Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Music System Review

Fluance Fi70 Wireless Music System

The people of today are people on the move. It’s no longer popular to just settle down and live a life in the same place, forever. More than that, young adults today are much more active than the generations before them, constantly moving during the day. All this moving around means that a lot of the technology that was fine being stationary twenty years ago now has to take on an entirely new persona. Technology has to be able to move just as much as the people purchasing it.

This shift in lifestyle has resulted in many of the innovations over the past decade. Whether it is computers getting smaller and more compact to phones carrying everything a person could need or want, the modern world is all about convenience on the go. And this is just as true for music on the go.

Yes, today a lot of the music listening experience involves head or earphones, but there is still a huge market for speakers. After all, what’s the point of loving a song if it can’t be shared with friends? Twenty years ago, to have a sound system that could play quality music would take hours of assembling, wiring things together and drilling holes in walls to hold speakers. Now, however, the wireless speaker is really the way to go. They allow users the opportunity to play music from anywhere in their home, controlling the sound and song with a click of a button.

The problem with wireless speakers is, even though they’re extremely, they lack the quality of sound many audiophiles want from their speakers. In an answer to this problem, Fluance has created the Fi70 three-way wireless, high fidelity music system. Not only do these speakers work without the need for wires, but they also produce a clear, crisp sound that will surprise everyone. This is thought to be an upgrade from the Fluance Fi30 and Fi50

About the Fi70

Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, the Fi70 wireless speaker produces the highest quality sound, without the hindrance of needing to be wired in to anything. The speaker produces concert hall sound throughout the home, so owners can listen to their favorite songs no matter where they are, allowing them to control the sound as they move throughout their home.

The Fi70 has an integrated amplifier that provides a powerful sound, as well as a six speaker configuration. This entire setup includes dual 8” subwoofers. These subwoofers will provide a rich undercurrent to songs, allowing owners to hear the tones and textures of the songs they might have missed without the Fi70.

As said before, the Fi70 is completely wireless, so it can stream music from all the favorites, Pandora, Spotify, or personal libraries. Despite being wireless, the Fi70 has an enhanced audio technology that uses a powerful Bluetooth connection so that streamed music sounds powerful and defined, not at all muffled. In addition to its streaming capabilities, the Fi70 also has AM/FM radio, touch controls, an LED display, alarm clock, and even a USB for charging other devices. And, with its wireless design, the Fi70 is extremely easy to move around the house.

One of the things that sets the Fi70 apart from its competitors is that so much thought was put into the design of the actual speakers. Instead of being bulky, square monstrosities, the Fi70 comes in a beautifully crafted shape, made with audio-grade wood. The gorgeous design makes the Fi70 more than just speakers, they are a statement piece.

Benefits of the Fi70

While many of these benefits were touched on above, there are a few that need to be explained further so customers can understand the pure quality they’re getting when they purchase the Fluance Fi70 wireless speakers. Not only are these wireless speakers the perfect option for those who like their sound pure and versatile, they are also some of the most beautifully designed speakers on the market.

The biggest benefit of the Fi70 is its Bluetooth system. The Bluetooth system used in the Fi70 allows the speaker to be completely wireless. And because this system is made using some of the most advanced technology in the Bluetooth industry, it produces a sound unlike any other wireless system. No quality is lost. Users are constantly saying they’ve heard new depths to their favorite songs when listened to on the Fi70. This is because this large, statement piece is more than just a speaker, it’s an entire home audio system wrapped into one, clean body. With the range the Bluetooth system offers, users will be thrilled to have control of these speakers throughout their home.

The Fi70 speakers are extremely versatile. As the landscape of music changes, so do the devices used to listen to this music. The Fi70 was engineered to play any and every style of music, providing a clean listen to even the most picky audiophile. Whether it’s the classics, like jazz or concertos, down and dirty rock and roll, or the mellowness of RnB, these speakers will make any and every track sound concert-worthy.

No speaker system would be complete without a proper set of subwoofers. Thankfully, owners of the Fi70 won’t need to purchase any, because they’re already built into the system. These dual 8” subwoofers will amaze listeners as they push into the lower registers, giving the bass a perfect outlet. Every low frequency, from cello to kicks, will be felt in the room of listeners, vibrating the way it would if they were listening to the music in person. The subwoofers on the Fi70 really push it over the edge when it comes to creating the ultimate wireless speaker.

However, no matter powerful a subwoofer is, the quality of the rest of the music needs to be just as pristine to create a full listening experience. With the Fi70, this is not an issue. The speakers have dual high performance Neodymium tweeters as well as 5” glass fiber woven drivers, all used to give users the cleanest and most accurate sound experience. The drivers are able to provide a clarity to the voices of the singers in every song and the tweeters give a crisp detail and clarity to the rest of the sound experience.

The final benefit of the Fi70 wireless speakers is its amazing, hand-crafted, detailed design. Nowhere else will audiophiles be able to find such a beautifully engineered speaker. From the gorgeous curves to the meticulous craftsmanship, the handmade Fluance Fi70 wireless speakers are immaculate. Everyone would be proud to have these speakers in their home.

Purchasing the Fluance Fi70

Sold on the Fluance website, the Fi70 three-way wireless speakers have multiple finishing options. The Fi70 comes in three different options:

-Black Ash

-Lucky Bamboo

-Natural Walnut

Each option is handcrafted and made with the upmost care. The multiple options allow customers to pick which speaker would blend in most effortlessly with their existing décor.

While the Fi70 speaker usually costs $699.99, it is currently on sale for $449.96. This steep reduction also includes free shipping. While Fluance can’t promise when the speaker will leave their facility, most orders do ship within 24 hours of being purchased. Most shipments will arrive at their destination within 5-14 days.


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