ClearView HDTV Antenna: Indoor 50 Mile Range Signal Amplifier?

What Is Clearview HDTV Antenna?

The Clearview HDTV Antenna is an indoor receiver with a 50-mile range that has a detachable signal amplifier and booster. The handy little piece of equipment runs off of USB power and is completely digital in operation. Not only that, it has a 10-foot-long, high-performance coaxial cable that is black for hooking it up directly to your TV.

The high-performance cable is available right now on, where it’s had a lot of success. So far, the antenna box over one hundred reviews with an average rating of three and half stars. The seller is also very good at answering questions and customer service. Right now, you can pick up the HDTV Antenna for just $21.99 plus free shipping.

How Clearview HDTV Antenna Indoor 50 Mile Signal Amplifier Works

The purpose of the antenna is to allow you get free HD Channels without having to pay an arm and a leg each month like you would with one of the major satellite companies or cable companies. The channels you are said to be able to pick up with the antenna are ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, Univision and more.

One of the most attractive features of the antenna the massive range of fifty miles. You’ll be able to easily get HD reception for high definition TV signals at 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and where available ATSC.

The receiver is ultra-slim and has the included detachable amplifier that is also an ultra-thin design as well. The purpose of the thin and compact design is so you can place the digital antenna anywhere in your home. It will easily sit on a table, attach to a window, or even a wall. And with the included, detachable amplifier you can boost the signal if you are located a fair distance from the broadcast signal.

The extra long coaxial cable and USB port are also beneficial as well. The cable is ten feet long and makes it simple to place the digital HD antenna in the best position for reception in your house. After the antenna is placed, it can be powered with either an outlet or a USB port that is nearby.

And with this simple, yet effective little piece of technology – you can get full HD-TV channels for the free (just the price of the antenna). The package includes the antenna, ten feet of coaxial able, a detachable amplifier and signal booster, three-piece sticker set for labeling, the user guide, ninety days for a full money back refund, and a twelve-month warranty in case anything goes wrong with the antenna. The warranty is started at the time after the service of sales is completed.

You’ll be able to use the antenna to get the best reception in full HD, from any broadcast source that is within fifty miles of the antenna. Before you buy the antenna, search online for the term ‘TVFool’ to see what channels are broadcast in your area. You’ll also be able to see if there are broadcast towers within the fifty-mile range of your home as well. Make sure to check before ordering, so you don’t accidentally order the HD antenna and then find out you can’t use it because you are out of range.

The antenna is super easy to install and requires no special tools or service technicians. All you do is place the TV antenna with the f-male interface indoors, which can be used by 98% of all modern American TV’s. In most cases, you can get your local OTA channels after easy installation. However, you need to make sure your television set has a built-in tuner that can receive OTA channels and is HD Capable before you order it on Amazon. If you don’t have the right TV, you must get a digital converter box that handles HD signals first. The frequency range on the antenna is VHF 47-230MHz, and UHF 470-662MHz. It has a gain of 28dB with an impedance of 75. The size of the antenna is only 13.5 x 13.3 x 1.2 inches an it weighs 11.2 ounces.

ClearView HDTV Antenna Conclusion

The antenna is a full HDTV antenna with a long range of 50 miles in which it can pull the signals out on premium channels like ABC and CBS. As long as you have the right TV, you can also get your local channels as well for news and sports. You can pick up one of the ClearView HDTV antennas at Amazon for $21.99 plus free shipping.


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