Under Armour Wireless Headphones Review – Quality JLB UA Sound?

Under Armour Headphones Wireless Review

The awkwardly-named Under Armour Headphones Wireless are a set of wireless earbuds engineered by JBL. Priced at $180, the earbuds promise to be “the ultimate wireless sport headphones”. Here’s our review.


What Are The Under Armour Headphones Wireless?

The Under Armour Headphones Wireless are wireless earbuds engineered by JBL and sold by Under Armour. The earbuds aren’t completely wireless: there’s a wire connecting the two earbuds together. However, the earbuds are not connected to your phone or music player with any wires: it’s just a Bluetooth connection.

The earbuds promise to deliver JBL’s signature sound while delivering features catered specifically to athletes and active individuals – including waterproofing and an 8 hour battery life. They also have a microphone – so you can make phone calls on the earbuds without taking them out of your ear (the microphone itself is found on the cord connecting the two earbuds together).

There are two versions of the headphones, including the standard version, priced at $180, and the wireless heart rate version, called the Under Armour Headphones Wireless HR, priced at $250.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of each set of headphones.


Under Armour Headphones Wireless Features

Standard Headphones Wireless

-JBL signature sound delivered through premium 5.8mm dynamic drivers and JBL’s Pure Bass Performance technology-

-Bluetooth connectivity for easy hookups with Android or iOS devices

-TwistLock technology that uses a “proven ergonomic ear tip” that twists and locks into place inside your ear, so the headphones are “guaranteed never to hurt or fall out”

-Up to 8 hour battery life on a single charge

-Durable build including IPX5 sweat-proof construction

-3 button mic that lets you change music, adjust volume, and handle calls easily (the three buttons are found on the wire connecting your two earbuds together)

Wireless HR Headphones

-Instant “military grade heart rate” measured directly from your ear at the touch of a button, which means you don’t have to stop your workout to read a band, watch, or phone

-Bluetooth compatibility with iOS and Android

-JBL signature sound, including the same 5.8mm dynamic drivers found in the standard headphones, along with the JBL Pure Bass Performance technology

-TwistLock technology, allowing you to twist the earbuds into place to keep them firmly in your ear

-3 button mic that controls tracks, volume, and calls from buttons on your earbud line

-Durable build, including IPX5 sweat-proof construction

-Comes equipped with UA Record, which is UA’s health data collection app that lets you track your progress (the app is available for both Android and iOS)

When you purchase either set of Under Armour Headphones Wireless, you’ll also get a 12 month premium membership to MapMyFitness, which lets you track your health and progress over time. An annual subscription to MapMyFitness is normally priced at $30.

All purchases come with 1 pair of headphones, 2 sets of enhancers (to customize the headphone fit to your ears), a micro USB charging cable, a quick start guide, and a warranty card.

What Are People Saying About the Under Armour JBL Bluetooth Earbuds?

The Under Armour Headphones Wireless are attracting mostly positive reviews across the internet.

When you first pick up the earbuds, you’ll naturally wonder where all the technology is hiding. The earbuds themselves are slightly larger than ordinary earbuds you’d put inside your ears – but not remarkably so. The cord connecting the two earbuds is also pretty short, clocking in at just 18 inches.

It may take a few tries to put your earbuds in the correct way. Once you get used to it, the TwistLock twist and click technology on the earbuds is useful, but putting them in the first time can be difficult.

During exercise, the earbuds are very good at staying in your ear – even if you’re doing a bunch of bouncing around, running, or some other intense activity.

The 8 hours of battery life is impressive for small earbuds. There’s one small battery hidden in each earbud. The earbuds are charged through a standard micro-USB port found on the in-line remote, which is easy and effective.

Most reviews of the sound state that it’s good, but not great. The bass isn’t quite as booming as you would like, and the earbuds don’t lock out too much passive sound (some people believe this is intentional, so you don’t get hit by a car when running). However, this can lead to a hollow type of sound from your earbuds.

Some reviews also indicate that the sound is a little too quiet for spoken word – even when cranked up to max volume. So if you exercise in a loud gym or a loud environment where you frequently need to crank up your sound, then the Under Armour Headphones Wireless may not be ideal.

Should You Buy the Under Armour Headphones Wireless?

These awkwardly-named headphones are priced slightly higher than most people would like. You can always expect to pay over $100 for a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds. However, $250 for a set of two small earbuds has taken many people aback.

Nevertheless, the earbuds are generally well-reviewed for their sound quality and their commitment to staying in your ears during exercise. UA is clearly aiming its marketing at active individuals, and that means you can expect great performance during any workout – thanks to features like a waterproof design and the TwistLock technology.

Plus, the ability to track your heart rate using just your ears is pretty cool.

If you don’t mind paying a slight premium for the UA brand, then the Under Armour Headphones Wireless may be the right set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds for you.


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