Fli Charge Review – Best Wireless Power Charger Device?

Fli Charge Review

Fli Charge claims to be “the best wireless charger ever”. The charger is preparing to launch on IndieGoGo in the near future. Here’s what we know about Fli Charge thus far.

What Is Fli Charge?

Fli Charge is a wireless charging device that promises to charge multiple electronic devices at the same time. In a promotional image for Fli Charge, the charger is seen on a boardroom conference table, where multiple employees have left their smartphones and tablets on the charger at the same time, simultaneously charging each one.

Smartphones and tablets aren’t the only things you can charge with Fli Charge: the device also promises to charge everything from laptops to power tools.

Fli Charge claims their charger is “the best wireless charger ever” according to Go.FliCharge.com, which is the company’s official website.

Fli Charge has not yet been launched. However, the charger is planning to launch on IndieGoGo in the near future. We also know some information from early press releases and media reports on the device.

One of the most important things to know about Fli Charge is that its patented technology is “the only wire-free power solution that is fully interoperable with different devices ranging from smartphones to power tools, and everything in between.”

So how exactly does this mysterious charger work? Let’s take a closer look at Fli Charge’s technology.

How Does Fli Charge Work?

Fli Charge relies on a power pad and mobile devices that have a special case. Using the Fli Charge power system and special device cases, you create a Fli Charge “constellation”. Enabled devices are placed on the pads, and power is transferred immediately to charge or power the device.

You can place the devices anywhere on the pad and in any orientation. After you do that, your devices will charge as quickly as if they were plugged into the wall.

The pad needs a power source in order to work. So charging your devices is wireless, but actually using the Fli Charge system requires a wired power source.

The pad works by establishing a contact point after your device contacts the pad. A Fli Charge contact consists of four contact points, known as the Fli Charge constellation. That constellation makes an immediate and continuous electrical connection with the contact strips on the power transfer surface – regardless of how your device is orientated. The constellation will actually monitor the power coming from the pad in order to ensure the correct amount of power goes to the device.

What’s the Difference Between Power Mat, Qi, and Fli Charge?

Obviously, Fli Charge isn’t the first company to have created wireless charging technologies. So how is Fli Charge different from competitors like Qi and Power Mat?

Fli Charge uses a different power transfer technology. Specifically, Fli Charge uses conductive power transfer technology, while other wireless charging companies use inductive power transfer technology.

Conductive power transfer works when two conductive objects (i.e. conductors) make contact with one another. This allows electrical current to flow freely between the two conductors while electrical current is present.

Fli Charge is described as a “wire-free” technology because the pad itself still needs to be connected to a power source. This power source sends electrical current to the conductive surface of the pads. When the constellation on your device makes contact with the pad, charging will begin immediately.

Some of the advantages of conductive charging include:

-Maximum power output that lets you charge different devices at different power outputs simultaneously (smartphones only need 5 watts, for example, while power tools may need up to 850 watts)

-Easy placement that lets you place your device anywhere on the pad

-Interoperability that lets you use all Fli Charge cases and universal adapters with all Fli Charge-enabled pads

-Safety and efficiency that is comparable to any wired charger plugged into a wall

Who Makes Fli Charge?

Fli Charge is based in New York, New York. The technology was initially developed by Pure Energy, described as a “green oriented rechargeable battery manufacturer.”

In late 2013, Pure Energy’s technology was acquired by International Development Group. In early 2014, the technology was re-launched as Fli Charge.

Then, in October 2015, Vringo, Inc. purchased International Development Group and Fli Charge. Vringo has completely rebranded the technology, redesigned the product portfolio, and extended the scope and licensing of the product across multiple devices and platforms.

Vringo has teamed up with Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) to create their charger. In a press release, IPS described itself as “a leading product design and development firm with expertise in Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and wearable technologies.”

Thanks to IPS, the Fli Charge charger can deliver up to 150 watts of power, which is much higher than other wireless charging technologies currently available.

It can also simultaneously power multiple devices on the same pad – no matter the power requirements of the devices or their positions or the pad.

Using the wireless charging pad is as safe and efficient as plugging a charger into the wall, according to IPS.

Fli Charge was first showcased at CES 2016 and is preparing to launch later in 2016.

Fli Charge Products

IPS actually created five different devices using the Fli Charge technology, including all of the following:

-Power Pad

-Cases for the iPhone 6/6S

-Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6

-USB PowerDisc


Fli Charge also claims their charging technology has the potential to be used on a wide range of devices across the home. They specifically list mobile devices, laptops, tablets, power tools, and consumer products as devices that can be compatible with the Fli Charge charging pad. The company also lists furniture, transportation, home & hospitality, and auxiliary power as some of the industry niches where their pad may be useful.

Fli Charge Products

Fli Charge has announced a series of products so far, including:

-PowerDisc and PowerCoin: Universal adapters for USB devices, including iPads, tablets, smart watches, GoPros, fitness trackers, gaming controllers, portable speakers, Bluetooth headsets, e-readers, and any other device that uses USB to charge.

-PowerDisc+: A universal solution for devices that require AC adapters, including laptops, LCD monitors, and more.

-Fli Charge Pads: These wireless charging pads can be produced in a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. You may want a pad the length of a table for use in your office boardroom, for example, or a smaller pad for use on your desk at home. Pads can also be “ruggedized” for a job site, installed into furniture, or installed into center consoles in a car or plane.

-Fli Charge Cases: These cases are currently available for the iPhone 6 and 6S and the Galaxy S6 smartphones

Fli Charge Release Date and Pricing

Fli Charge is preparing to launch on IndieGoGo in the near future. After launching on IndieGoGo, we’ll learn more about the release date and pricing for the wireless charging pads.

In the meantime, you can stay tuned to the company’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages for more information as we get closer to launch.





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