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Cubii Elliptical Review

Cubii is an elliptical designed to fit underneath your desk. It was launched on Kickstarter last year by a team of three University of Chicago students. Today, it’s available for purchase online at around $347 USD. Here’s our review.

What is the Cubii?

The Cubii calls itself the world’s first under-desk elliptical trainer. The device was launched on Kickstarter in 2014 by three University of Chicago students. It quickly reached its funding target. Despite production problems along the way, the elliptical was finally launched in late 2015, when it started shipping out to Kickstarter supporters. Today, it’s available for purchase online.

To use the Cubii, you place it under the desk beneath your feet. The idea with the Cubii is that you can integrate some light exercise into your work routine.

The device is accompanied with a mobile app, giving you real-time progress reports on your workout. You can work as hard or as light as you like and track your activity in real-time throughout your workout.

Setting Up the Cubii

Setting up the Cubii is straightforward. The device comes mostly assembled when it arrives packaged in a box. Your job is to screw in both foot pedals, plug it in, download the app, then start pedaling. The package even comes with the screw driver you need to put everything together.

The Cubii plugs into any standard electrical outlet. It’s meant to be placed underneath your desk where your feet would normally lie. The makers of Cubii claim the device is specially designed so you don’t hit your knees on your desk (however, some reviews from taller men and women state that they frequently bumped their knees against the desk while using the device; people under 6 feet tall typically don’t have this problem with the Cubii).

The Cubii App

The Cubii app has been widely praised by users. You can download the Cubii app for Android or iPhone. The app connects with your device over Bluetooth and updates your workout in real-time. As you pedal more on the elliptical, the app tracks you, following along with your strides, calories, miles, and minutes.

You can even adjust the resistance of the Cubii elliptical from within the app, or check how much battery the Cubii has left. Or, set goals for yourself and track your fitness progress over time.

The app is well-reviewed on both iOS and Android, and many users have praised its user-friendly interface. You don’t have to dive under your desk to adjust your Cubii. You can adjust it discretely using your phone without ever getting out of your office chair.

Is It a Hard Workout?

If you’re looking for a hard workout, then go to a gym. If you’re looking for a light piece of fitness equipment that can be used under your desk without annoying your coworkers, then consider the Cubii.

One reviewer at ChicagoInno says he turned on the elliptical for 30 minutes at maximum resistance:

“While it took me a few minutes to get down the pedaling rhythm and feel comfortable kicking beneath my desk, I found using the Cubii to be an enjoyable experience. It's not a very strenuous workout (which is the point; it's why the Cubii is meant for the office and not for the gym), but after 30 minutes I did feel a little burn in my quads and a light perspiration.”

By the end of the workout, that reviewer had burned 94.7 calories, traveled 1 mile, and made 2,569 strides. He claims he felt more energetic afterwards and beat back against the early-afternoon lull in productivity.

It’s also important to note that the Cubii weighs 27 pounds. If you’re walking to work or walking upstairs to work, then you’ll probably get a good workout just from carrying the thing around.

Your Cubii has eight difference resistance levels. Some people like to pedal for a short period of time at the highest resistance level, while others prefer lighter resistance levels over an entire 8 hour day.

Other reviewers have indicated that a resistance of 3 or 4 is the sweet spot for being productive while still burning a decent number of calories. At that resistance level, the reviewer claims she burned 750 extra calories a week (about 150 calories for every 70 minute exercise period).

Cubii Pricing

Cubii is available for purchase online through Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Pack: $347
  • 2 Pack: $594
  • 6 Pack: $1735

If you want to team up with your coworkers and buy a set of Cubii ellipticals for the office, then you can end up saving quite a bit of money.

The Cubii is available in two colors: Noir and Chrome.

About Cubii

Cubii was launched on Kickstarter in June, 2014. Within a few weeks, the company surpassed its funding target, reaching 367% funding and $293,000 from 1070 pledges in just over a month.

The device is made by a company called FitnessCubed, which was launched by three University of Chicago students.

You can view the original Kickstarter page here.

The creators of Cubii claim that the idea for the elliptical was conceived when Arnav, the founder of the company, first took a desk job after college. Being a college athlete, Arnav felt something was wrong with sitting inactive for long periods of time. He realized he could not afford a standing desk, so he came up with a better solution.

The company’s “Story” page lists a number of stats designed to convince you of the importance of daily training. They claim that people gain 16 pounds in just 8 months after starting a desk-bound job, for example, or that 86% of Americans sit all day at work, and 70% of them don’t like it. Furthermore, in the average workday, an American is sedentary for 21 out of 24 hours.

The three University of Chicago students include Shivani Jain, CMO and co-founder, Arnav Dalmia, CEO and co-founder, and Ryota Sekine, COO and co-founder.

The Cubii has been covered extensively in the media, including reports on Huffington Post, ABC, the Chicago Tribune, and others.

You can get in touch with the company by filling out the email form here:

Should You Use the Cubii Elliptical Trainer to Lose Weight?

The Cubii isn’t designed to turn you into a sculpted god overnight. It’s not even designed to turn you into a sculpted god over a week or a month.

But if you’re looking for an easy way to integrate light exercise while sitting at your desk all day, then the Cubii may be your new best friend. Sitting is the new smoking, and it’s an unavoidable part of work for most of us. With the Cubii, you can burn a few hundred extra calories every week and complement a long-term weight loss goal.

That being said, the Cubii is a sizable investment: the $350 price tag isn’t unreasonable for a solidly-built piece of fitness equipment. However, you’re going to feel guilty if you pay for the device and then never use it.

Some taller users have also reported that they frequently bump their knees against the bottom of the desk while using the device.

Aside from these minor problems, the Cubii is garnering excellent reviews from desk workers across America.


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