Tactical T2000 Flashlight Review – High Performance LED TacLight?

Tactical T2000

With the world in the state it is currently, it’s not a surprise that people are becoming increasingly interested in survival gear. Some of the most popular gear, and often the most vital, are tactical flashlights. These multi-purpose tools aren’t just used for providing powerful light, but they can be used as weapons as well, the perfect combination for those who want something in the case of a disaster or emergency.

The T2000 Tactical Flashlight combines all the specs that are needed to provide users with the best tactical flashlight experience – but how does it stack up with the most popular LED taillight in its class … the Shadowhawk X800.


What is the Tactical T2000 Flashlight?

The Tactical T2000 flashlight is a high performance tactical flashlight that is made of the highest quality materials. Made from aircraft aluminum and designed to imitate the shape of an aircraft carrier, the Tactical T2000 is strong and durable. While the body is enough to get any flashlight enthusiast excited, the fact that it also contains an extremely powerful lightbulb and offers thousands of hours of lamp life will just excite customers more.

While there are several tactical flashlights currently on the market, very few of them are made with the quality materials that the T2000 has and even fewer of those have the specs and power that as this option. Added to the fact that the T2000 is currently on sale and being offered at a ridiculously low price, those who are finally ready to upgrade their regular, average flashlight should be excited about the T2000.

The T2000 Tactical Flashlight Specs

Of course, the most important thing about a tactical flashlight is its very unique specs. Because almost anyone can slap the word ‘tactical’ onto a device, it’s important for those who are interested in purchasing a T2000 to understand they’re getting a quality product.

The first thing to note about the T2000 is that it is made from aircraft aluminum. This light weight, durable metal is what many airplanes and aircraft carriers are made of, making the T2000 one of the most durable and strong flashlights on the market. Due to the material it is made from, the T2000 is also very light and easy to carry.

The LED emitter used on the T2000 Tactical Flashlight is the Cree XM-L T6. For those who aren’t aware of this emitter, it is one of the best available today and is found in many devices used by serious survivalists.

The lamp life on the T2000 is about 88,764 hours, depending what mode is in use. The lamp life of the T2000 was extremely important to the creators, because sometimes the light is all that is keeping people safe. During natural disasters, on a dark road, or when lost, having a dependable flashlight that can provide illumination for long periods of time is imperative.

In addition to its long lamp life, the T2000 also has five modes:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • SOS
  • Strobe

These modes can be used and adjusted for any situation.

The T2000 also has different levels of focus, each one allowing users to get focus they want or need for any specific situation. These focus levels include”

  • X1
  • X250
  • X500
  • X1000
  • X2000

As already mentioned above, the T2000 Tactical Flashlight is lightweight and easy to carry. This convenience is emphasized by the size and the design of the T2000. The body of the flashlight, from base to the top is 5.10 inches. However, this can be increased because the neck can expand, making the length of the flashlight 6.18 inches. The area that users place their hands on is 1.10 inches in diameter, making it the perfect size to hold comfortably.

Who Should Purchase the Tactical T2000?

The Tactical T2000 flashlight is the perfect option for those who want to prepare for disaster situations, those who sometimes find themselves in precarious situations, and those who just want to have a little extra protection in their homes.

There are so many uses for tactical flashlights, especially one that is made with such high quality materials as the T2000. While most people might think tactical flashlights are just fancy ways of being able to see in the dark, there are many uses for the T2000. Customers who have ever experienced any of the situations below, or fear experiencing the situations, should definitely consider purchasing the T2000, not just for its amazing lighting capabilities, but for its other diverse uses.

– Victims of Break-Ins

Anyone who has experienced a break-in knows that even after the fear and shock fade away, they are left with a deep feeling of violation. Victims often want to find something, anything that can protect their homes and their family members. Research has shown that one of the most effective, non-violent ways to deter break-ins is by utilizing a bright light. T2000 gives users this peace of mind, providing those who fear burglaries a portable, heavy weight weapon with the power of a spotlight.

– Victims of Breakdowns

Many people have suffered from breaking down on the side of the road. When this happens during the day, in a well-populated area, it’s mostly a nuisance. However, if this were to happen at night in a more secluded area, not only would it be scary, but it could be dangerous. Cars might not be able to see those stranded on the side of the road, unless those who have broken down have a powerful flashlight to alert motorists that they are on the road.

– For Self-Defense

Because the T2000 is so incredibly sturdy, made of the highest-quality aircraft aluminum, it is also extremely durable. It fits neatly in the hand, allowing users to grip it steadily. When those who own a T2000 are approached by a suspicious character, they can feel a little more confident, knowing they have an easy to use, powerful weapon in their grasp. Not only can they hit attackers with it, but the strobe light option can blind and confuse attackers long enough for users to run.

– Victims of Natural Disasters

Ever since Hurricane Katrina, Americans have been more aware of the extreme dangers that natural disasters can have on their lives. No one is safe. During these natural disasters, it’s very common for homes to lose electricity, making it even more dangerous for people trying to scramble around in the dark. The T2000 can provide enough light to keep an entire room bright for thousands of hours. On top of this, if users need rescuing, they can use the SOS mode to get the attention of rescuers.

Purchasing the T2000 Tactical Flashlight

The T2000 can be purchased in varying amounts, so it can be purchased individually or in bulk. The best value for purchasing the T2000 Tactical Flashlight is to purchase at least three of them. Many customers have found friends who are also interested in purchasing a high-quality tactical flashlight and shared the cost between them. Not only will this keep more people safe and prepared for disaster, but it also saves everyone money.

T2000 is currently having a sale that offers users 75% off when the flashlight is purchased today. The 75% discount is already applied to the prices listed below. The discount also includes free shipping, whether customers order one or twenty flashlights.

The price for the T2000 is broken down below.

  • 1 Flashlight ($54.00 per Unit) – $54
  • 2 Flashlights ($45.00 per Unit) – $90
  • 3 Flashlights ($40.00 per Unit) – $120
  • 4 Flashlights ($39.00 per Unit) – $156
  • 5 Flashlights ($37.00 per Unit) – $185
  • 10 Flashlights ($33.00 per Unit) – $330
  • 15 Flashlights ($31.00 per Unit) – $465
  • 20 Flashlights ($30.00 per Unit) – $600

The T2000 can be purchased on the official T2000 tactical flashlight website (tacticalt2000.com) and the secure checkout process makes it efficient and easy for customers to pick their desired order amount and checkout.


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