Sofa Lounge Review – Convenient & Fast Inflatable Bed?

Sofa Lounge

With summer in full swing, people are spending more and more time outside. From parties on the beach to picnics beside the pool, people love to spend the warmer months getting as much sun and outdoor time as possible, preparing for the winter months ahead. Of course, the fact that there are so many amazing activities available for people to do during the summer months makes it even easier to spend time outside, enjoying the warmth that comes with the season.


Because so much time is spent outside during the summer, people like to create outdoor spaces that comfortable and inviting, spending quite a bit of time and money on these spaces. These outdoor spaces come in many shapes and sizes, from small apartment patios to sprawling verandas, there are so many creative ways to create an inviting space that is just as comfortable as outside. For those who spend a majority of their time outside, there are options from patio sets to outdoor kitchens available to them. And, of course, the seating in these areas is always a crucial focus point, being the center of the comfort and relaxation that takes place outside.

The problem with outdoor seating, especially portable outdoor seating, is that so many of the options aren’t very versatile. In fact, many of them are heavy and bulky, making it difficult to transport them from place to place. Even the lighter chair options, like folding chairs, have their downsides. They aren’t as sturdy and can only be set on smooth surfaces. While these seating options are okay for pool side lounging and flat, smooth beaches, they definitely aren’t ideal for hiking or taking out to the woods, being too heavy and not stable enough for uneven ground.

Because seating options that are light, easy to carry, and versatile are so rare, Sofa Lounge was created. Sofa Lounge isn’t like other outdoor seating options, because it’s an inflatable chair, making it light and easy to carry. Plus, because Sofa Lounge is made out of a thick, durable material, it can be set up on any type of terrain, making it perfect for the more adventurous summer activities.

About Sofa Lounge

Sofa Lounge is an inflatable, outdoor lounge chare that was made because people needed a more versatile outdoor seating option. Not every place people want to hang out at during the summer offers a perfectly smooth surface. And, even fewer of these places are easy to get to, often requiring a little bit of a walk. Because of this, Sofa Lounge was made to be easy to carry and easy to set up, made of a durable material so it can sit on any surface.

Even though Sofa Lounge is an inflatable lounge chair, users don’t have to worry about it popping, because it is made of a durable material that makes it safe to use on a wide range of terrains. Often called an inflatable sofa, Sofa Lounge is made with a strong nylon fabric, which means it can be set on anything from sand and grass to rocks and roots safely. And, because Sofa Lounge is so easy to inflate and much more comfortable than other outdoor seating options, it has quickly become a favorite amongst those who want to enjoy their summer months outside.

Sofa Lounge isn’t just unique due to the material it is made out of, it is also unique for the manner in which it can be inflated. One of the most annoying things about inflatable toys or mattresses is that they take so much work to blow up. With Sofa Lounge, this is not a problem. Sofa Lounge is separated into two different sleeves which need to be filled with air one at a time. To inflate the Sofa Lounge, one sleeve should be closed while the other side is opened. Once the sleeves are situated correctly, the Sofa Lounge should be moved through the air. Due to the light nature of the material used with the Sofa Lounge, this simple movement through the air is more than enough to inflate it. When the filled sleeve is closed, the same action can be done to the other side, giving users a quickly filled, comfortable sofa to sit on outside.

As mentioned above, the Sofa Lounge isn’t just easy to inflate, it’s also extremely easy to carry around. Weight only a few pounds, when the Sofa Lounge is deflated, it fits into a compact carrying bag that can be carried across the shoulders or shoved into a larger bag for easy transport from place to place. Despite the small size of the Sofa Lounge and its carrying bag when the device is deflated, once opened, the Sofa Lounge is six feet long, making it perfect for one person to spread out or multiple people to sit and spend time together.

Benefits of the Sofa Lounge

Most owners of the Sofa Lounge agree that one of the biggest benefits of this amazing outdoor seating options is that it is so easy to carry. While summer is great, most people will agree that it can get very hot, very fast. In that heat, no one wants to carry around heavy chairs, sweating before they even get to their destination. With Sofa Lounge, this isn’t a problem. The compact carrying case used to hold the Sofa Lounge is light and small, making it easy to carry on its own or in another bag. And, with this convenient size and weight, the Sofa Lounge can be taken places other seating options can’t be taken, like mountaintops and hard to get to beaches.

Despite the small size and light weight of the Sofa Lounge when it is deflated, another one of its major benefits is that it is extremely durable. Many of the inflatable devices sold on the market today are only good for a few months, popping if they’re placed on a terrain that isn’t completely smooth. Because the Sofa Lounge is made of a strong nylon material, it can withstand being placed on almost any terrain. As mentioned above, it’s perfect for sandy beaches and pool sides.

However, the Sofa Lounge can also be placed on rocks, grass, uneven surfaces found in forests and woods, as well as snow. It’s this durability that makes the Sofa Lounge perfect for outdoor lovers across the nation.

Finally, the Sofa Lounge is extremely convenient because it is so easy to inflate and deflate. When people get to where they want to set up their seating area, they don’t want to spend a vast amount of time setting up their chairs or inflating their devices. Instead, they want to start socializing and having fun. With the Sofa Lounge, users can get their space set up within a few moments.

The Sofa Lounge goes from compact bag to six foot long lounging couch within a couple minutes, letting people get back to the things that really matter. And deflating the Sofa Lounge just requires undoing the ties on the sleeves and rolling it back up, placing it back into its convenient carrying case.

Purchasing The Sofa Lounge

There are several inflatable chair options on the market. However, many of them aren’t made of the same quality of the Sofa Lounge or they are extremely expensive. With the Sofa Lounge, users can get a quality outdoor seating option at a great price. Below are the available options for Sofa Lounge, as well as the prices for each option.

  • Neon Pink – $54.99
  • Neon Green – $54.99
  • Blue – $54.99
  • Purple – $54.99
  • Black – $54.99
  • Red – $54.99
  • Silver – $54.99
  • Dark Blue – $54.99
  • Light Pink – $54.99
  • Yellow – $54.99
  • Green – $54.99
  • Orange – $54.99
  • Neon Orange – $54.99
  • White – $54.99


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