Uvlizer UV Light Sanitizer Review: Portable Ultraviolet and Ozone Cleaner Lamp

The Uvlizer is a portable UV sanitizer lamp that uses UV-C ultraviolet light and ozone to remove bacteria, viruses, germs and other micro-organisms from indoor home air cleaning purification.

Uvlizer is a device that helps to eradicate germs and other bacteria from surfaces easily and without any physical contact. The device can be found on the official website, which offers free shipping across the globe.

What is Uvlizer?

As consumers look for ways they can defend themselves against disease, keeping a home free of germs is a necessary part of this process as well. There are plenty of cleaners on the market, but the ability to actually get rid of germs depends on how well the user scrubs and wipes away the bacteria. UV lights have been shown to neutralize these germs, which consumers can do on their own with the Uvlizer.

The Uvlizer can eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, using the simplicity of a UV light. Inherently, by getting rid of these germs, consumers can reduce the likelihood of illness, which means that users won’t have to go to the hospital as often and won’t have to load up on prescription medication or be flooded with hospital bills. The device can be used almost everywhere, and it is small enough to remain portable.

Find the Best Price on the Uvlizer UV Light Sanitizer

Let’s address some of the common questions that consumers may have about the Uvlizer device.

Frequently Asked Questions About Uvlizer

Q: How does the Uvlizer get rid of germs?

A: This device emits a UV light onto surfaces where germs reside. As the germs as exposed, their DNA is disrupted and the germs die, which leaves a completely sanitized surface.

Q: Where can the Uvlizer be used?

A: The Uvlizer can be used on any non-human surface, and it can even eliminate bacteria from the hidden corners of the home.

Q: How is the Uvlizer powered?

A: This device has a rechargeable power supply to ensure that consumers can simply charge the device between uses.

Q: How much space can the Uvlizer clean?

A: According to the creators, the bulb used can sterilize everything in a 250 square foot room.

Q: How long does the Uvlizer take to sanitize the area?

A: Treatment only takes 15 minutes to sanitize the space.

Any other question can be handled by the customer service team.

Purchasing Uvlizer

The only way to currently purchase the Uvlizer is through the official website, which currently has listed it for $79.95. Upon checking out, users only have ten minutes to finalize their purchase, as a limited stock is available.

If the user finds that this sanitizer device doesn’t offer them the benefits that they need, they have up to 30 days to get approval for a return and secure their refund.

Contacting the Customer Service Team

Even though the website offers plenty of information about the Uvlizer device, consumers may want to learn more specific details before they make a purchase. The customer service team is available by phone (702-930-6391) or by email ([email protected]).


The Uvlizer is meant for any home or office to ensure that consumers can protect themselves against disease. The device doesn’t take long to eliminate the germs on any surface, and users won’t have to worry about buying more batteries to keep it functioning. This device is presently marked down by $50, so consumers that want the lowered price should act quickly.

Find the Best Price on the Uvlizer UV Light Sanitizer


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