Nold Open – App Powered Garage Door Opener Technology?

Many people may have garage door openers, but do they have a smart garage door opener? Now they can, with Nold. Nold is the modern and convenient way to operate any garage door. It is no longer necessary to have to put that garage door opener on the car's sun visor, instead, Nold turns any smartphone into a smart garage door controller. Nold combines hardware, with a software developed to simplify life, by allowing cell phones to be transformed into an opener for a gate or simple and secure access to a garage.

What is Nold?

Nold is the new way to operate any automatic garage door and gate. Installation is a breeze, so anyone can do it on their own in a short amount of time. Nold connects to the existing automatic garage door or gate controller. Nold is compatible with most electric garage doors, gates and most any entry system. Settings are simple and allow two separate objects to be connected to one Nold. Just download the Nold app and begin the simple setup.

Want to share Nold with family? It's simple, just send a request per the app and grant permission to gain entry, its' that easy. One app does it, that’s all that is needed. Don’t worry about security, Nold is very safe, and maintains the highest level of security for every device and all important data.

Price For Nold

Currently Nold can be pre-ordered at 50% off the regular price, so that it's easy to enjoy the freedom from bulky garage door openers blocking the driver's complete vision when operating the vehicle.

Nold Installation

Because Nold connects easily to an existing automatic garage door and gate openers, installation is very simple. Just connect the new Nold and be up and running in no time. Download the app, and follow the setup instructions to simplify life and free up space in the vehicle. Since Nold has 2 relays, it can operate two devices instead of one as regular garage door openers allow.

Who Makes Nold?

Nold was developed as a European software and hardware company, Nold Technologies. Nold Technologies is a leader in the Smart Home market. Their goal is to help people with technology to keep up with the smart world that exist today. Nold has put their expert technology in the smart garage door opener, to make life easier and quick, with less clutter in vehicles. Nold wants to make smart technology and the garage opener accessible for everyone so that homes and their sources of entry can keep up with modern technology, and without having to keep up with extra equipment for garage doors and gate keys.

Nold does not stop at great technology, Nold wants to ensure that all their customers receive the absolute best support and service from them, just as they deliver the best product.

Benefits of Owning a Nold Smart Garage Opener

– No more batteries running out on the garage door opener. How disappointing to arrive home on a cold winter night, only to hit that annoying garage door opener, and nothing; the batteries are dead. It can be not only a hassle to have to get out of your car and operate the control panel on the door, it could actually be dangerous.

– Less clutter in your car. How often does the average consumer avoid lowering the car's sun visor because the garage door opener will fall? The sun needs to be blocked, however the controller needs to be moved, or it will fall. Nold will eliminate that problem, all that is needed is a smart phone, and in today’s world, most consumers have that at their fingertips.

– Sharing access to your home. Grandparents need to get the kids home, no problem. Just share access of Nold and they can use their smartphone to gain entrance. No garage door opener needed, and no fumbling with the keypad controller on the door.

– Nold wants to improve the consumer’s life through smart technology. Unlike some companies, Nold cares about their customers that want to utilize smart technology, and they want to make sure everyone is happy. They will stand by their product, and make sure every customer is completely satisfied.

Nold Review Summary

There was a time that if someone was lucky enough to have a garage, they pulled into the drive, got out of the car, and manually opened the garage. Then continued to pull the car in, and shut the door, the very heavy door. Then, came the garage door openers, and it seemed the industry was revolutionized, what a great invention. However, as technology evolved, the outdated garage door opener stuck to the visor in the car seemed bulky and in the way, there was bound to be a product that makes life more convenient.

Well, look no further, because Nold has the solution to keep up with the latest technology. With car services so often taking consumers to their homes, it is a great convenience that Nold is right there within reach, and one push of a button on the phone opens the garage, for safe entry.

Visit the Nold website today at and learn about all the great features Nold has to offer. Watch the informative video and have any questions answered. Nold will quickly become a very popular product, as everyone is demanding smart products for their home. Going for a walk around the block? No more worries about regaining entry into the home. The smartphone carried by most everyone will provide quick and safe entry with the push of a button.

Nold is bringing convenience and technology together, and working to ensure every household has the most up to date product to get safely into the home. Be the first on your block to get the answer to new secure technology for the modern day smart home. Pre-order Nold and get the great savings of 50% off. Safety, security, and the convenience of less clutter in the car. Nold is the new and modern way to operate the necessities to get in and out of the home quickly and securely.


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