Radius F1 – Smart Speed-Controlled Self Adjusting Bike Light?

Bike lighting is all about making a cyclist more visible to other road users and also ensuring that you can see where you are going. Over the last couple of years, the bike market has seen a large number of innovative lighting products. The latest brand-new bike light, the Radius F1, promises to offer better safety and other essential benefits to all cyclists. Find out more about this innovative product here below.

Radius F1 Key Features

  •    Output: Up to 650 lumens for the F1 650 and 450 lumens for the F1 450
  •    Rated IPX-7 waterproof standard
  •    25.4mm – 31.8mm mounting bracket
  •    3300mAh/2600mAh lithium-ion battery
  •    Runtime: 2 hours on high light output

Straightforward Set Up

This BINOREAL bike light comes complete with all the necessary pieces you will need for a smooth installation. It includes a high-quality bar mount designed to fit a wide range of bars from 25.4mm to 31.8mm. Using their innovative TurnLock system, just twist the light in place, and you are all set up and ready to go. The included Bluetooth remote is a nice feature as it allows you to choose your preferred output modes if you prefer not going automatically.

Smart Lighting

Unlike other smart lights that are known for switching abruptly between light modes, the Radius F1 provides reliably intelligent lighting. The brightness is adjusted gradually from 200 lumens up to either 650 or 450 lumens, depending on the specific model. Additionally, you also get a pulsing light mode when the gyroscope senses that you are making a turn. In total, this device offers six different light output modes that you can either choose or set to auto to adjusted based on bike acceleration.

Long-Lasting Battery

With a 2-hour long runtime on the high brightness setting and more than 8 hours on low to medium, the Radius F1 is guaranteed to get you to your destination without any hassles. Other notable features that help in preserving the battery include the standby mode when the bike is inactive for more than three minutes and the ability to shut itself off if the bike does not move for one hour.

Final Impressions

This Radius F1 bike smart light from BINOREAL delivers a bright beam of light and is highly recommended for those who want a stylish modern look. The automatic light mode is very convenient and helps to conserve power. The TurnLock mounting system also simplifies installation and removal.

Radius F1 Conclusion

The main thing that sets the Radius F1 bike light apart from most headlights available today is that it uses motion sensors to adjust its output based on your speed. As a result, it brightens up to 650 or 450 lumens when you accelerate and dims to 200 lumens when you slow down. It also flashes when you are making a turn at a corner or stopping. All these features combined with the smart Bluetooth control and a fast charging lithium-ion battery make this bright bicycle light an excellent option for every modern cyclist.


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