LyfeLite Review – Emergency LED Bulb With Built-In Battery Pack?

Every homeowner knows the trials and tribulations involved with ever increasing electricity bills, statistical data has shown that every year the cost of a unit worth of energy increases by around 2.5%.

Considering the fact that salaries are no longer adjusted according to economic inflammation, but rather company policies.

This can result in a substantial increase in one’s annual expenditure. Thus, many experts have recommended the use of LED based lighting systems, which operate on the principle of a device called the Light Emitting Diode.

To put things into perspective, consumer reports have shown that LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours, or up to five times longer than ‘any comparable bulb; on the market.

However, the downside is that LEDs cost more money than CFLs and incandescent bulbs, but due to monumental strides we have made in the electronics industry, the cost gap between these different kinds of lighting options is gradually narrowing.

Another key benefit of LED systems is that due to their extremely low power usage, they can be easily powered using simple battery systems, so that in times of need (power outages, environmental disasters etc) they can still be operated and used as usual.

Lastly, due to their simple design, LED units are eco friendly and do not contain lead, or mercury. Most Led bulbs have a plastic shell, which prevent them from being damaged as easily as an incandescent bulb.

They also last much longer (as mentioned before) and need to be replaced once in 5-8 years.

What Is Lyfelite?

Lyfelite is an all new range of LED based lighting system that employs a battery backup unit so that during a power outage, the battery from the power source can power the light bulb for a duration of 6-8 hours (thus providing users with natural light in emergency situations).

In terms of its design, it features a smart operational intelligence which allows the bulb to recognize when the light switch is on or off. The bulb also turns on naturally in times of outages (using its unique sensor based system).

LED vs Incandescent lights

While this was an argument in the early 90’s due to the extreme cost of LED’s, but with the technical strides we have made past the previous millennium, it is now clear that LED’s are by far the more superior option.

For example, incandescent and CFL light bulbs emit light and heat in all directions, which results in the unnecessary dispersion of light and energy.

On the other hand, LED light bulbs are much more efficient, they use less wattage to produce the same amount of light and almost no heat. In fact, even after intense operation, LED light bulbs are basically cool when a person touches them.

What's Different About LyfeLite Bulbs?

LyfeLite emergency LED bulbs have been laboratory tested and have been found to be energy efficient, completely eco-friendly, and long lasting similar to other high quality LED based bulbs.

However, the key aspect of Lyfelite which sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it features an innovative battery backup system that provides users with 6-8 hours of emergency lighting during a power outage.

Lyfelite Directions

The directions for usage are similar to that of any regular bulb.

  • The device should be carefully removed from the sealed packaging (done in order to improve shelf life and overall efficacy of the lighting system).
  • Screw the bulb into any common light socket present in one’s household.
  • After the installation is done, the bulb should be kept switched on for around 8 hours so as to let the battery system charge and replenish its acid levels
  • After the charging is done, the bulb can be used like any other regular household appliance.

Lyfelite Range

There are two primary device variants available for users to choose from, these include:


These bulbs have been designed especially to give off more of a bright white appearance. Thus they are ideal for use in settings where very bright illumination is needed.

Places in one’s home that may be suitable for cool light include kitchens, bathroom vanity mirrors, and home office spaces.

Soft White:

These bulbs give off more of an amber glow and thus are ideal for locations where the ambiance needs to be enhanced. Due to their unique glow, they can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

They not only create a nice atmosphere, but also do not interfere with our regular/ peripheral vision.

Purchasing Lyfelite

There are three primary purchase options that one can choose from, these include:

4 Pack LyfeLite LED 5W Bulbs (Daylight):

This set of 4 high quality bulbs is priced at $29.95. Also for a limited time, when users purchase 4 units, they can get 4 additional bulbs absolutely free. This essentially means that one gets 8 bulbs for the price of 4.

Lastly, each bulb is covered by a 5 year replacement warranty, in case there is some device malfunction.

4-Pack LyfeLite LED 5W Bulbs (Soft White):

As mentioned earlier, this is a more subtle lighting option and is ideal for smaller spaces which require lower lighting levels, or need more of a relaxed ambiance.

This package is also priced at $29.95, and comes with 4 additional bulbs when a purchase is made. Lastly, this deal also comes with a full 5 year replacement warranty.

Combo Pack:

This 4 pack allows users to get 4 daylight bulbs and 4 soft-white bulbs for a price of $29.95. Like the other packages, this deal also offers users with a full 5 year replacement warranty.

The easiest way to make a purchase is by placing an order online on the official company store. Payments can be made using a number of direct debit options including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard.

A fee of $14.95 for shipping and transportation is levied on all transactions.


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