ChargePoint Review – New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Network?

Electric Vehicles have gained immense popularity in the previous few decades, this is mainly because they are environment friendly and do not leave a significant carbon footprint.

Since they do not use a carbon fuel source they are considerably cheaper than conventional vehicles and can allow users to have sizable annual savings.

Also with the ever increasing research that is being conducted into renewable cars/ energy sources the technology only seems to be moving in a more promising direction.

In the past couple of decades alone there has been a drastic drop in costs of manufacturing, energy supply and production variables.

This means that Electric Vehicles should not only be viewed as a vehicle of the future but as a legitimate means of transportation in today’s polluted world.

What is ChargePoint?

ChargePoint brings electric vehicles (EV) to a whole new population of customers who use vehicles that are wholly/partially battery operated. It allows them to charge their electric vehicles just like fuel depots provide customers with easy petrol/diesel refueling.

There are stations situated strategically throughout the country so that charging one’s vehicle is always easy and accessible. The company also has its own mobile app which allow users to monitor their charge levels and locate their nearest charge pit.

This potentially has the power to transform our daily transportation needs because electric vehicles can now be viewed as a serious source of daily commuting.

The ChargePoint difference:

Unlike other battery fueling options, ChargePoint works as an independent provider of electric fuel to its customers. Some of its achievements include:

(i) Wide Network Established: the company has an extensive network of stations which cover customers throughout the length and breadth of the country.

As of now there are over 31,609 charging spots available throughout the United States, 31,200 of them are commercial stations while 409 of them have the ability to provide on the spot energy refuel.

(ii) Customer Service: It aims to deliver prompt and quick services to its customers, till date there have been 20,807,878 charges delivered to individuals using different means of electric transportation.

(iii) Compatibility: there are over 539,727 vehicles in the US and Canada which can be powered by the services being delivered at ChargePoint. This amounts for a majority of the renewable energy based vehicles present in the globe today.

Who can avail of these services?

There are two primary ways of getting involved with ChargePoint, these include:

(i) Independent Businesses: the company provides all of the essential services that businesses need to offer to their employees, customers, visitors and residents in terms of EV (electric vehicle) solutions.

Due to the cloud-based solutions provided by the company there is added flexibility and control in the user's hand making EV feasible and affordable.

Businesses which would be ideal for an EV overhaul include General Offices/Workplaces, Commercial Real Estate Agencies, Apartments & Condos, Vehicle Fleet businesses, Government Offices

(ii) EV Drivers: Chargepoint helps drivers make the switch to electric by offering amazing connectivity/charging capabilities wherever they may work, shop, eat and play.

Also with the specially designed Mobile App users can avail of special driver discounts and integration with automakers, this means that there is a seamless blend of driving and charging for anyone looking to switch to EV.

What’s the point of it all..?

The company operates the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network. The mission as stated on the official website is to “get everyone behind the wheel of an EV, and provide users with a place to charge wherever they go“.

As the company grows so will its network, making it easier for individuals to adopt EVs and make a difference not only to the environment but also to their annual fuel costs.

Pricing and Availability of Service..

The easiest way to make use of the Chargepoint network is by going online at Here one can look at the various services being offered like:

(i) Network Plans

(ii) Home. Commercial Charging Station Availability.

(iii) Multi Family Home Services

(iv) Financing and Credit Incentive Options.

In terms of pricing, the services provided are independent and each owner can set the price for use of their station. Many stations are completely free to use and one can see the price to use a specific station on the company’s mobile app.

The application allows users to view different price listings at different stations and to book a charging spot.

However, because prices are dynamically configured by individual station owners, the price you pay at any given ChargePoint station is subject to change at any time without notification.


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