Advanced Mac Cleaner Review – Best Mac Computer Cleaning Software?

Advanced Mac Cleaner Review

Advanced Mac Cleaner is optimization software designed for Mac OS X 10.7 and higher.

It claims to clean, fix, and speed up any Mac. Does it actually work? Read our review to find out.

What Is Advanced Mac Cleaner?

Advanced Mac Cleaner is optimization software designed for Mac OS X 10.7+. The software claims to use “state of the art technology” to help keep your Mac running smooth, fast, and error-free.

If you’ve been on the internet for more than 10 minutes, then you’ve probably encountered similar software programs for PCs. These software programs typically give you a free trial, and then that free trial encounters hundreds of fictitious problems. The only way to fix these problems is by paying a pricey fee.

Is Advanced Mac Cleaner just a Mac version of these optimization software scams? Or is this a real program that can genuinely help your PC? Let’s find out more about its features and tools.

How Does Advanced Mac Cleaner Work?

Advanced Mac Cleaner comes with all of the following features and tools:

-App Manager: Helps you manage installed applications, remove your internet history, and choose which applications startup with your system.

-Multiple Cleanups: Helps you reclaim lost drive space by removing unnecessary data. Get a breakdown of where data is stored on your Mac and decide which files you need to keep – and which can be removed.

-Duplicate Remover: Locate and manage duplicate files to remove excessive drive clutter.

That’s it. You get three core tools included with Advanced Mac Cleaner – which is surprisingly little for a software program priced at $40 with ongoing subscription fees.

Another problem is that a lot of these features are available built-into your Mac. You can always choose which programs startup, for example, and wiping your internet history is as easy as making two clicks in your internet browser. You can easily uninstall software for free using built-in tools on your Mac. You don’t need to pay $40 extra for it.

There’s also software programs available for free online that offer similar functionality. Finding duplicate files or scanning your hard drive for space isn’t that novel of a feature.

One of the biggest problems we have with Advanced Mac Cleaner is the ongoing subscription fees: you’re asked to pay $20 every 6 months for your subscription, yet the software doesn’t appear to receive any major updates. Typically, you only pay a subscription when you’re using antivirus software or other software that requires regular updates. With Advanced Mac Cleaner, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Pricing

Advanced Mac Cleaner is priced at $39.95 USD for your first 6 months, then an ongoing subscription fee of $19.97 every 6 months thereafter.

Depending from where you buy the software, you may be offered an additional software package – like a Sticky Password subscription for $14.55 USD for the first 6 months.

Your payment information is automatically charged every 6 months if you don’t cancel. All purchases also come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Your purchase is processed through FastSpring, which also does business under the name Bright Market LLC. It’s unclear why the developers do that – although we don’t have much information about the developers to begin with.

Who Makes Advanced Mac Cleaner?

We know very little about the developers of Advanced Mac Cleaner. The developers never give their name. However, this appears to be an Indian-based developer which primarily markets their software in the United States.

The company’s terms of use document lists this address in Rajasthan:

32 Gopal Tower
Gopal bari, Jaipur – 302001
Rajasthan, India

You can contact the developers by toll-free phone at 877-861-1418 or by email at [email protected].

It does not appear that the developer makes any other software. However, their marketing and contact information is similar to another software program called PC Speedup Pro, so it seems likely they share a developer or at least a publisher.

Should You Use Advanced Mac Cleaner to Clean your Mac?

Advanced Mac Cleaner doesn’t appear to be worth its $40 price tag (not to mention the ongoing $40 per year subscription fee). The software only features three basic tools – and most of these functions are already available on your Mac for free. You don’t need to install pricey software to clear your browser history, check your storage space, or uninstall programs, for example.

It’s also weird to see an ongoing subscription fee. The software doesn’t appear to receive any major updates, so it’s unclear why the developer wants to charge you $20 every 6 months (aside from this being a cash grab).

Overall, Advanced Mac Cleaner seems to be too similar to PC optimization software scams we’ve seen for years. These scams find fictitious problems on your computer during a free scan, then request you pay a hefty fee to remove these problems.

Ultimately, even if Advanced Mac Cleaner isn’t a scam, the developers don’t give us enough information to justify the $40 price tag (plus $20 / 6 month subscription fee). It’s just too similar to free software programs available online today – so you should probably save your money.



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