Top 6 Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards in 2020 to Buy on Amazon

Human beings like to live a comfortable life and modern technology has to be the biggest example of this. It has not only made our lives easier but has also brought a change to our usual lifestyle. If we have a look at our gadgets, then we will see that most of the things that we use are based on modern technology. Computers are a necessity in our lives and we use them for work as well as for entertainment. There was a time when we were used to the heavily wired desktop computers along with all its peripherals. Currently, there is a trend of wireless products that make work as easy as possible.

There has been a facelift for the old keyboard and now you can buy wireless keyboards that you may connect via Bluetooth or through other programs. People may want to buy the best wireless mechanical keyboards as they provide the satisfaction of the click and does the job of typing pretty well. So, let us see some ways to buy good mechanical keyboards and know about some of the best ones available in the market currently.

Buying Guide for Choosing a Wireless Mechanical Keyboard:

The thing about Mechanical keyboards is that each of the keys has an individual switch. This actually provides the satisfying sound while typing. Mechanical keyboards have come back with a bang after people were unsatisfied with the membrane keyboards. Currently, companies have started adding more features to the mechanical keyboards as people like to buy them. People can use it along with their laptops and also their PC’s.

Formerly, mechanical keyboards were mainly wired but the easy availability of the wireless format has made them more popular. These keyboards are quite popular among gamers as they like to have control over every individual key that they are using during the game. Also, when a person uses mechanical keyboards they have fewer number of typos in their piece.

Things to note before buying the Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard:

Before you make any purchase it is important to note the things that you are getting in the product. Nowadays we have several options when we purchase a product. People can either buy it from online stores or go to a brick and mortar store. Whatever it be, there will be a many to choose from. So, here are some points that you should check before buying a wireless mechanical keyboard:

Key Switches:

As we said above mechanical keyboards have individual key switches. To make sure that you have the best typing experience you need to buy a keyboard that has the key type that is compatible. Most mechanical keyboards have Cherry MX Switches in them. But there are variations like the Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown etc. So, check the key switch type before you finally purchase the keyboard. We will suggest you go through the internet and read more about the types of key switches.

Battery Life:

As you are looking for a wireless product one of the main things that it should have is a good battery span. You do not want a keyboard that runs out super-fast. Some wireless mechanical keyboards do feature a back-lit option which does eat up the battery life. But buying keyboards from good brands will ensure good battery life. This point is especially important for gamers.


A wireless device is one that doesn’t make use of a wire to connect to another device. In place of that, a wireless keyboard will make use of either USB or Bluetooth to connect to your computer. So, buy the product after checking the configurations of your laptop or PC. Another thing that you should note is the compatibility with your computer as well as the OS that you use.

Keyboard Format:

Most of us are used to the full keyboard formats but the wireless keyboards often come in a compact format. So, you need to make sure that it meets the format that you use the most. Along with that many wireless keyboards also come with extra customizable keys. Choose one that will give you the satisfaction of using a mechanical keyboard.

Gaming or Typing:

Keyboards are mostly used by either the gamers or by people who type a lot. Though they are using the keyboard that you usually find in the laptops or PCs, still there is a difference between the requirements. Gaming keyboards often are back-lit so that the games can enjoy night play. While typing ones are more minimalistic and comes at a lesser cost. So, buy one that will go with your need.


The cost of the wireless keyboard will be a big factor when it comes to placing the order. You always want to be in your budget but get the best out of the cost. For that, you need to compare the different options that you have for the budget that you set.


When it comes to technology, people should look for gadgets and accessories that belong to good brands. This is important as these brands often make products with good components and also provide a guarantee for them. Some of the renowned brands that make wireless mechanical keyboards include Logitech, Corsair, G-cord, Drevo etc.

Customer Reviews:

When you are buying electronic goods it is good if you check the reviews of the previous customers. This will often help you to make good choices as people write their experiences about a certain product. There are several review websites along with online shopping platforms to check them. YouTube and blog posts are another option to know about a gadget before purchasing it.

So, these are some of the things that you should consider before buying one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards. It is much more than just the sound and the key to a good keyboard, it will be its performance. We hope that these points will definitely help you in buying a keyboard that will stand the test of time.

Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards 2019

By now you must have noted that the market is full of different options of keyboards. So, here we are trying to make it easy for you. We are providing a list of some of the best wireless mechanical keyboards that you can find in the market. You should go through the list and choose one that you like the best and falls in your budget. Check the features pretty well before you decide on purchasing the keyboard. Let us begin with the options:

CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair is a well-known brand if you have looked into wireless keyboards. K63 is one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards that are currently available in the market. Being a gaming keyboard it is loaded with almost all the features that someone will need.


It gives you an option to connect the keyboard either with the help of Bluetooth or make it wired via a USB cable. The presence of 2.4GHz gaming-optimized wireless technology makes it fast in connectivity. The keyboard is made up of 100% CHERRY MX Red mechanical key switches which provides the most efficient presses that gamers need. The keys also work well for people who want to do light typing using the keyboard.

The full keyboard is LED back-lit in blue and the key-caps are quite large so that there isn’t any problem while using it. The light can also be customized according to the users liking. As you will use it in wireless mode the keyboard has 128-bit AES encryption to avoid any eavesdropping.

The keyboard has a ten key-less design which makes it compact and portable. Other key features of the keyboard include a detachable soft wrist rest, dedicated multimedia keys and volume control. It provides up to 15 hours of battery life and weighs just 2.4 pounds. If someone wants to make the keyboard handier, they may look into the wireless lapboard provided by Corsair.


  • The keyboard is amazing for gamers
  • Connectivity is super-fast and there is no lap in response
  • The build quality is great


  • Battery does drain quite a bit if the back-lit is on full brightness
  • Not great for typing

Thus, we can say that the Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is a great option for people who want to purchase a keyboard that will enhance their performance of gaming. It meets almost their all requirements.

Find CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on Amazon

Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech is a brand that is known for making great computer accessories of all kinds. They make good keyboards and they did make an entry in the wireless mechanical keyboard as well. This is one of the best mechanical keyboards for gaming that they currently have in the market and several people do swear by it.


When you look at this keyboard you will get a simplistic feel out of it. There are no frills to the looks of this keyboard but it does have all the great features. The Light-speed feature helps it to connect to the device in 1 Ms which is great.

This is a mechanical keyboard but many people do not like the nosiness of them, so Logitech has used Romer-G mechanical switches to make it smoother. One of the key things about the product is the company’s claim to durability which they say will last till 70 million clicks.

The user also gets 6 programmable G keys on the left side of the keyboard. This helps gamers to add sequences and in-app commands in them. The keyboard uses Bluetooth connectivity and supports Windows 8 and above devices, Mac OS X 10.12 or later, Chrome OS, or Android 3.2 or later, iOS 10 or later.

The 2 AA batteries provided along with the keyboard will run for 18 months if someone uses it for daily gaming. The keyboard is lightweight so that the user doesn’t have any problem. The wrist rest is integrated into the design and there is an additional smartphone stand as well.


  • Aesthetic and simple design which many people like
  • Great connectivity
  • The battery life is great as it uses 2 AA batteries


  • Doesn’t have USB wire connectivity
  • Not backlit
  • This model isn’t great for typing

In all, it can be said that the Logitech G613 Light-speed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great one if you are looking for a gaming keyboard without any frills. It will deliver everything without any problem and the battery life has to be its plus point. For the price that you pay, this is indeed a great option to try. We will recommend this for beginners in gaming.

Find Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Keyboard on Amazon

VELOCIFIRE Full Size Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

People who will mainly use the keyboard for typing will want something that is comfortable and durable. So, Velocifire provides a wireless mechanical keyboard that will do their job and is perfect for people who have to do a lot of typing. It has been professionally made to aid in their work.


This Velocifire wireless mechanical keyboard uses Outemu Brown switch which is perfect for typing. It is much more responsive and lasts up to 50 million keypresses when compared to the meagre life of membrane keyboards. This is also a full keyboard which means that the user gets all the 104 keys that they are used to in their daily used keyboards.

The keyboard connects to the computer with the help of Bluetooth. Being a wireless device one can use it in a 26-foot range. The 2.4 GHz connectivity helps in quick connection with the device and it doesn’t lag in response when someone is typing on it.

One will need to recharge the keyboard from time to time with the help of a micro-USB cable. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the keyboard and one can use it for 15 days straight after that. The item weighs about 2.5 pounds so it wouldn’t be a problem to work with it on a regular basis.


  • Great for typing because of the presence of Outemu Brown Key Switches
  • Simple design
  • Full keyboard
  • Great battery life


  • Not Backlit
  • Only compatible with Windows devices

In conclusion, we can say that this Velocifire wireless mechanical keyboard is perfect for people who want to use it for typing and want the keyboard to be in their budget. They do not have to pay much but they do get something that will last them a long time even after using it regularly.

Find VELOCIFIRE Full Size Wireless Mechanical Keyboard on Amazon

DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Backlit Wireless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Drevo is yet another brand that is quite well-known in the market. The affordability of their products draws the customers towards them as they get really good products. This wireless keyboard will definitely live up to your hopes as it does have almost everything that someone may need in a wireless keyboard.


When you have a look at the Drevo keyboard your reaction will be that it is quite cute as well as compact. They have kept it in the ten-keyless design and the keyboard comes with 71 keys that are important to the user. Users can use the keyboard with their PCs and laptops along with their smartphones and tablets. It supports a wide range of Oss.

The keyboard uses Outemu key switches and gives you the options to choose from black, red, blue and brown key switches. They also specify the key switch type that you can choose according to your need.

The RGB LED lights present in the keyboard is one of the main attraction points of this product. You can choose from one of 7 dynamic lighting options available or customize it according to your taste.

The connectivity of the keyboard is great as people can use the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless feature or go for the wired option with a USB cable. It does come with a 180 cm cord. It has a rechargeable battery inside and once users charge it they will get a battery life that lasts for up to 20 hours.


  • You get to choose from multiple key switch options
  • Affordable rate
  • The design is compact and useful


  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Cannot be used with devices having older versions of Windows OS

In all, we can say that the Drevo Calibur 71-key wireless mechanical keyboard is great for people who are looking for an affordable yet good performing keyboard. Students will find this affordable and tasteful because of the awesome back-light feature present in it.

Find DREVO Calibur RGB LED Backlit Wireless Keyboard on Amazon

G-Cord Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

G-Cord is a newer brand in the electronics accessories market. They are quite affordable as they are trying to make themselves renowned. And surprisingly, they produce good-quality items. This wireless mechanical keyboard by them is something that many people can try if they are still hesitant about buying one that costs quite a bit more.


The G-Cord wireless keyboard has a simple design but it holds high efficiency in itself. It uses 2.4 GHz wireless mode and connects to any device pretty fast. One can easily connect it to their laptop or desktop without any problem. Along with the wireless feature, the keyboard can also be connected with the help of a USB cable.

The keyboard is good for both gamers as well as for people who will use it for typing purposes. They can easily use it in their office as it isn’t very noisy. The LED lights present in the keyboard definitely steals the show. It comes with different immersive light effects which will change the look of the keyboard. The lights are bright enough so that people can play or work in the dark.

The keyboard comes with an in-built lithium polymer battery that takes about 4 to 5 hours to charge. People who use the keyboard for gaming may easily use it for a week and those who type will get longer battery life. It has 104 keys which makes it a full keyboard, something that is much needed for people who will use it for typing. The keyboard will last till you reach 50 million key presses on it.


  • Highly affordable price
  • Great battery life
  • Nice backlighting effects
  • Has both wireless and wired connectivity


  • The design isn’t great
  • Not good for professionals

In all, we can say that the G-Cord Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is good for people who want to start using one and then move on to something better. They will be satisfied with the quality and the performance of this keyboard.

Find G-Cord Wireless Mechanical Keyboard on Amazon

Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Artisan Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have always been attached to nostalgia. People who really like the idea of using them can definitely buy this amazing keyboard from Azio. The brand does make the usual computer accessories but this does stand out among them.


This wireless mechanical keyboard looks like a makeshift typewriter of the vintage days. The main features lie in its exquisite design. It has a leather top plate and the frame is polished with a chrome finish. The keyboard can be used both in wireless mode using Bluetooth as well as wired mode using a USB cable.

The keyboard is back-lit and when you type, it provides you the clicking sound that comes out of a typewriter. The company has paid attention to every detail so that the customer is satisfied with the product. One can also adjust the pillar feet of the keyboard to achieve their optimum wrist height. The battery life of the keyboard is amazing as it runs for months on each charge. You also get a different color and finish choices on this product.


  • Great design
  • Looks great when you use it
  • Has both Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Great battery life


  • Costly
  • Not good for gaming
  • Cannot be used roughly

This Azio Wireless Keyboard is perfect for people who like to have aesthetics in their life. This will fulfill their taste of having a keyboard that looks like a retro typewriter.

Find Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Artisan Backlit Keyboard on Amazon

Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards Conclusion

So, here we conclude our journey of knowing about wireless mechanical keyboards. We hope that the information will help you in buying the best wireless mechanical keyboard that works for you. Just check your requirements and we are sure that you will purchase the best option available in the market.


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