Primitive Survivors TL900 LED Headlamp Review

The TL900 LED Headlamp is a headlamp sold through Primitive Survivors. Here’s how review of this “high performance tactical headlamp”.

What is the Tactical TL900 Headlamp?

The TL900 LED Headlamp is a powerful light attached to a headband. That headband fits over the top of your head and around the sides, making it adjustable in three different ways.

Their XT808 tactical flashlight is sold online through, which is an online retailer that sells a range of different outdoor survival gear options.

Priced at $59, the TL900 LED Headlamp claims to be the only flashlight you’ll ever need for all outdoor camping or tactical situations. With that in mind, here’s our TL900 LED Headlamp review.

How Does the TL900 LED Headlamp Work?

The TL900 LED Headlamp comes with all of the features you’d expect to find on a headlamp.

The lamp itself features a 90 degree tilt. There’s also a battery box that displays a red indicator for whichever mode you’re currently using (High, Low, Strobe, SOS).

The beam can be focused at x1, x250, x500, x1000 and x1000 according to the zoom you want

Like many other flashlights we’ve seen online in recent weeks, the TL900 LED Headlamp features an XM-L T6 LED emitter. This emitter outputs light at between 800 and 1,000 lumens and is well-reviewed online (the TL900 LED Headlamp advertises light output of 1,000 lumens).

It’s unclear what the strap is made from. The manufacturer never tells us. However, they do say that the lamp is waterproof (although there’s no mention of whether or not the strap is waterproof).

The casing around the flashlight is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

TL900 LED Headlamp Pricing

The TL900 LED Headlamp is sold exclusively online through, where it’s priced at $59 per lamp.

You do not get a discount when buying multiple lamps: it’s always priced at $59 for one headlamp.

Currently, the Primitive Survivors online store is the only place where you can buy the headlamp. You won’t find it at any other retailer.

Who Makes the TL900 LED Headlamp?

The TL900 LED Headlamp is sold through Primitive Survivors, although that company does not appear to be the original manufacturer.

Primitive Survivors is an outdoor survival gear retailer that deals exclusively online. The company is based in Springfield, Oregon and sells a wide range of flashlights, backpacks, and other survival gear online.

You can get in touch with the company by emailing [email protected]. In addition to the TL900 LED Headlamp, the company sells earmuffs, water bottles, watches, and scopes.

Should You Use the TL900 LED Headlamp as a Tactical Flashlight?

You can find hundreds of different tactical headlamps sold online today. The TL900 LED Headlamp is towards the middle of the price range when it comes to flashlights. However, the flashlight itself seems to be on par with the lower end of flashlights in terms of quality – so you’re paying a bit of a premium.

It’s unclear what the straps of the headlamp are made from, and we don’t know specific technical details about the light. However, similar headlamps that use the same Cree XM-L T6 bulb can be found online for around $20 – so the $60 price tag on the TL900 LED Headlamp seems a bit steep.

Nevertheless, if you want a tactical flashlight that illuminates everything in front of you and straps easily onto your head, then the TL900 LED Headlamp will get the job done – albeit for a steep price.


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