GigaBrite Smart Bulb: Colorful Bluetooth-Enabled Light Bulbs

GigaBrite is a “smart bulb” that can be controlled with a Bluetooth connection, changing the color and brightness. It also coordinates with music from any light socket, after connecting with a smartphone or tablet.

What is GigaBrite?

The right lighting in a room can set the tone for a whole night. However, purchasing different light bulbs that have to be changed for each of the occasions can become cumbersome and expensive. The use of a GigaBrite Smart Bulb can eliminate these troubles for customized ambiance whenever desired.

GigaBrite works in nearly any light socket, and it can be controlled via remote or Bluetooth connection. Consumers can choose from an array of beautiful colors that are typically associated with the Northern Lights but can also program some of their favorite colors to continually pop up. From the smart device connected, the lights can be controlled in groups or individually, once downloading the applicable app.

Along with the colors that consumers can enjoy, the smart bulb also reacts to music. As the user plays any song, the lights will follow the tune, making the bulbs ideal for events that need just a little extra detail to make them even more special.

Each of these bulbs is designed for up to 20,000 hours of life, which outperforms the average incandescent light by about 20 times over, and about 4-5 times longer than a CFL. Even by using the bulbs for 12 hours every single day, they should still last over five years.

Purchasing GigaBrite Smart Bulb

Right now, the creators of GigaBrite are providing customers with up to 50% off their purchase, depending on the quantity purchased. Right now, consumers can choose from:

  • Buy 2 bulbs for $24.97 each, get 1 bulb for free (plus $6.99 total for shipping)
  • Buy 3 bulbs for $24.97 each, get 2 bulbs for free
  • Buy 5 bulbs for $24.97 each, get 5 bulbs for free
  • Buy 8 bulbs for $24.97 each, get 12 bulbs for free

Apart from the Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer, all of the packages come with free shipping, as well as a 90-day return policy.

Contacting Customer Service

If the consumer has other questions about their products before or after ordering, the customer service team can be reached by either calling 866-793-4353 or sending an email to [email protected].

GigaBrite Smart Bulb Summary

The GigaBrite Smart Bulbs are meant for consumers that want to take the lighting in their home, office or any indoor area to another level. The array of colors and the ability to sync with music creates a beautiful display for a special event or simply a night at home with loved ones.


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