DeVersal – Ultimate Mobile Holder & Micro Suction Clamper?

With the advent of smartphones, people all over the world have the power of handheld technology and worthwhile camera and video capabilities all within the small sized devices people carry in their pockets. To add to this, people can post videos and photos on social media websites, which allows them to not only keep in contact with their friends and family, but also to share the best parts of themselves with the rest of the world.

But with every beautiful thing comes some difficulties, and in this case, its being able to take the best photos and videos that one can. Whether it’s the ability to hold the camera away to take the perfect selfie, or gain the ability to get everyone in the frame, sometimes taking the perfect photo or video can be an extreme challenge.

DeVersal Benefits

The DeVersal is the solution. A device built to make the perfect photo or video possible, the DeVersal comes with several benefits that only it can provide. Firstly, it attaches to any service via a mounting device at its end. DeVersal is compatible with both phone and tablets because of its universal phone clamp, and has 360 degree pivoting capabilities, allowing the user to customize their perfect mounting position. This means not only can they rotate the head to whatever position they please, but the user can also achieve the perfect angle, which allows for better lighted photos, fewer obstructions and safer viewing. This also allows the device to reduce the shakiness and general movement of the camera motion to provide for the perfect photo.

DeVersal can provide many benefits to its user, and can enhance social media use through the provision of the best selfies, the best group pictures, and a general hands-free video experience.

DeVersal is a 6-in-1 device holder, and caters to all its users’ needs. It can be a car mount, tripod, selfie stick, tablet stand, and can even be used to turn a user’s phone into an action or dash cam. These capabilities make it perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use, as it can be securely locked into position through its suction grip knob. This makes DeVersal makes it formidable against anything from slamming doors to a ride on a skateboard.

DeVersal comes with hip attachment gear as well as steady cam shoulder straps, all of which provide the user with a secure environment in which to use the device. This allows the user to reduce neck and back strain while they are taking their photos and videos. It is also extremely portable, as it can collapse and expand as necessary, making it perfect to hold a GPS or allow the user to read an e-book with no issues.

Because of DeVersal being so easy to use, it is the perfect gift for all age ranges, and allows the user to get the most from their smartphones in a day and age where smartphones can do just about anything.

DeVersal Costs

DeVersal can be purchased online only for $29.99, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


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