ActionBuddy Review – Waterproof 4K HD Action Camera Lense Add-On?

The Action Buddy by Eken is a waterproof, 4k HD action camera that shares some similarities in design with the market leader GoPro.

Designed for the outdoor enthusiast in mind, the Actionbuddy waterproof camera allows people to take high definition video and action shots at the highest quality.

ActionBuddy Features

  • Waterproof
  • HD 4k Quality
  • Up to 1.5 of worktime
  • Can be used underwater
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 50% discount per unit

ActionBuddy Benefits


Regardless of what some might think, action cameras really are quite affordable. This can be seen with Eken’s Action buddy reduced rate and per unit discount. An additional search on Amazon will yield a long list of activity cameras with great testimonials and reasonable rates.


Of course any time an exterior sport is involved you require something that can brave the harsh elements and not have to think about it breaking or malfunctioning. Additionally, a case comes with the Action Buddy to protect it from wear and tear as well as general use.

Mount On Almost Anything:

Action cameras are extremely versatile and can be mounted on most objects, particularly those in movement. A few examples of actions camera alternatives are: helmets, surfboards, and vehicle dashboards.

Can Be Used Underwater:

Traditionally, cameras that one can use underwater are expensive, and perhaps by some estimations, overpriced. This however is no longer the case, thanks to how inexpensive action cameras have become since their inception to the market.

Users today can record and film themselves underwater at a range of usable depths. This makes them ideal for recording one’s favorites moments whilst snorkeling, surfing, spearfishing, or any underwater activity they’d like to remember and share with the world.

Upgradeable Memory Storage:

Much like with electronic cameras, the Action Buddy has the capacity to use memory cards to boost picture and video storage.

Simple To Edit Pictures Or Videos With Contained Or Free Applications:

The Action Buddy is compatible with software which you may download to your own private computer and edit any video footage or any images you've taken. This allows for rapid and easy editing for uploading to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

POV (Point Of View) Angle:

Action cameras like Eken’s Action Buddy are wonderful for an all-around appearance and feel from the user’s point of view. This perspective is essential for capturing the feel and ambiance of the moment in real time.

ActionBuddy Discount Deal

Shoppers are entitled to a discount if they decide to purchase more than one Action Buddy at a time. The discount increases as more units are ordered and paid for.

Eken’s Action Buddy discount deal is outlined below:

  • 1 ActionBuddy: $89
  • 2 Action Buddies: $150
  • 3 Action Buddies: $240
  • 5 Action Buddies: $380

It’s important to note that the above prices are inclusive of the shipping and handling charges, so one will not need to pay a higher fee if they order more than one Action Buddy.


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