Sanitizer Pro Review: Legit UV Light Sterilizer Disinfection Cleaning Wand?

Sanitizer Pro is a UV light wand sterilizer that effectively disinfects germs, viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet light as well as common surface areas and touchscreen devices.

Sanitizer Pro is a device that allows users to shine a UV light on any surface to neutralize microorganisms that can spread disease. While this device is not a substitute for regular cleaning, eliminating bacteria that can’t be seen on surfaces is helpful in reducing the potential spread of disease.

What is Sanitizer Pro?

Ernest Vincent Wright, an American author who wrote Gadsby, once said, “A man thinks all dust stays outdoors.” In times like the current state of the world, many people underestimate how much of the germs from the outside world actually make it into their home. While a home may appear clean, germs can come in on feet, on hands, on clothing, and on anything else that may come in and touch different surfaces.

Cleaning every single surface in the home can be a tedious process and taking a moment to clean every single surface as it is touched can run someone dry of just about every cleaner they can stock up on. Sanitizer Pro, however, requires no cloths or spray bottles. It only needs to illuminate the surface to do its job.

With the use of Sanitizer Pro, consumers are able to eradicate the viruses, bacteria, and other germs that reside on common household items in a matter of seconds. There’s no extra instructions or prior experience needed to understand how to use it; the sanitization of each surface is as simple as shining a light on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sanitizer Pro

Considering how many different types of UV light cleaners are found online now, it is hard to say which one would be best for each consumer. Let’s break down some of the information available on the Sanitizer Pro to see how effective it may be in the average household.

Q: What can the Sanitizer Pro device be used to clean?

A: The creators recommend the use of Sanitizer Pro for disinfecting “common household items,” which includes computers, writing utensils, tablets, smartphones, lamps, and other parts of the home.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Even though the Sanitizer Pro only takes a few seconds to get rid of germs, the power of this device can last through an entire day of cleaning. When it needs more power, the user can either replace the four AAA batteries or recharge it with any standard micro USB cable.

Q: How does the Sanitizer Pro clean surfaces?

A: There are only three steps that the user needs to follow to get the cleaning power that Sanitizer Pro offers – press the Power button, open the lid to the UV light, and expose the surface that the user wants to clean.

Purchasing Sanitizer Pro

Right now, Sanitizer Pro is not available for purchase in stores, so consumers have to go directly to the source – the official website. From there, users will be able to choose one of the following deals, which all come with free shipping:

  • One Sanitizer Pro for $69.99
  • Three Sanitizer Pros for $139.99
  • Five Sanitizer Pros for $199.99

To get the best cost per unit, consumers should consider the latter package, which brings the total cost of each device down to about $40.

Reaching Sanitizer Pro Customer Service

With the recent spread of illness, there are many UV lights out there for personal use, and consumers may want to make sure that the Sanitizer Pro is a good match. For any other questions, customers can check on their order or find out more by calling 800-990-2142.

The team can also be reached electronically by sending a message to [email protected].

Sanitizer Pro Summary

The Sanitizer Pro is simple, easy to use, and effective, according to the reviews shown on the website. While the company states that they’re offering “the world’s first UV ray-based disinfecting sanitizer,” there are many on the market today that can help, and it is hard to determine which one actually came first. Still, amongst all of the recommendations of social distancing and wearing sterile masks, the public needs to do their part to protect themselves when they are staying home by eradicating germs before they spread.

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