SafeTouch Review: No Touch Antiviral Copper Tool to Minimize Germ Exposure

SafeTouch is a copper key-shaped tool that can be used to open doors, cabinets, drawers, and touchscreens to reduce physical contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. With less direct exposure to germs, consumers can reduce their risk of becoming infected or carrying disease from one surface to the next.

What Does SafeTouch Do for Users?

COVID-19, though it isn’t quite new anymore, is still spreading throughout the world. Scientists are discovering more and more about this virus each day, but one of the most consistent statements that has continued through all of the press releases from the CDC is that much of the spread happens through the transfer of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Coincidentally, the easiest way for these bacteria to travel are on hands, leaving people exposed whenever they touch a handle of a door, rest their arm on a shelf, or even scratch their nose.

The moment someone touches a contaminated surface, those germs stay on their hands until hand sanitizer or hand wash is applied. Unfortunately, items like these household essentials are in short supply right now, and consumers need to stay protected in some way from the germs on these common surfaces. Enter the SafeTouch.

This #1 tool helps consumers to exclusively touch each handle or other grips without actually coming in physical contact with it. Instead, the user hooks around the edge of the door or handle and pulls it open with SafeTouch. With no physical contact with a contaminated surface, consumers protect themselves easily from the germs that other people may have transferred onto it.

Along with using SafeTouch on handles and doors, the end of the key-shaped tool is perfect for using ATMs, POS machines, and landline telephones. These surfaces are touched constantly, but almost no one washes their hands between every single key or surface they touch. By including SafeTouch on a keychain, consumers can make sure to always have this tool when they go out in public to keep themselves safe.

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FAQ: What You Need to Know

With such a helpful and adaptive tool, consumers need to know everything they can learn to make sure that this product will help them in there everyday life. Let’s address some of the common questions that consumers have about SafeTouch to clear up any remaining concerns.

Q: This is just one tool. How do consumers know with certainty that it will fit every door and handle?

A: With SafeTouch’s Signature HandleGrip Technology, users will find three separate teeth on the tool, which allows the user to hook on to doors and hooks of many shapes and sizes.

Q: Most POS devices and ATMs offer touchscreens now. Will SafeTouch work for those buttons?

A: Absolutely. This tool can act as a stylus that is safe for touchscreen use, helping consumers to further avoid direct contact with a surface that many people have already touched.

Q: Won’t using the same SafeTouch tool between every surface just transfer germs between them as well?

A: Typically, the answer would be yes for any other device. However, SafeTouch specifically uses 100% Solid AntiViral Copper, which is known for destroying bacteria. It is almost impossible for germs to live on this surface, which instantly disrupts the structure of the DNA to keep germs from multiplying or being transferred.

Q: There are many materials that this company could choose. Why copper?

A: Copper has been used for its microbial properties for hundreds of years, and there are even some reports (though unproven) that it can help protect consumers from the spread of coronavirus. While other materials allow viruses and superbugs to live for days (or worse), copper kills these microorganisms within a few minutes. Within a few hours after coming in contact with any germ, they aren’t even detectable.

Q: What other purposes does SafeTouch serve?

A: In addition to being uses as a secondary handle, SafeTouch’s exclusive design provides a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and a box opener.

Q: What can consumers do to learn more information about SafeTouch?

A: If the questions that consumers have are not answered here, the customer service team is available and can be reached by:

  • Filling out the form provided on the Contact Us page
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 601 Lairport St., El Segundo CA 90245, United States

How Do You Buy SafeTouch?

Due to this exciting Signature HandleGrip Technology and all of the benefits that SafeTouch provides, the best place to purchase the tool is directly from the source – the official website From there, consumers can choose from:

  • One SafeTouch Hygiene Multi-Tool for $24.99
  • Three SafeTouch Hygiene Multi-Tools for $54.99
  • Five SafeTouch Hygiene Multi-Tools for $84.99

Though the total cost of shipping will be determined at checkout by location, consumers that order domestically and exceed $25 with their purchase will qualify for $24.99.

All sales are final for the SafeTouch, and there are no returns or exchanges accepted.

SafeTouch Summary

SafeTouch offers a way to protect the body from spreading disease, while simultaneously killing off any germs that touch it in the process. Copper has become incredibly popular since the Industrial Revolution, and it offers a way of protecting consumers without UV lights, hand sanitizers, or even hand soap. Though it is not the only line of defense that someone should have, it will keep consumers protected when they need it most.

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