Luma Light – Natural Stones With Touch & Motion Activated LED?

Luma Stones are small, stone shaped, portable lights. They are designed to light up and illuminate any dark are of your home or outdoors. Read this review to learn about Luma Lights today.

What Are Luma Lights?

They’re small, natural looking stones and will illuminate your home. They can be placed anywhere and used as needed. They’re touch and movement activated and provide light in a full 360-degree range. When they’re not being used, you can store them away and they will shut off on their own.


How Do Luma Lights Work?

Every light has four LED lights within it. They are energy efficient and said to last for years. Luma Lights come in sets of two, in each set you also get holders for each light that you can attach to surfaces like stone walls.

So when they are stored away they will not emit any light. But as soon as you pick one up, they will start to emit light immediately. They go dim after 15 seconds if no touch or movement is present around the stones. You’ll never have to worry about turning on a light switch again. Luma Lights will provide you with the light you need when you need it. But due to the technology, the light will not be waisted because they will shut off when not in use.

More Features of the Luma Lights

They Shine On All Sides – Most lamps and other lights only have beam light that comes off in one direction. The Luma Light will shine from all sides, top and bottom. The Luma Light will allow you to see light from every angle.

Balanced White Light – Unlike an overly bright, yellow light, Luma Lights put off a nice white glow. Some people may find colored light attractive, but white light like these put off is proven to illuminate a space better.

Very Lightweight – Luma Lights are not heavy at all. You’ll be able to easily carry them from place to place. You can put one or multiple lights in a room or where the lighting is needed outdoors.

They Have Covers – Every light comes with its own cover that will hold the light if you want to place it on a vertical surface. You can place them directly onto walls. There is adhesive tape, all you do is peel off the cover of the tap and place the holder on the wall. Then you put the Luma Light in the cover and you’re good to go.

How Much Do Luma Lights Cost?

The total cost of Luma Lights is $12.95 – $14.95 per pair plus around $3.95 – $5.95 for shipping and handling on most places.

What Do Customers Say About Luma Lights?

After researching and reading reviews by several hundred customers, it’s safe to say Luma Lights are well received by nearly every customer. Of 369 reviews on a review site, more than 99% of customers gave Luma Lights a 5-star review. People genuinely like their Luma Lights and use them.

Customers have a lot of good things to say about the company as well. They are very impressed by the speedy delivery and friendly customer service of the company. Also, they are happy with the products. The value of the lights is well worth the money spent according to the customers. They also like the ambience the Luma Lights create around their home. The soft white glow of the light is very calm and relaxing apparently.


Great for Kids – Children who are afraid of the dark will love the Luma Lights. The lights provide just enough light to eliminate the fear, but are not so bright they are kept up at night by the lights. And since the Luma Lights are based on touch and movement, once the child falls asleep the light will shut off on its own.

Helps people find items – If you lost your keys behind a couch or in your purse, the Luma Light is ideal for you. You can pick it up and move it around in dark cabinets or any place that needs light when you’re looking for an item. You can even leave a light in a dark area like a closet where you need to find items.

Good for emergency situations – You’ll be able to pull one of these stones out of your glove compartment if you are in an emergency situation. You can use them to illuminate your car if you break down at night or carry them with you if you go for a walk. The lights are relatively small so you can put them just about anywhere.


Reactivation is needed – You have to keep the Luma Light on yourself. So you’ll have to make sure you’re touching it or there is constant movement unless you want it to turn off. If you wait longer than 15 seconds without making sure it’s activated it will shut down. This is why Luma Lights work really well as décor in the home where there is heavy traffic.

Should I Buy Luma Lights?

From what hundreds of reviews say, yes. The price is very low for what you’ll receive. They are well worth the money. The Luma Lights are one of the only products reviewed that had more than 99% 5 star ratings. And since a pair of them is only $17.00 roughly, they are well priced for what you get. Plus, the customer service is excellent and provides a very quick delivery time. So again, final answer is yes, definitely pick up a pair of Luma Ligths and see how they work for you.


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