JIBE – Fast All-In-One Multi-Charger & Data Hub For MacBook?

What Is The Ultimate Macbook Charger?

This is said to be the only charger you’ll ever need if you own a Mac. It’s essentially, exactly what you’ve been waiting for according to the people behind it on Indiegogo. You’ll be able to charge your computer up along with five separate devices, all at the same time – from one single plug. Not only that, but simultaneously, the ultimate charger will connect and sync any USB devices plugged into it.

This is said to effectively eliminate the need for other dongles, chargers and help you save space. JIBE is said to be the one device that can do it all. And right now, they’re less than a standard Apple MacBook Charger. If you’re a fan of Apple products, are sick of carrying around a bunch of chargers and want to simplify your technological life, then JIBE is ideal for you.

How Does The Ultimate Macbook Charger Work?

It’s not just another MacBook Charger – it’s fast, lightweight and compact. It’s a multi-functional charger, it does a lot more than just charge a Macbook. The compact design is ideal for taking with you anywhere. Not just that, but it’s perfect for charging iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and even as a data hub for all your devices.

It can work with printers, camera and there is even an HDMI port. All in all, there are 2x USB-C Ports -3x USB Ports – 1x HDMI Ports. You’ll be able to charge your phone as much as two times faster then ever. The same can be said for tablets you are using. Not like the Macbook charger, you can use a multitude of devices. You can use the following devices with the hub.

You can use it with your USB Type-C powered laptop for one. Another item that is compatible with the JIBE is your iPhone, Ipad, Apple Watch, Power Bank and Headphones. Cameras can be used with it as well as other items you currently own. It includes an HDMI Port, that will allow you to connect it to your monitor or TV. There are other devices as well that you can connect via the HDMI with the JIBE.

Another of the cool aspects of the JIBE is it is completely Grab & Go. You’ll never have to worry about all those cords and plugins again. They always get tangled and are a complete mess. JIBE will let you sort all your plugin needs in one compact solution that literally fits in right in your palm.

The JIBE is the best value as well. The average person spends an average $160.00 on chargers. JIBE is designed to eliminate the need for all the spending. It’s launching an Early Bird Special for just $59.00. And it is going to ship as soon as the campaign ends.

The Bottom Line On JIBE Macbook Chargers

The product isn’t ready just yet. But it will ship in January of 2018. There is 1 x AC power inlet. And another set of integrated connectors. The power input on the device is 110-240V with a Data Bandwitdth of 5 Gb/s. Also, there is a weight of 210 grams for every 7.4 ounces. The dimensions on the JIBE are 8.6 cm x 5.8 cm x 2.7 cm. There are two primary colors, black and white. JIBE comes with 1 power cord, an 8-figure power cable and complimentary weather proof protective pouch. There is more than 12 years of manufacturing experience behind the JIBE. If you’re a technical genius or Apple products, then the JIBE is ideal for you.


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