Technogym SKILLMILL Review – Good Home Fitness Training Equipment?

Technogym Review

Regardless of age, gender, or physical abilities, forming practical and effective health habits improve quality of life by controlling weight, improving mood, preventing disease, boosting energy, improving longevity. Good health habits do not always have to involve extreme life changes, in fact, these health habits can be easily introduced to daily activities.


Simple ways to stay active and healthy throughout the day can begin with a simple choice of walking instead of driving, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Additionally, starting the day off with a healthy, nutrient filled, breakfast can avoid the temptation of snacking throughout the day. With a peak in energy, a healthy diet not only boosts mood, but can also lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem, decreasing stress and allowing the brain to function better.

Practicing good health relies on consistent participation in physical activities. Though most people dread going to the gym and beginning an exercise routine, there are a diverse number of options that are both rewarding and fun. Whether it is bicycling, swimming, or rock climbing, incorporating exercise into the daily schedule will pay off.

Although diet and exercise are important for a healthy lifestyle, an active body should also be paired with an active social life. Building strong social connections keeps the mind active while also contributing to the balance of stress from both personal and professional responsibilities. Social support increases the sense of belonging and self-worth, and contribute to practicing both mental and emotional health.

There are a variety of companies and brands that support the journey to achieving fitness and wellness goals. Based in Cesena, Italy, Technogym is a manufacturer of fitness equipment and has become a pioneer in providing consumers with an uncomplicated experience to meet all their lifestyle needs.

About Technogym

Founded in 1983 by a young industrial designer, Technogym has rapidly become a world leading company that offers products and services for fitness as wellness. The company was founded with the vision of defining wellness as a lifestyle, improving the quality of life through regular exercise, a healthy diet, a positive attitude, and providing products and services that are available to people everywhere, whenever they wish. Though Italian made, this fitness evolution transformed into the American concept of fitness and sports.


Over 30 years later, and this vision has remained true.  Today, Technogym has become not only a world leader in the wellness and fitness market, but has provided fitness equipment to more than 65,000 wellness centers, and more than 100,000 homes worldwide. Research estimates that Technogym products are used by 35 million people daily. In order to serve their wide range of clientele, Technogym consists of 2,200 employees divided amongst 14 branches across Europe, the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and South America. Approximately 90% of all their products are manufactured to over 100 countries globally.

Many companies that provide gym equipment will usually focus on providing it for either individual use or for corporate use. However, Technogym does not make this separation. Instead of breaking up what it offers depending on the purchaser, it offers individuals the same equipment that it offers corporations. Because of this, those who want to have the same quality workout equipment in their homes can have access to this through Technogym.

Technogym Services

Technogym has created products and services that are designed to equip gyms, offices, medical, wellness, and health centers with fitness equipment that is optimized for individual goals. Using Technogym, these businesses have access to easy solutions intended to better not only the business, but the customers as well.

Technogym offers businesses the opportunity to utilize their marketing support and branding services in order to take full advantage of their products. Technogym offers assistance in launching and promoting the client’s facility by providing a variety of digital and printable marketing tools. Once these brand items are equipped with the company logo, they can be promoted in print, or advertised through the web and social media. Once the merchandising collection has been launched, the promotional material is guaranteed to educate current members, and bring in new customers.

Technogym also offers financial services for businesses needing financing. Technogym has developed an individualized approach to financing solutions by offering proposals of high-quality, while remaining conscious of business objectives. Led by a team of qualified professionals, Technogym works with an international network of 15 distinguished banking and insurance companies. The financial services provide the costs of equipment, maintenance, and operating costs, while promising to provide ownership profits. The financial services provide businesses with diverse solutions that are fast, safe, and reliable.

In addition to their financial, and marketing services, Technogym offers businesses access to educational programs designed to assist in developing customized programs based on the individual needs and abilities of the future users. Led by a team of prominent health professionals, each program has been scientifically validated in accordance with the Technogym Ability Training methodology (Exercise, Movement, Progression and Routine). Technogym offers on-site educational programs that are intended to help fitness professionals provide users with the best experience. Certified Master Trainers are in charge of educating the staff on how to engage customers and help them reach their fitness goals. All training solutions are designed to provide insight into the methodology, which allows the staff to generate interaction, while retaining revenue.

Although Technogym offers an array of products and services to guarantee the success of businesses, Technogym also offers services and products that are designed for personal use. In order to ensure that each user experiences highest level of success, all of the training programs that are offered by Technogym are combined in order to educate Technogym Master Trainers that are tasked with providing education, programming, mentoring, and any support, to individual users.

The Technogym Master Trainers are there to support users who are wanting to lose weight, stay active, young, stronger, and stress free. Technogym offers personal training for individuals that want to reach fitness goals, but may not know where to begin. The personal training programs can be accesses online, in person with a coach, or by enrolling in a free program that allows individuals to create their own plan. These individuals can be found in facilities where Technogym products are located and are also available by phone or email.

Technogym Products

All Technogym products can be purchased directly from their catalog. Catalogs, product quotes, consultations, and information requests can be completed on their website ( Because there are so many amazing equipment options provided offered by Technogym, it would be impossible to list everything provided by the company. To get a fuller idea of the options available by the company, a list of the product types can be found below.

For those interested in purchasing a Technogym product for their personal gym or for their business, Technogym should be contacted. For those making larger purchases, there are several discounts and aids available to help with the buying process. This information is all available on the Technogym website.

The product types available from Technogym include:

  • – Treadmills
  • – Elliptical Cross Trainers
  • – Exercise Bikes
  • – Upper Body Trainers
  • – Steppers
  • – Selectorized
  • – Plate Loaded
  • – Multigyms and Cable Stations
  • – Benches and Racks
  • – Free Weights
  • – Functional Training Equipment
  • – Stretching
  • – Accessories
  • – Group Cycling

In addition to the categories listed above, those looking to purchase Technogym equipment can also shop by the product range, allowing users to narrow down the focus of their purchasing to what the equipment can provide.


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