ZERO GERM Review: Portable Multi-functional UV-C Light Sanitizer Box?

ZERO GERM is a sanitizing device that eliminates the germs off of any cell phone surface within five minutes. The phone is completely enclosed during the sanitizing process, reducing the amount of exposure that anyone has to dangerous microorganisms and the spread of disease.

What is ZERO GERM?

Cellphones are one of the most commonly touched surfaces, containing a substantial number of germs. Even though only one person usually uses it, think of all the times that these phones are used during the day – for phone calls at the supermarket, to send a text while eating, or even to play games in the bathroom. Unfortunately, since most people don’t really wash their hands every single time that they touch their screen, bacteria builds up from every other thing that the user has touched. In fact, on a single cell phone, most users expose themselves to more germs than a public toilet seat.

To make matters worse, if the user touches their phone before doing anything else – whether it be to take a bite of food, hand someone a book, or even put on their clothes – that bacteria can transfer. While it would be easy to wash hands and use hand sanitizer, a dirty phone can ruin all of that progress, contaminating hands as soon as they are washed. To help eliminate this threat, ZERO GERM can help.

While there are many UV wands and antibacterial wipes on the market, ZERO GERM can get into every nook and cranny of the surface of the phone. However, to make the process a bit easier, the user puts their entire phone in the device, which charges the phone as it cleans it. With the automatic timer, up to 99.99% of the bacteria is cleaned from the phone, thanks to UV light technology.

UV light technology is necessary for a process called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. Basically, the UV light gets rid of germs by destroying the parts of their cells that keeps them alive and reproductive. With no ability to reproduce, the germs die, and the threat is eliminated. With such a portable sanitizing device, this item can be taken along in a purse, in a travel bag, or a pocket to clean a phone on the go. Plus, as an added bonus, the sanitizer offers a built-in aromatherapy diffuser.

Where to Buy ZERO GERM

For a limited time, consumers will be able to get ZERO GERM for $29.99 from the official website, which offers the device in either black or white. However, if the user decides that they want to order more than one, they’ll get free shipping on their order.

FAQ: What Else You Need to Know About ZERO GERM

Before making a purchase, let’s talk about some of the concerns that consumers may have about ZERO GERM.

Q: How does ZERO GERM clean devices?

A: The ZERO GERM cleaner uses UV-C light technology, which has already been found in laboratories and hospitals to kill off bacteria. All the user has to do is put their smartphone inside the ZERO GERM and close the lid. Through the next five minutes, the device will kill off the bacteria on it. The blue indicator light on the outside of the ZERO GERM will turn off when the phone is clean.

Q: Are there any chemicals or other substances involved?

A: Not at all. This device exclusively uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to sanitize the surface of any smartphone or other cell phone.

Q: What kinds of bacteria will be eradicated with ZERO GERM?

A: The UV-C technology eliminates germs that cause E. Coli, salmonella, staph, MRSA, flu, and common cold.

Q: Other than cell phones, what else can ZERO GERM clean?

A: Though the shape is designed to fit cell phones, the size is big enough to fit toothbrushes, keys, glasses, makeup brushes, and other small items that are also hotbeds for bacteria.

Q: Will this product fit any cell phone?

A: While the design is meant to fit any cell phone, consumers are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee if they need to get a refund.

Q: What if consumers want to learn more information?

A: The customer service team is the best source of answers, and it is reachable by phone 888-596-2538 or by email [email protected]. They can be reached between 8:30am and 5:30pm EST on weekdays.


ZERO GERM provides an easy way to get rid of all the bacteria and microorganisms that consumers cannot see on their phone and other small items. While this device is not a replacement for the hand-washing recommendations of the CDC, it reduces the number of bacteria that the user comes in contact with, inherently reducing the spread of them. It is easy to use, only takes five minutes, and consumers can purchase as many as they need for everyone in their home.


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