BowWow Brite – Dog Leash With LED Light Technology Safe?

There is nothing more enjoyable than having a pet, especially when your pet is a dog. If you’re like most dog owners, the only thing that you dread when it comes to your dog is taking it out for a walk at night. In most places, walking your dog in the dead of night can be dangerous, nerve wreaking, and uncomfortable. The good news is that you can make your tip just a bit safer with a new product on the market.

This review would like to introduce you to BowWow Brite, a new product that enables you to walk your dog safely and without fear. Here is everything you need to know about this product before you buy:

What is BowWow Brite?

BowWow Brite is the first LED lit leash that keeps both you and your best friend safe during your nightly walk. The product is designed to make your walk safer and less fearsome and it is also meant to give you peace of mind. With this type of leash, you can walk around your neighborhood or park without having to feel worried.

To date, the leash has helped countless of individuals feel safer when they walk their dog. Now, you too can experience the same great results.

The Components of the Device

Now that you know what the BowWow Brite does, it is also helpful to understand the components and qualities of the product. Here is what you can expect:

7 Built-In LED Lights

First, the device features 7 built in LED lights that are extremely bright. The lights have a number of functions, such as alarming drivers of your presence or discouraging any unwanted activity. The lights are rechargeable through the mini battery pack that comes with the device.

USB Cord

The device also comes with a USB cord that you can plug into an AC outlet or your laptop. The cord works to charge your lights in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you can take your dog on an unexpected walk without having to spend hours charging your device.


Finally, most dog leashes are expensive and they hardly have any great features. The good news is that when it comes to this device, you receive an excellent product for just $14.99. In addition to the regular price, the shipping and handling cost comes to about $7.99.

With these great qualities, you can enjoy from an effective, reliable, easy to use, and affordable device that comes in handy at night when you need to walk your dog. The BowWow Brite is one of the first of its kind and therefore, it is a product that users enjoy the most.


Overall, if you are looking for a great dog leash that you can use at night without having to worry, then the BowWow Brite may be the right product for you. To order, visit the brand’s website today. The site is also offering a promotional where you can get two leashes for just the cost of one shipping and handling. To take advantage of this system, visit the brand’s website today.


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