SuperNovaX G950X Tactical LED Flashlight Review – Worth It?

SuperNovaX Review

SuperNovaX is a new tactical LED flashlight available online through an exclusive 80% off offer. What’s the catch behind the offer? Is the G950X flashlight any good? Let’s find out today in our SuperNovaX review.

What is SuperNovaX?

SupernovaX G950X

SuperNovaX is a flashlight currently being prominently advertised online. The tactical flashlight is categorized officially as a G950X Tactical Flashlight and claims to offer all of the following qualities:

  • -#1 rated by police and security forces
  • -16cm long, 2cm thick at base (3cm around the light)
  • -Adjustable focusing beam from 1x to 2000x
  • -High, Medium, Low, SOS, and Strobe Modes
  • -Aircraft grade aluminum
  • -Beveled edge for self-defense
  • -100,000 hours of lamp life
  • -Cree XM-L T6 LED emitter
  • -1,000 lumens output capacity
  • -Uses lithium ion or any regular AAA batteries

These are some impressive features. 1,000 lumens puts the SuperNovaX flashlight right up there with some of the top flashlights in the world today, rivaling the most popular taclight of 2016, the X800 Shadowhawk. Meanwhile, the fact that it’s used by real police and security forces should tell you that this is a legitimate tactical flashlight.

Plus, you can get it for 80% off, or around $60, which is some significant savings.

So what’s the catch? Let’s dig a little deeper into the SuperNovaX flashlight.

Why Is It 80% Off?

Over the last few months, we’ve seen dozens of flashlights appear online advertising a 75% off or 80% off offer.

These flashlights all make similar promises: they feature a Cree XM-L T6 LED bulb, they output 1,000 lumens, and they also claim to be used by real security and police forces around the world.

There’s one problem with all of these flashlights, however: virtually all of these common claims are positioned the same way and some of the lower end, cheaply made taclights are exaggerated and simply do not deliver on their anticipated excitement and features. The SuperNovaX G950X is out to change that and offer a quality solution for those who are into top shelf gadgets and gizmos.

The flashlights are genuinely made with aircraft grade aluminum, for example, although that’s the same aluminum you see on bicycle tires and golf clubs (it’s a very common aluminum alloy) but is known for its extremely lightweight yet durable shelf life and every day carry use.

There’s also no evidence that the SuperNovaX – or any of the other similar flashlights sold online – are used by any military personnel or police forces around the world. But this is a rather new revelation in the releasing of military grade technology specifications to the general public.

While the G950X may be out to change and challenge the status quo in the blossoming tactical flashlight industry, there are other similar brands and products that claim one of these lights can cost as much as $200+ without their discount code. The SuperNovaX Tactical G950X Flashlight cost has the normal retail price of $59.47 per unit but can be lowered by buying in bulk. So don’t be tricked into thinking you’re getting some amazing deal compared to when you can buy the SuperNovaX flashlight at reasonable prices if you deem fit for your needs.

That being said, the SuperNovaX isn’t a bad flashlight. It’s just not much better than the flashlights you can buy for $15 or $30. In fact, other Cree XM-L T6 flashlights can be found on Amazon for around $10. It’s unlikely that the SuperNovaX costs much more than this to make.

So if you’re wondering how you’re getting a genuine military-grade, aircraft-grade flashlight for a cheap price of around $60, the catch is that the flashlight isn’t quite as amazing as you might think.

But if it’s sold for the right price, then it may still be a good flashlight for you. So let’s look at the SuperNovaX flashlight’s pricing.

SuperNovaX G950X Pricing

SuperNovaX is available for sale online exclusively through the official website. you can buy the flashlight in two separate bundles:

  • 1 Flashlight (Batteries and Charger Not Included): $59.47
  • 2 Flashlights (Includes 2 Batteries and 2 Chargers): $97.89

As you can see, the manufacturer really wants to push you towards buying two of the flashlights. If you just buy the single flashlight, then you won’t receive the charger or any batteries – which means that your flashlight will exclusively run off batteries and you won’t be able to recharge the built-in lithium ion battery.

Payments are processed through the official site on PayPal or through any major credit card.

Refund information isn’t very well outlined on the official website. All the manufacturer says is that “your order is 100% guaranteed” and that if “you’re unhappy for any reason just contact our support team.”

Who Makes SuperNovaX?

SuperNovaX doesn’t list its address or any information about itself online. It’s unclear where the flashlights are manufactured – whether it’s in America or some developing part of the world.

In any case, all we know about SuperNovaX is that it’s based within the 33401 zip code of West Palm Beach, Florida and you can contact the company by emailing [email protected]. Aside from that, we know very little about the makers of SuperNovaX.

Should SuperNovaX Be Your Next Flashlight?

Ultimately, SuperNovaX is a newer LED tactical flashlight that promises to be the brightest handheld pocket-sized device used by many security or police forces around the world. It’s packaged as a high-performance, high-powered flashlight – but we are waiting to get our hands on it to test whether or not it is significantly brighter or more powerful than the cheap $10 flashlights you can buy directly from Amazon.

For all of these reasons, you may want to save money by avoiding SuperNovaX and buying a cheaper flashlight. If you like the stats and features on the SuperNovaX, look for other flashlights containing the Cree XM-L T6 LED emitter – they’ll have virtually identically stats to this flashlight.


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