extra-large eight foot beanbags that can fit more than one grown adult, there is truly something for everyone when it comes to Cozy Sack options.

Finally, Cozy Sack is different because it has a different product. It’s true that beanbags have been around for decades, but nothing compares to the quality of Cozy Sacks. The quality is felt in the interior materials, as well as the microfiber covers that seamlessly blend the beanbags in with more traditional furniture.

Purchasing the Cozy Sack

While Cozy Sack focuses on selling its amazing beanbags, it also has a wide range of microfiber covers that give users a chance to change out the covers that come with their Cozy Sack. Because of this, the purchasing options for the Cozy Sack are broken into two parts, the actually been bag chairs with their included microfiber covers and extra microfiber covers.

All the beanbags and covers sold by Cozy Sack are manufactured and made in the United States, which helps the owners make sure that every item created is of the highest quality.

The beanbag chair options and the different microfiber options are listed below, so potential customers can get a fuller understanding of what is offered by Cozy Sack.

Bean Bag Chairs

  • Two Foot Cozy Sack – $84
  • Three Foot Cozy Sack – $104
  • Four Foot Cozy Sack – $139
  • Five Foot Cozy Sack – $175
  • Six Foot Cozy Sack – $229
  • Seven Foot Cozy Sack – $264
  • Eight Foot Cozy Sack – $303

As mentioned above, each of these Cozy Sack options come with an included microfiber cover.

Bean Bag Covers

Currently, there is a huge sale going on for the Cozy Sack covers. While these covers usually start at $100, they are over 50% off at the moment. For those who are considering buying an extra cover for their beanbag chairs, this sale is the perfect opportunity.

  • Two Foot Cozy Sack Cover – $49
  • Three Foot Cozy Sack Cover – $59
  • Four Foot Cozy Sack Cover – $74
  • Five Foot Cozy Sack Cover – $84
  • Six Foot Cozy Sack Cover – $94
  • Seven Foot Cozy Sack Cover – $104
  • Eight Foot Cozy Sack Cover – $114

All these items are available for purchase on the Cozy Sack website (


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