SiteLock Review – Best Website Security & Malware Protection

SiteLock is an international leader in website security that offers daily malware protection scans and web application firewalls to fight against spyware, spam, fraud, and identity theft to help keep your site running clean and free of viruses.

Let's review the question of should you secure your site with SiteLock and see if their cost vs effectiveness is worth while for peace of mind and hacker-free websites.


About Site Lock

Currently protecting more than seven million websites across the world, Site Lock has earned itself a reputable spot in the website security market. Site Lock was founded in 2008, and their service is described as a “360-degree” technological system that searches for, finds, and repairs security threats. It will protect against spam, search engine blacklist monitoring, port scanning for security holes, and black listing IPs if someone is acting as you and sharing spam.

Site Lock travels around the world to share information about website security and maintenance. They emphasize the importance of persistently keeping your website guarded and offer you the tools to do just that. The internet is a huge and integral part of marketing your business and/or service and technically introducing your brand to the world. Therefore, it’s very important to optimize your businesses potential, and keep the online portion of your business protected.

The Product

The key features of Site Lock’s monitoring services include:

  • Website acceleration- to ensure a dependable and prompt customer experience.
  • DDoS Protection- diligently works to defend websites against various types of DDoS assaults. Possesses auto-detection and notification.
  • Web application firewall- secures webpages from both human and automatic targeted attacks, averts scrapers, blocks back door admission, and organizes bot traffic.
  • Automatic detection & remediation- provides serious protection from malware and identify exposures by performing daily malware detection scans, instant malware deletion, and of course skilled upkeep.
  • Company Support- expert help is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Customers can email, chat via the company website, or phone Site Lock with questions or concerns including last minute emergency malware removal.

Site Lock has already built up an extraordinary defense system against hackers and computerized viruses. Their goal is to keep producing innovative and informational ways (and of course products) to teach its audience how vital website maintenance and security truly is. You can purchase one of four protection plans:

  1. Secure Starter
  2. Secure Speed
  3. Secure Site
  4. Secure VIP

Each plan features the following functions:

  • Firewall
  • Daily malware tests
  • Instant malware elimination
  • Site Lock “trust” seal (which lets customers feel confident about their service)
  • Bilingual dashboard
  • Priced to meet the needs of small & medium sized companies
  • No installation

The higher the plan, the more perks to sweeten the deal. For example the Secure VIP plan features all the functions of the other three plans, plus extras like the capability to block access to backdoor files that are commonly used by hackers.

The Opportunity

By purchasing a plan from Site Lock you are guaranteeing that your company’s website will be defended. If you have ever experienced hacking or blocking dilemmas you probably know how serious the consequences can be and might already be considering a protection plan. But if you’ve been lucky enough to not face such difficulties, do yourself favor and ensure that you remain protected.

Prices aren’t available on Site Lock’s site. Instead they have an option to generate a quote for whatever service will best suit your needs. It might be frustrating that you can’t just pick a package and instantly get a set price. But it just lets customers know that it’s not a one size fits all product.

Instead, plans are built based on the type of website and what kind of protection consumers want. I was able to find quite a few positive reviews about the service: people said it has been a lifesaver for their businesses after experiencing hacks that caused a lot of strain on website owners. Site Lock meets customers’ expectations in terms of performance and is actually highly recommended by current users.

The Verdict

Website security can be challenging unless it’s your profession or you have a high level of expertise in the field. You don’t want to end up the victim of a malicious cyber-attack, so it only makes sense to take advantage of a product like one of Site Lock’s website protection plans.


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