Gerber Center Drive Review – Versatile One-Thumb Opening Multi-Tool?

The Gerber Center-Drive is an innovative multi-tool that is currently one of the leading products on the market. Ideal for individuals who use a multi-tool regularly, the Gerber Center-Drive offers a revolutionary design and uncompromising performance.

Instead of having to haul a bunch of tools around, the Gerber Center-Drive is a durable multi-tool that offers users the novelty of convenience.

Ideal for those who want to be prepared for any situation, but don’t want to carry multiple tools with them, Gerber Center-Drive is essentially designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

Packed with as many tools as could fit, the Gerber Center-Drive features a series of handy tools that can be carried anywhere.

What Is Gerber Center-Drive?

Founded in 1939, the Gerber Company is a prominent American brand that has achieved worldwide recognition. Built from decades of innovation and passion, Gerber is an expert in knives and tools.

Revered for its knife making, Gerber was first dedicated to making knives and tools that could withstand a lifetime of use. As it continued to grow, the company expanded its focus to creating problem-solving, life-solving products.

Designed to suit every need, Gerber puts its customers first. Made for men and women who are tradesmen, hunters, and soldiers, Gerber always offers the best of the best when it comes to tools.

With all of its products designed and engineered in Portland, Oregon, Gerber has been led by generations of bright innovators. Currently, the brand is wanting to shift its focus and extend its range of products in order to meet the specific needs of consumers.

After 70 years of crafting unique, high-quality products, Gerber has grown from making sleek, stainless-steel knives to creating a diverse range of multi-tools, survival kits, flashlights, headlamps, axes, machetes, handsaws, and digging implements.

Made with the highest standards of quality and design, Gerber products are now known for reliability and the ability to make life easier and safer.

Made to meet challenges head-on, the Gerber Center-Drive is a one-of-a-kind multi-tool that is significantly superior to its competition. Up until now, there were no other multi-tools that offered a full-size driver on the center axis with a standard bit.

With full-size, real tools, the results of the Gerber Center-Drive are unparalleled. Featuring high-performance tools, all of the features on the Gerber Center-Drive are designed to be practical and efficient.

Ideal for everyday use, the Gerber Center-Drive can assist in all kinds of tasks found indoors and outdoors.

Gerber Center-Drive Features

Allowing users to be equipped for any environment, the Gerber Center-Drive features a variety of essential tools. Offering a one-thumb opening, the sliding jaws provide users with instant, spring-loaded piers.

Rather than the traditional butterfly style opening, the Gerber Center-Drive Pliers have a one-handed slide opening mechanism that can be easily locked into place, giving users complete and optimal control of the device.

Featuring a sloping nose, the Gerber Center-Drive Pliers are a hybrid between the needle nose design and standard design.

By allowing users to access small areas without losing control and precision, the Geber Center-Drive Pliers are strengthened by the grip bolts in the center of the design. At the base of the pliers, the multi-tool has implemented carbide wire cutters.

Triangular-shaped, the wire cutters can be rotated as they begin to wear down and easily replaced once they have been completely worn down.

In addition to the pliers, the Gerber Center-Drive screwdriver is the highlight of the multi-tool. Creating a design to offset the body, the screwdriver extends out by 3.2 inches.

With the driver being in the middle of the handle, the axis of rotation can easily reach and remain engaged through the fastener.

A full-size tool, the screwdriver design is comfortable to use and entirely functional. With the bit holder featuring a magnet, it allows users to keep track of the bit without losing it.

Equipped with fourteen different bits, the Geber Center-Drive allows twelve to be stored conveniently in the sheath.

By providing quick access, the multi-tool allows users to access their two most commonly used bits by storing them in the spare bit holder and the driver itself.

With a quick flick of the thumb, users have access to a full-size outboard knife that is 30% longer than average multi-tool blades.

Offering a plain edge knife and a serrated edge knife, the plain edge blade can be accessed through a one-handed opening that is found in the base. Locking in place with a frame lock, the blade is 3.25 inches and is made out of a high carbon steel blend.

Offering the choice of using two different blades, the Gerber Center-Drive is a versatile tool that every outdoors person will want.

Purchasing Gerber Center-Drive

Gerber Center-Drive is available for purchase on the company website. The price for the Gerber Center-Drive is currently $119. More information on the device can also be found on the website listed earlier.


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