Door Angel – Universal Fit Automatic Self Closing Door System?

Everyone wants their homes to be safe. With children, pets, and loved ones counting on a home to be a safe place, there can be a lot of pressure to do everything necessary to protect it and those inside. Unfortunately, accidents happen. What parent doesn’t dread finding their front door open, either allowing people to just walk in or children and pets to wander outside? Door Angel was designed to add a little extra protection so this never happens.

Door Angel is an automatic door closer that provides a little extra protection to the home, making it harder for small ones and pets to wander outside.

What is Door Angel?

Everyone has heard someone yell about leaving doors open. And there’s precedence behind this deep concern people have about doors being left open. Open doors leave the home open to security risks, plus they can cause little ones and pets to wander away unnoticed. This is why the Door Angel was created. Door Angel is a self-closing system that gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing their doors will close automatically, giving them and their loved ones a little extra safety.

Door Angel is a simple device that is screwed on to the interior or exterior of any hinged door. Taking only a little bit of time to install, Door Angel is extremely discreet, allowing users to protect their homes without large, bulky devices. Plus, Door Angel works on every type of door, being a universal option for homes across the nation.

For those who want an added layer of security in their homes, to keep their loved ones safe, Door Angel is the perfect option.

Benefits of Door Angel

The biggest benefit of Door Angel is that it is an easy and convenient solution for people who worry about leaving their doors open. Life gets busy, so it’s common for a door to be accidentally left open, whether by an adult or child. With Door Angel, homeowners don’t have to worry about forgetting to close their door ever again. The Door Angel closes automatically, self-closing so the home and everyone inside is safe.

When it comes to DIY projects, there are those who immediately baulk at the concept. While Door Angel does need to be installed, it is an extremely easy process. The device only has three screws and can be installed within a few minutes. This allows even the least handy people to protect their home quickly and efficiently, without a second thought.

Another big benefit of Door Angel is that it can work on any door that has a hinge. Whether it’s an interior door, like one going down to a basement, or a front door, if it has a hinge, Door Angel can be used to automatically close it every time it’s opened. And because Door Angel is so small and discreet, it doesn’t draw attention, disrupting the decorations of a room.

Finally, for those who have children who are constantly running in and out of the house, it can get quite expensive with the hot or cold air is let out. Because Door Angel closes the door within seconds of being opened, it is able to lower heating and cooling bills for those who are budget savvy.

Purchasing Door Angel

Door Angel is currently available for only $14.99, plus a shipping and handling fee of $7.99. For a limited time, customers who order one Door Angel can get a second one for free, just paying an additional $7.99 shipping fee.


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