EROVR Review – Convenient Transformable Dolly Wagon?

Emerging from a recently concluded knockout crowdfunding campaign, EROVR is turning the personal carrier industry on its head with a new breed of transformable cart that works as the ultimate swiss army knife as wagons.

With more transformations than a Michael Bay movie, the EROVR is a ten in one dolly, wagon, cart and more offering serious adaptability to almost any carrying, towing, hauling or storage task you can throw at it. EROVR is the final boss of hand carts, the endgame scenario for anybody halfway serious about streamlining the way they lug stuff around.


In this article we’ll assess the design, construction and usability of the EROVR and help you decide if you’re ready for the multi functional paradigm shift that EROVR promises to bring into your life.

What is EROVR?

The EROVR Indiegogo page describes the EROVR as  “multifunctional personal carrier that transforms into 10 configurations to suit any task at hand.”

Folding up into a compact package when not in use, the EROVR can be manipulated into any one of ten different configurations including but not limited to storage container, moving dolly, half cart, fully extended flat car with or without handles, hand truck and wagon.

The EROVR has the capacity to fulfil all of these roles and more, giving you more freedom in the way you transport items inside and outside your home, office and more.

Aside from the obvious uses such as pulling your luggage around at the airport, EROVR also offers a suite of custom addons to increase functionality, such as a beach kit with wider wheels to navigate soft sand with side arms to store beach critical gear like sun umbrellas and folding chairs.

An optional trailer hitch allows users to attach the EROVR to their pushbike with a custom extension arm and larger 16 inch rear wheels. EROVR even offers a custom fishing set with fishing rod holders, perfect for carrying your tackle box, cooler, fishing rods, nets, buckets, chairs, and towels all at once.

For the more tech inclined, EROVR can be upgraded with a power bank of two 11000mAh batteries with high quality lithium ion composition and a bluetooth speaker with a battery life of over eight hours.

The power bank keeps your electronic devices safe with a built in protection circuit to prevent short-circuit, and has two USB 1A and 2.1A outputs on each battery that allow a total of four devices to be charged at once. The bluetooth speaker has two separate drivers and a bass driver, providing crystal clear audio quality even at max volume.

Other accessories include options such as heavy duty canvas tote bags specifically designed to fit perfectly within the Erover,  lined with pockets with varying sizes and elastic loops for added tool placement, or even a durable canvas organiser aimed at hobbyists that frequently carry arts, crafts, books and binders.

EROVR Construction and Design

The design of the EROVR is quite different than your average trolley or cart. Instead of a static tubular steel design, the EROVR is built around a skeleton of aircraft-grade aluminium telescoping handles, both incredibly lightweight and durable. Pivoting dolly plates are attached to the aluminium frame, rotating in a full 180 degrees for the setting of different modules.

Side fence panels are also attached to the frame and are designed to open individually or nest flat upon the top cover to allow bungee straps to die down cargo, or snap accessories in place.

The wheels of the EROVR are also interchangeable, and are composed of high strength non-marking elastomeric rubber tread mounted in a double caster, with a reinforced nylon core. The rear wheels feature push button quick release for changing wheels, such as the larger wheels of the bike trailer optional add on accessory.

Mode setting and EROVR transformation is managed via a series of mode setting buttons to release handles or wheel crank arms from their desired positions. In the floor of the Erover accessory compartments create room for accessories such as the powerbank or bluetooth speaker

When fully folded down to the smallest configuration, the EROVR measures just 23 x 21 x 7 inches, perfect for storing in the luggage compartment of a vehicle or in a closet. In the largest configuration, the EROVR measures 18″ wide x 36″ long with 34″ foldable sides, with the wheels rated for a maximum carrying capacity of 250lbs. Altogether the EROVR is very light, weighing in at just 25lbs, offering excellent pound-for-pound carrying capacity.

The overall design of the EROVR is apparent when changing from one configuration to another- each transformation takes only a few seconds. The user simply presses the release buttons to unlock the chassis and sets the EROVR up in the desired configuration. No tools are needed for the transitions and instructions for transforming the EROVR are clear and precise.

EROVR Development

The EROVER was created by Elvis Henao and Viviana Herrera, who are backed up by a professional team of product developers, industrial designers and project managers. The EROVR name is inspired by Nasa’s Mars Rover, and the EROVR’s name is designed to reflect the EROVR- Earth Rover- as the terrestrial equivalent.

The idea for the EROVR was born in 2013, with the first trademark filed in 2014 and the first prototype complete by July 2015. The prototype design was finished in late 2015, with patent approval by the USPTO in February 2016, and in March 2016 the Indiegogo campaign was launched.

The indiegogo campaign received over 542% of the original goal, with over $355,000 USD total funds raised within just one month. Engineering for tooling began in June 2016, with shipping expected to begin by the end of the year.

EROVR Pricing

EROVR is currently available for order via the Indiegogo page, with multiple add-on accessory options. The price point for the EROVR system is $235 USD + Shipping, with a one year comprehensive warranty. Shipping prices range from $20 within the US to $80 worldwide, and the EROVR team anticipates the first EROVR shipment occurring in late 2016/Q1 2017.


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