Floatsie Review – Fun Adults Giant Pool Floaties?

Floatsie Review

One of the best things about the summer is that with the longer days and the warmer weather, there’s plenty of time that can be spent outside. And, through the warmer months, one of the best places to spend time during these warmer months is the water. Young and old, people love being on the water, whether it’s a pool, lake, river, or the ocean.


A day on the water wouldn’t be complete without all the extra toys and accessories that add a little extra  and floaties. Of course, a lot of these extras are designed for children, offering them the fun they want for their days on the water.

Despite being created for children, many of these amazing water toys are just as fun for adults. Unfortunately, most of them are not the right size for adults. This means that many adults either have to sit out the fun on the water or try to squeeze into the children sized toys.

Floatsie was created to give adults the pool and water toys they’ve always wanted, but haven’t been able to get until now. Creating floating inflatables that are adult sized, Floatsie is bringing a whole new level of pool toys to adults who want something to lounge and hang out on when in the water.

What Is Floatsie?

As suggested by its name, Floatsie is a company that provides adults with giant pool floaties that are perfect for lounging or partying on the water with, whether in a pool, lake, river, or ocean. These amazing, adult sized floaties come in a variety of unique and fun designs, each appealing to the fun side in adults. Perfect for vacations or the many parties over the summer months, these fun floaties aren’t just comfortable and fun, but they’re also the envy of all adults who didn’t think to get their own giant floaties.

As mentioned above, one of the best things about lounging in or around water is the amazing accessories and toys that add a little extra something to the experience. Until Floatsie, many of the pool lounge type inflatables were designed for children, being childish in design and way too small for adults.

However, most people know and accept that adults like to have just as much fun as children when it comes to hanging out by the pool or on the beach. Because of this desire, Floatsie created an entire line of inflatables that aren’t just fun in design, but are also the perfect size for adults.

Benefits of Floatsie

Floatsie inflatable floaties are huge, making them comfortable for adults of all sizes. In fact, many of the inflatables can fit more than one person. For those who want enough space for an entire group, one of the most popular Floatsie’s is a slice of pizza design, which can be tethered to other slices to fit multiple people in a giant pizza shape.

Because Floatsie were designed for adults, the material used to create them is much more durable than those used for adults. By using a more durable material to create these floaties, Floatsie’s can be used in a variety of environments, whether in the calm waters of a pool or the more choppy waters of a lake or ocean. This makes Floatsie perfect for any occasion, from parties and barbeques to days at the beach.

One of the biggest benefits of Floatsie is that the designs are completely unique. While many floatie devices for children come in the typical duck or sea monster form, these floating devices are just as unique as the people who use them. From the slices of pizza mentioned above to giant swans and pineapples, adults of all ages and wants will find something that appeals to them. It’s this variety that has made Floatsie a leader in the giant pool floatie industry.

Finally, Floatsie is being recognized all over the world by celebrities and featured in some of the top magazines in the nation. These giant inflatables aren’t just great for lounging, they also make a huge impression at parties and get-togethers, something that is being recognized throughout the world. For those who want to impress their friends and family, nothing will draw more attention than a giant pool Floatsie.

Purchasing Floatsie

As mentioned above, there are several different designs available for purchasing when it comes to Floatsie. Because adults are much more picky about their inflatable devices, Floatsie has tried to offer a wide range of options, each appealing to a different type of personality. Because of this variety, there truly is something for everyone. And, to make an even bigger impression, multiple Floatsie’s of different designs are always an option.

The designs and prices for the designs of Floatsie’s are listed below.

  • Flamingo Cup Holder (10) – $46.99
  • Giant Flamingo Float – $94.99
  • Giant Lemon Slice Float – $99.99
  • Giant Pegasus Float – $95.99
  • Giant Pineapple Float – $81.99
  • Giant Pink Donut Float – $69.99
  • Giant Pizza Slice Float – $94.99
  • Giant Swan Float – $84.99
  • Giant Unicorn Float – $99.99
  • Popsicle Float – $94.99

Because Floatsie products are so unique, they have a very strict return policy. All returns of Floatsie products must be made within 14 days of the purchase and the items must be unused, in the original packaging, and in the same condition it was received. In addition to these things, the Floatsie products returned must come with a receipt or other proof of purchase.


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