TruTorch Tactical Flashlight – Best Military-Grade Torch?

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The TruTorch is a new tactical flashlight that promises to put the illuminating power of a lighthouse in your pocket. Tactical flashlights are a cut above the standard flashlight available at most stores, with a much higher brightness, construction made for maximum durability, high grade metal alloy composition and textured grips so they don’t slip in the hand.

The TruTorch is a heavily tested, military ready tactical torch with multiple settings and functions that has quickly become a top choice for first responders since it’s release.

Designed in the USA and offering the maximum allowable milliwatts for a handheld light device, the TruTorch is a standard setting example of a quality tactical flashlight.

In this review we’ll strip down the design and construction of the TruTorch and help you decide whether this torch is the best option for your tactical lighting needs.

What is the TruTorch?

Handheld flashlights and torches are not a new invention. Torches have been available for consumers since the late 1800’s, and the overall design of the flashlight hasn’t really changed in the subsequent 120 years.

Lighting technology has improved, however, and most high intensity torches manufactured today use LED bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs due to their higher reliability, longer life cycle, lower power draw and higher brightness.

When purchasing a flashlight and especially a tactical flashlight for use in potentially life threatening situations, there are many factors to consider. Tactical flashlights are often carried not just for emergency lighting in power outages and everyday tasks such as working in dark places. Tactical flashlights are great for use in situations such as emergency situations by first responders like police, firefighters and hazmat teams and as a combat aid by military forces.

Next to personal defense gear such as batons, pocket knives or denial spray such as pepper spray, a tactical torch can be the next most important piece of gear in your everyday carry. In many states the use of defensive gear such as mentioned above is illegal, so a tactical flashlight can be pivotal in blinding an assailant or identifying a threat. Tactical flashlights can help light the way in dangerous or hazardous emergency situations and disasters, or signal your location to potential rescuers. According to statistics published by the FBI and other crime fighting sources, the majority of violent crimes happen during the night, so carrying a tactical flashlight is a great way to improve your personal safety in any situation.

Many Tactical flashlights come with a vast array of additional features and unnecessary components that don’t end up contributing to the overall effectiveness of the device. When looking for a tactical flashlight, it’s best to choose a light that meets three key criteria: the tactical flashlight must be made from strong, robust materials, be bright- preferably over 500 lumens- and have a patterned grip so they don’t slip in dirty environments, such as camping or hunting.

TruTorch Design & Construction

The TruTorch meets all of the typical requirements for a quality tactical flashlight, and then some. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminium, the body of the TruTorch is strong and will hold up to the most strenuous environments you’ll encounter. In addition to being strong, the frame of the TruTorch is lightweight and won’t weigh you down in your pocket.

The LED bulb for the TruTorch tactical flashlight is one of the brightest available for the price point and size. At 800 lumens, the TruTorch is bright enough to light a vast area and give any would be assailant second thoughts before approaching the wielder. The LED emitter in the TruTorch is rated for over 100,00 hours of continuous use- which works out to over four years of constant light- a lot more than most users will conceivable use their tactical torches for.

Another great and useful feature of the TruTorch is the telescopic lens focus. The telescopic focus of the lens in the TruTorch allows users to focus the torch to either X250, X500, X1000 or X2000 zoom, ideal for illuminating targets in hunting or combat situations.

The LED emitter has five different modes- low, medium and high light intensity, a strobe function, and an SOS morse function for emergency situations. The functions are managed by simple and clearly marked out buttons on the housing of the torch. The Torchlight frame is also patterned with a grip texture to ensure it doesn’t slip.

Guaranteed Quality

The makers of TruTorch are confident in their product’s ability to satisfy the stringent demands of even the most discerning tactical flashlight enthusiast. TruTorch has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee policy, and will provide a full refund in the case of a defective unit under the warranty.

The housing of the TruTorch is so strong that if a user is able to scratch or dent the TruTorch, the warranty covers a new replacement absolutely free of charge. As the TruTorch is completely waterproof, any unit malfunctioning from water damage is also covered under this policy.

Similar guarantees are offered by TruTorch in the case of LED burnout- if the LED ever goes out, TruTorch will replace it free of charge. Similarly, internal component malfunction or circuit board malfunction will result in the TruTorch replaced completely free of charge.

TruTorch Pricing & Availability

The TruTorch is available for order from the TruTorch website with free shipping. A single TruTorch is priced at $56 USD, but TruTorch offer bulk discounts ranging from $97 USD for two units, up to $145 for five units, lowering the per unit cost down to an agreeable $29 each.

TruTorch also offer rechargeable lithium batteries compatible with the TruTorch starting from $14 with a similar bulk discount offer.

Overall the TruTorch is one of the highest quality and best value tactical torches available on the market.

The TruTorch ticks all of the boxes to meet the high demands of first responders and is backed up by a first class warranty that covers the TruTorch for all imaginable issues that could be encountered when using a tactical torch. If you’re in the market for a tactical torch, TruTorch is excellent value for your money.


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