Translaty Pro: Device to Translate 40 Different Languages Fast

Translaty Pro is a recording device that intelligently interprets 40 different languages, playing the translation back of either one. The device can be purchased from the official website exclusively, which offers online customer support.

What is Translaty Pro?

The connection between two people can be a bond stronger than anything else but being able to communicate is where the barrier lies. Erasing that barrier could lead to lasting relationships over time but learning an entire language can take time. With the Translaty Pro, deciphering what someone else is saying with ease.

The Translaty Pro is designed to record when someone speaks, as it translates the words into a language that the other party can understand. The product is capable of a two-way transaction, and is compatible with either iOS or Android operating systems, as long as the user downloads the app. The lightweight device can be carried along anywhere, offering impressive sound quality that won’t get lost in translation.

This device requires a USB port to charge, which is included with the package.

Purchasing Translaty Pro

Translaty Pro is available on the official website to order, though consumers can the best deals by ordering multiple devices at once. Presently, free delivery is offered, though this option is not always available to customers.

Choose from:

  • One Translaty Pro device: $99.99 (50% discount)
  • Two Translaty Pro devices, plus one free: $199.99 (67% discount)
  • Three Translaty Pro devices, plus two free: $299.99 (70% discount)

Since there is limited information available on the Translaty Pro, consumers may find themselves with additional questions. The customer service team can be reached through the website for a live chat, or by calling 888-743-8103. Electronic correspondence can be sent to [email protected].

Translaty Pro Summary

The Translaty Pro is a helpful resource for anyone that often interacts with other people who do not have the same native tongue or local language. Since the device is a two-way translator, users can interpret what someone says to them, or they can translate their own words into the local language. Though this product is a bit of an investment, it could cost a lot less than a misunderstanding between languages.


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