OxyLED MD20 LED Review – High Performance Self Defense Tactical Flashlight?

OxyLED MD20 LED Review

OxyLED is one of the leading brands in making good quality flashlights that are tough and made of high class materials. The company has made desk lamps, lanterns, and touch tap lights.They’re continually inventing more helpful lights for the everyday use of it's consumers.

The newest member of their family is  – The OxyLED MD20 LED flashlight.


What Is The OxyLED MD20 LED Flashlight?

The MD20 LED light is manufactured by the international company OxyLED. It is very important to have a handy and high quality flashlight during emergency situations,and OxyLED MD20 LED Flashlight is one of the best products of OxyLED.

This compact flashlight is not just for emergency purposes, like typhoons and brownouts, but also for security and safety purposes. This can also be used outdoors during camp outs and can be handy for professional use.

OxyLED MD20 LED Features:

The OxyLED MD20 LED has the following features that make it one of the best-sellers in providing a valuable flashlight that consumers will fancy.

Handy & Easy To Carry

This compact flashlight is very handy that consumers can put it inside their bags, whether a backpack or handbag, and bring it anywhere they go.

Good-Grip & Durable

The MD20 LED is designed for good-grip and is engineered, so the hands holding it will have ease in using this bright stick. And not only that, it is also made using aircraft grade and durable aluminum alloy.

IPX-6 Water-Resistant Rate

This means that MD20 LED is secured against heavy seas: it is resistant to 100 kN/M2 for three minutes of water and wind pressure; just don’t drop it in deep water.


It uses Cree LED that has a total lifespan of 50,000 hours. It comes with a charger and rechargeable batteries. You can also use the standard Ni-MH AA battery. It takes up to 3 hours to get the batteryfully charged. You can indeed get the best value of your money with this flashlight.

3 Modes With Equal Illuminations

The 3 modes: high, low, and strobe modes can produce the same equal amount of illumination. It also has a zoomable function where you can twist and pull the body to make the scope of the light wider or smaller.

OxyLED MD20 LED Easy To Use

Just like every product of OxyLED, this compact, quality flashlight comes with a manual and warranty card. It gives the consumers the easy steps to use and how to take care of the product. Also, it gives a lifetime support service, so you don’t need to worry when parts of it arenot working. The customer service can be reached anytime by phone, e-mail or the company’s website. Customers can be confident that the reliable customer representatives will answer the complaints and concerns professionally.

Widely Available

The products of OxyLED including MD20 flashlight is available not only in your favorite hardware or department store but also online. Customers can log in to the company’s website or the company’s different partners like Amazon and Alibaba. These online stores can ship worldwide and can deliverthe product atyour doorstep with care.

And here are the summary of the specifications of the model MD20:

  • Maximum output is 250 lumens
  • LED Life is up to 50,000 hours
  • Runtime: up to 1 hour if in High mode and up to 3 hours inlow mode
  • The body is made of aircraft-grade durable aluminum alloy
  • Has Body clip for easy to carry
  • Power source: uses an AA Battery or a pre-charged battery included in the package
  • Dimension: 3.7 inch in length X 1 inch in diameter
  • Color: Black
  • Net weight: 60 g
  • Comes with safety box


  • It’s quality is built to last
  • Has 3 modes- high, low, and strobe with equal illumination
  • IPX- 6 Water-resistant
  • Uses 250 Lumens CREE LED
  • It has tail click button for turning on and off


  • The carry-on strap gets tangled with the box
  • It just comes with external color
  • Other rechargeable batteries can’t be used;you can endup using regular AA batteries
  • The charger sometimes loses its grip to the battery


The OxyLED MD20 is highly recommendable to all who needa portable, high quality, water-resistant, and economical tactical flashlight. Aside from the good features that comealong with this product, the after sales service of the company OxyLED is very helpful to attend to the needs of their customers. Once a customer gives a complaint aboutaproduct, they change it as soon as possible free of charge.

You can purchase this for a minimum amount of 10 bucks (which is the suggested retail price).It can be an ideal gift or present during occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

Warranty depends on sellers but usually it has30 day money back guarantee, 12 month replacement warranty, and life time support guarantee.

This product is widely available in leading hardware stores, supermarkets, and department stores worldwide. Also, it can be purchased online in different online stores that make sure that you receive your product in good quality. It can be shipped internationally as well.

Most of the customers of OxyLED highly recommend the purchase of this new MD20 flashlight. They have proven that though this MD20 is small and compact, it can also do the tough job both at home and at work.

The OxyLED, Natural Life, Natural Light, continues to innovate their products with the promise to its consumers that they will make their lives even brighter. They also have the desire to promote in helping to conserve the energy with all of their products, so the world we live in will benefit on it, too. Overall, it’s a product that gives real value to your money.


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