Qalo Review – Convenient Durable Silicone Wedding Rings?

Wedding bands, while providing a deeply symbolic representation of the bond between two married individuals, can be occasionally inconvenient, especially in the world of athletic endeavours or adventurous pursuits such as rock climbing, swimming or even just working out at the gym.

The gold composition of wedding bands can also present a danger to wearers working with heavy machinery or power tools.


First responders, police officers, firefighters and medical professionals or hospitality professionals such as chefs often also find traditional wedding bands impractical in their line of work. While it’s possible to take a wedding band off during these activities, many consider it to be bad luck to remove a ring.

The creators of Qalo have taken it upon themselves to provide a creative solution to this problem. Intended to function as a practical alternative to classical wedding bands, Qalo offer a wide range of functional wedding rings composed of high tensile strength silicone.

In this article we’ll take a close look at the range of lifestyle-friendly silicone rings offered by Qalo and provide a breakdown of their key features and benefits to help you decide whether Qalo rings are the right choice for you and your partner.

What is Qalo?

Created by a pair of newlywed friends seeking a solution to the incompatibility of precious metal wedding bands with their active lifestyle, Qalo in an acronym representing Quality, Athletics, Love and Outdoors, which captures the philosophy behind the Qalo brand.

Qalo was founded in 2012 by Ted Baker and Taylor Holiday, who having recently both become married, found their newfound marital accessories frustrating to work with during their active lifestyles.

Baker and Holiday, based in Orange, California, searched for an alternative ring that could replace the traditional band during high stress or high risk situations where a wearer either can’t afford the restriction placed on their freedom of movement by a wedding ring, or could possibly catch the ring on machinery and cause damage to the hand.

Unable to find a solution, Baker and Holiday realised that there was a significant gap in the market that they were able to fill. Setting out to create an effective, functional and stylish replacement for a traditional ring, the pair began manufacturing a silicone based ring that was rugged, tough, low profile and most importantly snap off without causing damage if they catch on anything.

Qalo began marketing their silicone ring solution to other like minded individuals- fitness enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, hikers, crossfitters, gym fanatics and extreme sports athletes, offering a wide variety of colors and designs through distribution through both online sales and in-gym retail stands. The Qalo team realised, however, that the benefits of a silicone ring replacement weren’t limited to the sports crowd.

Over 150,000 Americans damage and even lose their fingers every year due to ring-avulsion, the medical term for accidents caused when wedding bands snag on items such as machinery or equipment and cause fingers to become damaged, skinned or even completely severed.

Many organizations such as Starbucks now prohibit the wearing of decorative rings at work, and several insurance companies recommend employers introduce policy changes to regulate the wearing of wedding bands while operating dangerous equipment.

After receiving positive feedback from an American Special Forces soldier who wore a Qalo ring whilst on tour in Afghanistan, Qalo began targeting both emergency medical professionals and first responders such as police officers and firefighters, industries where ring-avulsion is commonplace.

Qalo gained national attention when popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon injured his finger through ring-avulsion and brought the danger of wedding ring accidents to the forefront of the public mind, through which Qalo capitalized via an innovative facebook marketing campaign targeted towards Jimmy Fallon fans within a specific age range.

Qalo Ring Design and Construction

Qalo rings are constructed entirely out of hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone. Available in a variety of size variations and colors such as black, blue, sparkle, and more, the Qalo rings are durable and flexible with a perforated silhouette designed to allow the skin to breathe during intense physical activity.

Reinforced with high tensile strength silicone with a flat profile, the Qalo wedding band range is much less likely to snag and catch than a traditional wedding band, and in a scenario where the ring is caught the silicon band simply snaps and breaks off, leaving the wearer unharmed.

Qalo rings adhere to standard wedding band sizing, with the thickness of the ring itself 0.9cm wide, 0.175cm thick in the men’s version; and 0.55cm wide, 0.15cm thick in the women’s.

Qalo also offer a wide range of merchandise outside of wedding bands, from shirts and shorts to hats and hoodies, and are planning on expanding their range. Qalo also maintains a philanthropic presence in the community, donating 10 percent of their profits to Alliance For Lupus Research, a research fund committed to assisting those suffering from Lupus, a chronic, autoimmune disease that affects over 1.5 million Americans.

In addition to sponsoring the Alliance for Lupus Research, Qalo is partnered with Barbells for Boobs, an awareness group that campaigns against breast cancer. Offering a special range designed specifically for Barbells for Boobs, Qalo donates 20 percent of sales from the custom rings and T-shirts to the organisation.

Qalo Ring Pricing & Availability

Qalo rings begin at $24.95 USD for a standard men's or women’s silicone wedding band with optional engraving for $8.95 USD.

If you are a married medical professional, first responded, chef, or any individual who holds a profession that presents a high risk of damage to the fingers through ring-avulsion, Qalo is without a doubt worth the price for the peace of mind and safety it delivers.

Not just limited to professionals, however, Qalo is suitable for married partners from all walks of life that would like to have backup ring to switch out while engaging in demanding activities. Overall Qalo is an innovative, indispensable addition to the jewelery draw of anybody with a wedding band and is incredibly cost effective.


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