Block Cop Review – Spy Recording HD Camera Technology On USB Device?

Not sure whether or not the new babysitter is efficient? Need an increase in protection while going on vacation with the family? There is no such thing as a too little or too big home. It is important that one’s surrounding is well protected from potential harm, distrust and thief. Security may no longer be a concern with the Block Cop in place.

The Block Cop may provide consumers with a 24-hour surveillance that is clear to see and hear. Its efficient disguise will not have anyone doubting for a minute that there may be a camera in place. This review will analyze the Block Cop in terms of its purpose, how it works and its affordability.

What Is Block Cop?

The Block Cop is designed with the intention of increasing security in one’s home, office or any other indoor setting. Its USB charging block-like design is commendable as it looks and works like a charger as well.  It can capture up to 100 feet of audio and video and can be stored in its 32-gigabyte hard drive.

How Does Block Cop Work?

The Block Cop works just like a charger; it must be plugged into an outlet for it to automatically turn on. Viewing the files is just as simple as turning on the built in camera, as the USB end must be inserted into either a computer or laptop.  What distinguishes this type of security from other surveillance devices is its ability to potentially work without the use of micro SD cards or batteries. Furthermore, consumers no longer need to download an app or install a software because it can work like a USB drive.

Purchasing Block Cop

The current going price of a single Block Cop is approximately $39.99 plus free shipping and handling.  Its current offer provides consumers with 2 Block Cops for the price of one including an additional fee of $19.99. Hence, its affordability has not been compromised as most surveillance cameras can cost anywhere between $79.99 and $300. This estimation may exclude installation charges and other fees as well.

Block Cop Final Verdict

Overall, consumers must consider their needs prior to the use of the Block Cop. Given that its physical design is a replica of a USB charging block, consumers need to ensure that a wall outlet is present. While more and more homes have exterior outlets as well, its limited range of motion and inability to turn must be considered. Therefore, it is best to restrict its uses for indoor purposes.

With that being said, the Block Cop does not necessarily need to be used only for device charging or trying to catch someone red handed, but it can be used as a mean to check up on kids, ensure that they are getting their tasks and homework done on time, and that no one is taking advantage of one’s home. Sometimes it’s the least expected people that may turn against one, and what better way that to potentially capture it?


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