ZeroBlue Glasses: Reviewing the Blue Light Blocking Lens Technology

More and more research continues to confirm the reluctance of many scientists to readily accept smartphones and other electronic devices as entirely safe. For the eyes in particular, exposure to the harsh blue lights emitted by many electronic devices can cause strain, damage, and even degradation to the eyes over time.

This problem is certainly not limited; nearly every consumer in the United States has some kind of cellular device or computer, and many of them use these devices consistently throughout their daily lives. Although some exposure to the bright lights of a phone or computer screen is not necessarily a bad thing, the consistent impact of these lights on the eyes and sight can be significant.

ZeroBlue Glasses are a pair of glasses that has lenses made with blue light blockers that help protect the eyes from the harmful light emitted from electronics like smartphones and computer screens. The product can be found on the official website, which has a few different packages available for customers to choose from.

What are ZeroBlue Glasses?

While finding a computer in a home 30 years ago was still a rarity, the world has since evolved. Nowadays, almost every home has a computer, a smartphone, and maybe even  a tablet as well. It is next to impossible to spend an entire day without one of these devices, and this can potentially create long-term problems for users.

All of these devices emit a harsh blue light, creating a hard contrast that causes the eyes to become strained while it causes headaches. There are some settings that tone down this blue light, but the graphics and text doesn’t look the same, making these solutions an ineffective solution. With the ZeroBlue Glasses, consumers can find better protection from the harsh light without a decrease to picture quality.

The ZeroBlue Glasses give consumers relief from the soreness and headaches caused by devices, blocking up to 99.99% of the harmful lights that are emitted by electronics. Using medical-grade patented lenses, these glasses function as a shield without inhibiting the user’s view of their screen. The eyes instantly relax without having to refocus to get a better view of the screen, which means consumers can play games, work, and communicate for as long as they want or need to.

How ZeroBlue Glasses Works

The creators behind ZeroBlue Glasses have developed their own patented lens technology that they combine with a pigmentation designed to act as a filter for the eyes. With this filter, consumers are able to avoid causing irreversible damage over time, giving their eyes greater longevity and preventing huge headaches during the day.

The products are incredibly simple to use. Consumers simply slip the glasses on when they're looking at a screen with harsh, potentially damaging light. Then, users can take the glasses off when they stop using the device. Otherwise, users can keep the glasses on indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions About ZeroBlue Glasses

This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about ZeroBlue Glasses.

Q: How long does it take to get relief with the ZeroBlue Glasses?

A: Users should start feeling relief from the strain and stress on their eyes immediately. Recurring use is not necessary; users can put the glasses on whenever they need them to eliminate the harsh lights of their phones, tablets, or computers.

Q: Are different sizes available?

A: No. The frame is designed to fit the size and shape of any face, which takes out the guesswork. If you have an especially wide face of specific glasses sizing requirements, this might create problems.

Q: What lights can ZeroBlue protect against?

A: These glasses are meant for universal use against computers, phone screens, tablets, and even stadium lighting. They can be used wherever harsh lights could cause damage to the eyes, strain, or headaches.

Q: How else can you protect your eyes from screens?

A: Many sources recommend putting away electronic devices about two hours before you go to sleep in order to allow your eyes to rest before bed. But with the use of ZeroBlue glasses, it is possible to ensure your eyes remain healthy while using devices, even up until bedtime.

Any other question can be discussed with the customer service team.

Purchasing ZeroBlue Glasses

Right now, the only way that consumers can purchase the ZeroBlue Glasses is from the official product website, which already is limited in the stock it still has available. Users save money by buying multiple pairs of the glasses at one time. Purchasing options include:

  • One pair of ZeroBlue Glasses: $44.00 (usually $87.99)
  • Two pairs of ZeroBlue Glasses: $76.00 (usually $176.99)
  • Three pairs (plus two extra pairs for free) of ZeroBlue Glasses: $132.00 (usually $220.00)

Contacting ZeroBlue Glasses Customer Service

Even with the information available online, consumers may find that they want to learn more with the limited time they have to make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached by filling out the form at the bottom of the ordering page.

ZeroBlue Glasses Final Thoughts

The ZeroBlue Glasses are helpful to any consumer that spends a lot of time in front of a screen, especially individuals who work with a computer constantly. By protecting the eyes, things like eye strain headaches become a thing of the past. The product doesn’t require sizing and can give relief the second that the user puts them on.

Based on the information online, there’s an extremely low supply of the ZeroBlue Glasses still available, so consumers that want to secure their pair should act as soon as possible.


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