Gatekeeper SmartKey Chain =- Intelligent Computer Security Lock?

GateKeeper is an innovative new key fob device that controls access to computers. The GateKeeper device is extremely useful to healthcare, education, and law enforcement industries.

Users simply keep the GateKeeper on their body and instantly gain access to their computer, walk away and the computer is instantly locked.

No more security mishaps due to unprotected computers that store confidential information. Read below to find out more information about the GateKeeper device.

What is the GateKeeper Smart Key & Intelligent Lock?

GateKeeper is your wireless intelligent key fob that automatically logs users in and out based on their proximity.

Users who have the GateKeeper device no longer have to worry about remembering to lock their device when walking away. This device is simple, convenient, and secure.

The GateKeeper device utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology to communicate with the user’s computer. More than one device can be matched with a single computer making it versatile in settings where computers are shared by multiple users.

The GateKeeper key fob activates when the user is in range and deactivates when out of range. This hands free device is easy to use and not only saves time but also reduces hassle. The key fob automatically stores passwords making it easy and quick to login.

The GateKeeper key fob is ideal for protecting sensitive data in commercial businesses, government, IT networks, healthcare industries, and everyday personal use. The gatekeeper also acts as a tracking device for the user’s keys simply by using the Gatekeeper App.

The GateKeeper device is a simple way to protect data from internal threats and leaks. GateKeeper is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Mac OS X computers.

This device offers four advanced security settings to choose from for users to unlock their computer (login using normal credentials, login automatically using GateKeeper, touch to auto unlock, or choose the 2-factor authentication which requires both a GateKeeper device and a personalized PIN).

With GateKeeper companies no longer have to utilize timeout settings to help keep their data safe and secure. The GateKeeper uses AES-128 and AES 256-bit encryption ensuring that no data is shared ever. Additionally, all passwords are stored on the computer not the device.


Sixteen percent of all HIPAA infractions are related to unauthorized access of computers in hospitals and result in steep fines for the company. Not only do companies suffer from steep fines but they also lose reputation. In addition to security issues, hospitals and healthcare clinic employees spend valuable time logging in and out of shared computers. The GateKeeper device can help reduce staff time spent on computer login processes.

Law enforcement

Gatekeeper devices offer ready-to-use use security solutions for police, security, and correctional professionals. The GateKeeper device allows police officers to easily ensure their computers are locked when they leave their squad cars. The 2-Factor Authentication login option is a fantastic choice for people working within the criminal justice system to maintain privacy and ensure security for their computers.

How Does GateKeeper Work?

GateKeeper devices are available for individual users and companies.

With the GateKeeper 2.0 Key fob, user’s credentials are encrypted with military-grade AES256 encryption and stored on the actual computer not the key fob.

Multiple sensors are used by the Bluetooth device to determine the location of the GateKeeper device relative to the computer.

The range varies from three to thirty feet. The GateKeeper device can be used with desktop computers, laptops, and tablets compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 0 devices as well as Mac OS X (beta) operating systems. The GateKeeper’s battery life is roughly six months

For businesses, GateKeeper offers the option to assign a unique key for each employee. Gatekeeper 2.0’s technology sets new standard for secure computer access. This product allows the company to safeguard sensitive or confidential information easily. All GateKeeper devices on a company’s network can easily be managed.

Utilizing the GateKeeper device can help companies achieve regulatory compliance ( HIPAA, HITECH, and CJIS). Additionally, setting up gatekeeper on the company’s server is fast and easy, installation takes less than sixty seconds!

Gatekeeper products offer a web-browser based interface, which gives users great flexibility. This device is designed to be used effectively with tablets and mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

GateKeeper Pricing

GateKeeper devices are available for purchase at

GateKeeper 2.0 is available for $49.99 for one. Two packs are $89.99 and five packs are available for $199.99. Extra USB locks are available for $17.99.

The Enterprise Starter Pack is available for $229.00 on sale from $349.99. This starter pack includes five GateKeeper devices plus forty-five days of Enterprise Subscription.

Consumers who choose this pack will receive lower rates for the rest of the year on service subscription.

The starter pack includes premium support and assistance from the GateKeeper engineering team to implement and deploy the enterprise solution on the company's network. Starter Pack customers will receive regular software updates.

The starter pack is only available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 systems. offers free shipping for domestic orders over $50.00. All international orders over $75.00 are also eligible for free shipping.

GateKeeper devices are also available a bit cheaper at (US, Canada, France, Italy, and Spain).

Amazon USA offers one Gateway device for $43.99. Two packs are $87.99. also carries the five pack option for $159.99 which makes each device only $31.99. Ten packs are available for $340.00.

The best value purchase is the five-pack available from

Who Makes GateKeeper?

GateKeeper's manufacturer, Untethered labs, is dedicated to providing easy to use security devices that work for both individuals and companies.

Untethered Labs provides wearable wireless technology to the enterprise security and access control markets. This device has applications in IT security, healthcare, law enforcement, and large businesses to help keep their networks and data secure.

Untethered Labs is based in College Park, Maryland.

GateKeeper Smart Key & Intelligent Lock Review Summary

Users who work in fields involving lots of confidential information probably struggle with keeping their computers and devices secure. The GateKeeper 2.0 device allows users to easily log in and out of their devices simply by being close. This Bluetooth device is hands-free and functions purely by proximity. Consumers and businesses should consider this device to help improve their employee’s time management and ensure their businesses data is completely safeguarded.


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