3Dmagnetic Smart Sensor – Measure Running & Sports Activity?

The 3D Magnetic Sensor is a compact fitness sensor currently being funded through a campaign on indiegogo.com. This device can be used by golfers, paddlers, cyclists, skiers, tennis players and more to help track their movements to help them improve their technique and form. Perfect for both competitive athletes and beginners, the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor will help people improve and prevent injury from poor technique. Please read below for more information about the new 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor device.

What is the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor?

The 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor can be placed on fitness devices or the body to track movements. Baseball players looking to improve their swing can simply attach this device to their bat and see data to help them improve their swing. The device can be used for most sport applications from running to rowing or tennis to biking. The 3D Magnetic smart Sensor can be wrapped securely around fitness equipment of the user’s upper arm. No matter what sport, this sensor will work. No bulky cords or extra pieces, this device is small, slim, and easy to use.

How Does the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor Work?

The 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor works similar to a compass. The device tracks within one degree of movement accuracy. For runners this device tracks cadence, pace and stride. Having this information will help runners prevent heel strike. Paddlers will appreciate how the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor keeps track of not only paddle drive and distance but also swing distance, power, and blade angle. This device also tracks recovery time between strokes. Imagine the competitive edge competitors have when using this sensor.

The sensor within the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor works via Bluetooth technology. This is the fourth sensor developed by Vlad Savchenko and is the smallest and most accurate yet. This device is the size of an American quarter and fits securely to any piece of equipment. Unlike pedometers that can easily shift and fall off, this sensor attaches securely and does not inhibit movement or distract by faulty design. The video provided on the campaign website shoes how easily this device secures to paddle shafts, baseball bats, bicycles and more. The applications of this device are endless and the inventor wants to hear more ideas of how his device can be used.

3D Magnetic Smart Sensor Components

It is hard to tell the components of this device via the Indiegogo website. It looks to be waterproof and must have a charging system to keep the device working. The device comes with an elastic cord to make it easy to attach to paddles and handles as well as an armband to allow users to wear the device. Additionally, the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor must be adapted to stay securely on shoe laces. It is unclear if the sensors will be sold in single sensors or double sensors.

3D Magnetic Smart Sensor Pricing

There is currently no pricing information about the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor and there are no backers on their campaign at www.indiegogo.com. This is the third design of this device so many people will already be familiar with its predecessors. It appears as though the campaign is currently closed.

Who Makes 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor?

The 3D Magnetic Smart sensor is invented by Vlad Savchenko who is a product inventor based in Vancouver, Canada. Vlad Savchenko is an information technology professional and startup creator who has over twenty-five years of experience throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, and Russia.

Vlad holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In 1998 Vlad started an information technology consulting business in Canada and the United States of America that specializes in process improvement.

Should You Support the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor?

The 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor seems like a fantastic invention to help support athletes in improving their form. Whether competitive cyclists, rowers, or runners, the 3D Magnetic smart Sensor will help athletes perfect their form. This device is the perfect tool to help create awareness of how the body moves and will help athletes and trainers improve their performance and maximize competitive results. Interested consumers can find out more information about the 3D Magnetic Smart Sensor by searching it by name on the product’s campaign site at www.indiegogo.com.


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