Temp-A-Sure Review: Breathe Pure’s Digital Thermometer Temperature Reader

Breathe Pure Temp-A-Sure is a touchless, no-contact digital thermometer that is portable, lightweight and gives accurate temperature readings using a smart fever color indicator with infrared thermal technology.

Temp-A-Sure is a device by Breathe Pure that allows consumers to take a reading of a child’s or adult’s temperature with no physical contact. This device can only be found online, though consumers can break the total cost into multiple payments.

What is Temp-A-Sure?

A fever can be a very scary thing, and it becomes even harder when consumers don’t have the right equipment to track it. Even in the best circumstances, taking a fever-reducing medicine can help to lower the temperature, but most thermometers have to be able to rest under the tongue or somewhere else to get a good reading. For parents, getting that accurate reading can be next to impossible. With Temp-A-Sure, there’s no more need to be still since this light thermometer has an entirely touchless sensor.

With the bright and large LED display, Temp-A-Sure can show the temperature of any person quickly and accurately. Though the medical sector has changed what temperature is considered a fever in recent years, the user will know if the reading is too high if the background turns red, allowing them to take proper action. Plus, to keep track of whether a fever is going up or down, consumers can take advantage of the 24 hours memory feature.


Frequently Asked Questions About Temp-A-Sure

Let’s discuss some of the questions that consumers often have about the Temp-A-Sure device.

Q: How does Temp-A-Sure work if it doesn’t physically touch the user?

A: The temperature is read with the use of infrared thermal technology. The user just presses the button and the temperature instantly is taken.

Q: Can Temp-A-Sure effectively take the temperature of children?

A: Yes. It can also take the temperature of infants.

Q: Is Temp-A-Sure bulky?

A: Not at all. This device is lightweight and compact, making it easy to take to work, on trips, and around the home.

Q: Can the thermometer do anything else?

A: Yes. Since the thermometer doesn’t have to come in contact with the surface to gauge the temperature, this device can be used to read room temperature, food temperature, and even the temperature of bathwater.

Any other inquiry can be addressed with the customer service team.

Purchasing Temp-A-Sure

Consumers have a unique opportunity online to purchase the Temp-A-Sure in a double offer. For the single thermometer, consumers can either pay three separate installments of $19.99 each or pay the cost ($74.94) upfront.

Users can also double their purchase. Rather than having to pay the full cost of another Temp-A-Sure, consumers only have to cover the cost of shipping and handling to get another device delivered with their package.

If the user decides that this product doesn’t work for them, they have up to 60 days to request a refund. Any returns will need to be approved by the customer service team and must include a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number with their shipment.

Contacting the Creators of Temp-A-Sure

Even with the information offered online, consumers may find themselves with other questions that they want to address. The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-800-490-8230 or by sending an email to [email protected].


Temp-A-Sure has many benefits, primarily focusing on how easy it is to take the temperature of the most squirmy and impatient child. While the price is admittedly a little high for a thermometer, there are many benefits to using this particular design. With the ability to pay for the total cost in several payments, consumers can make sure they always have one of these devices on hand in the event of any sickness, which provides a sense of security during an otherwise stressful time.


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