Motion Brite Review – Automatic Motion Super Bright LED Light Strip?

Motion Brite is an As Seen On TV product that offers easy-to-install, motion-activated lighting anywhere in your home. Here’s our Motion Brite review.

What Is Motion Brite?

Motion Brite is a recently-released light product available online through their website. You may have also seen the infomercial on TV.

The light is motion-activated, so it turns on whenever you need it without needing you to flip a light switch. Each light includes 8 “state-of-the-art super-bright LEDs”.

Another advantage of Motion Brite is that it’s easy for anyone to install – even if you’re clueless about home improvement. There’s no need to mess around with wires at all.

The mounting system also lets you easily attach the light to any surface in your home, and then remove it when you want to switch the light around.

The light is priced at around $30 for a double offer, which includes two lights.

Motion Brite Features

  • 8 LEDs per light
  • Motion-activated
  • Approximately 6 inches long
  • Easy-to-use mounting system that lets you easily remove the light or take it with you anywhere in the house
  • Batteries in each light last “for years”

In the infomercial for Motion Brite, customers are seen using the light throughout the home. Some customers install it in a barn or shed, for example, while others install it on stairways, in garages, under the sink, or in closets.

There’s even one lady who installed the light inside her mailbox.

The goal of Motion Brite is to ensure you have an easy-to-use light anywhere in your home. If you have a dark corner of your home that needs extra lighting, then Motion Brite could be the solution you need.

As the makers of Motion Brite explain, their product can “automatically make dark places bright whenever you need light”.

The makers of Motion Brite don’t explain the power source for the LED lights. Since there are no wires, the lights must be battery-powered. As mentioned above, the manufacturer claims the lights will last “years” without needing to be replaced.

We would have liked to have seen more concrete information about the types of batteries used in the lights.

Motion Brite Pricing

Motion Brite, like other ASOTV products, comes with a confusing and misleading pricing policy. The first annoying thing about the pricing is that you cannot buy just one light: you always have to buy two lights, and the second light isn’t free. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 2 Lights: $26.97
  • 4 Lights: $53.94
  • 6 Lights: $80.91

The light itself is advertised at a price of just $12.99, although each light comes with an additional “processing fee” of $6.99, which more than doubles the advertised price.

Another issue is that you never see the final price on the payment confirmation page. You’re forced to do all of the math yourself. Once you hit the first “Confirm” button, your payment has already gone through, and your order is on its way.

Motion Brite Refund Policy

Motion Brite comes with a poor return policy. Like other ASOTV products, Motion Brite will subtract the cost of shipping from your refund, and you’ll need to pay the return shipping yourself.

If you bought the 2 lights package for $26.97, that means you’ll get a refund of $12.99, minus whatever it costs you to return the lights through the mail. Refund policies like this are deliberately designed to dissuade customers from requesting a refund.

Who Makes Motion Brite?

Motion Brite is made by IdeaVillage Products Corp., the same company that makes CopperFit and other popular As Seen On TV products. They’re one of the best-known companies in the ASOTV space. IdeaVillage is based in Wayne, New Jersey.

The company’s products are found in pharmacies, dollar stores, and even Costco outlets across America.

Motion Brite Summary

Motion Brite is a set of 2 lights priced at around $27. The small, motion-activated lights bring LED lighting anywhere in your home.

You attach the lights to the inside of your closet, the roof of your garage, or the inside of your mailbox in order to bring light to a previously dark space. They’re easy-to-install and go to work instantly.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to light your home, and you don’t have a lot of experience doing handy work around the house, then Motion Brite may be the right product for you.

However, you can probably find better options for approximately the same price at your local hardware store – including products with more generous return policies and better build quality.


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