ImagiPen Review – Kids’ 3D Magic Pen Helps Design & Create Toys?

ImagiPen Review

With summer in full swing, it’s completely normal for parents to begin running out of things to keep their kids busy. No matter how much a family plans, there will always be those afternoons with nothing to do or rainy mornings where plans have to be cancelled. It is times like this that parents really begin to miss the school year and the amazing teachers that keep their kids busy five days a week.


No parent wants to turn to TV or other screens to keep their kids busy during the long summer days, but for many, this is a sad reality. Sometimes the only way to keep everyone happy is for everyone to be watching or playing something on their own devices.

One of the go-to moves for parents during the long summer months is to provide their kids with different art projects they can work on together or individually. These art projects are always a great amount of fun, whether they’re painting, drawing, or something more creative. However, after several weeks of these, even the most artistic child can get a little bored.

For those who are tired of relying on screen time, games, and hit or miss art projects, there’s the ImagiPen. Using the latest innovations in the tech industry, ImagiPen combines the two things that children love the most, technology and art. ImagiPen doesn’t just give kids a chance to be creative, it will also give parents the much needed break from planning summer activities.

What Is The ImagiPen?

Everything these days seems to be focused on going 3D. Phones can now take 3D pictures. Movies are offering more and more 3D options for watchers. And, one of the biggest inventions of the 21st century is the 3D printer, which is allowing people to make huge advances in the medical and tech industries. While all these amazing 3D options available today are great, there haven’t been many ways to bring these advances into the home. Until now.

ImagiPen allows users to design and create images and drawings in 3D. Without using any heat, this amazing advancement allows children to paint and draw 3D images, bringing a completely new aspect to summer art projects. Not only can the ImagiPen be used to create 3D images, but it can be used to decorate and customize items that regular pens, markers, and pencils aren’t able to do.

While creating 3D drawings and creations is amazing enough in itself, ImagiPen takes this amazing new spin on art one step further. Now, not only does ImagiPen come in multiple colors, it also comes in two glow in the dark colors. With the orange and green glow in the dark options, users can create projects that don’t just look amazing in the light, but add a completely new dimension in the dark.

For a limited time, ImagiPen is being offered in a complete set, including extra colors, as well as the glow in the dark options. For those who are ready to take their art projects to the next level, the ImagiPen is the perfect option.


How ImagiPen Works

While there have been gel pen options that work by melting plastic so it looks very much like a 3D pen, ImagiPen is able to offer users a better and safer option. The ImagiPen uses a gel instead of a plastic, meaning it doesn’t need any heat to work. Users can squeeze the gel through the ImagiPen, where it will harden within seconds once it comes in contact with air. By using a fast-hardening gel, ImagiPen allows children to completely defy gravity with their designs, but also gives parents peace of mind that their children aren’t in any danger.

The ImagiPen set comes with blue and green magic gel, as well as the orange and glow in the dark gels. To use these different options, they can simply be placed in the ImagiPen. Using a handy lever, users of the ImagiPen can release the gel in exactly the designs they want by pulling the lever down. By creating such a simple system, ImagiPen gives users complete control over their art projects.

ImagiPen can be used in a variety of ways. Not only does it allow children to paint upwards, but it also allows them to paint vertically, offering endless opportunity for design and creativity. And, because all the images and objects created by ImagiPen use the same type of gel, these objects can be connected together, creating even more extensive 3D art.

While painting and drawing into the air is great, there is so much more that the ImagiPen can be used for. Because the gel used in ImagiPen works on a variety of surfaces, it can also be used to decorate and customize items. For those who want their notebooks, cellphone cases, computers, or water bottles to look a little more personalized, they can use the ImagiPen gel to create a custom design. In the same way the gel used in the ImagiPen dries quickly when used in the air, it will dry almost instantly on items, making it a durable, fun way to customize different items.

Included In The ImagiPen Set

For those who are ready to get started and want the ImagiPen set to help make their summer days more fun, it is now available for a huge discount. Not only is the ImagiPen available at a discounted price, but the complete system offers many amazing bonuses that make it the perfect time to buy.

In the ImagiPen system, customers will get the ImagiPen, as well as the blue magic gel. For a limited time only, the green magic gel will also be included in the purchasing price for no extra cost, making it an amazing free bonus item. In addition to the ImagiPen and blue and green magic gels, users will also get a fun ImagiPen guide, which will take them through all the different ways they can use their ImagiPen to creat amazing, custom art projects all summer long.

For a small additional price, the ImagiPen system also offers glow in the dark and orange magic gel pens. With these additional colors, users will be able to get even more fun out of their ImagiPen. And, with the glow in the dark option, all creations will be even more fun when the lights are off. As mentioned above, the glow in the dark and orange magic gel pen options are available for a vastly discounted price, which is explained in more detail below.

Purchasing the Complete ImagiPen System

As mentioned above, the complete ImagiPen system is currently available at a discounted price. For a limited time only, all ImagiPen system purchases will be 10% off, plus users will get free shipping on any additional items they add to their purchase, including the orange and glow in the dark magic gels. The discounts for ImagiPen are explained below.

For a limited time, the complete ImagiPen system is available for $29.99, plus a small shipping and handling charge of $8.99. The bonus orange and glow in the dark magic gels are available for $12.99, but come with free shipping and handling. For those who want to purchase more than one ImagiPen, if they purchase the orange and glow in the dark gels, they will get each additional ImagiPen for $11.69.


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