Tactic Light 360 – Quality Military-Grade LED Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical grade flashlights have garnered serious interest from many users in the past couple of years because they are not only powerful but also offer high durability and product quality.

What sets tactical equipment apart from regular flashlights is the fact that they they are made using professional military grade material like titanium, aluminium and high quality lenses.

When compared to standard equipment they offer a highly powerful zoom and lighting options enabling them to light up areas more than a 100 meters away.

Tactic Light 360 History

Tactic Light 360 was created as a result of careful research on the lines of military and security based devices.

Since regular torches were just not cutting it the manufacturer wanted to create a device that was long lasting, durable and an efficient light source not only in regular conditions but also tactical situations

About Tactic Light 360

TacticLight360 is an all new visual aid that features a host of military grade options that enable users to gain access to superior technology but at affordable prices. Some of the key features of the product include:

Composite Lens System

Scientifically speaking composite lenses are far lighter than glass or plastic lenses. They are prone to less external damage and offer long lasting quality which saves users having to change the lens every couple of years.

Also because these lenses are highly malleable they offer very precise viewing angles, they can be easily manipulated to increase the focus and aperture value resulting in a flashlight that’s light and highly powerful.

Thus this option makes the flashlight a great option for anyone who makes frequent use of a flashlight or torch.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction

One of the most important features of tactical flashlights is to possess a body that is not only durable but also lightweight, the Tactic Light 360 features aluminium that has been smelted using aircraft grade technology allowing users to obtain a device that is not only light-weight but also extremely structurally integral.

Since high quality aluminium is not used in everyday products, users should know that this specially crafted metal has melting points of over 2800 degrees.

This means that it can withstand any extreme conditions it may be placed in, similarly it can maintain its integrity even in extremely cold, snowing conditions.

Thus the flashlight is a perfect tool for anyone who is inclined to go outdoors or camping adventure trips on a regular basis.

Portable And Ultra Compact

Since the design of the device has been done using ultra-malleable lenses and lightweight metal it is highly portable. The flashlight when measured against the latest iPhone 7 is just a couple of inches larger showing how small and powerful this unit actually is.

Due to its compact nature it can be stored and carried around easily in one’s bag, purse, boot, car dash or a number of other places.The length is only 6.18 inches and the wider end, where the flashlight bulb is located, is only 1.37 inches in diameter.

TacticLight360 Unique Aspects

The aspects which set the device apart from other tactical grade equipment include:

5 Laser Focus Settings:

Due to its unique focal system the Tactic Light 360 is able to provide users with high levels of zooming capability, there are 5 different options to choose from and these include:

  • 2000x zoom
  • 1000x zoom
  • 500x zoom
  • 250x zoom
  • Standard regular aperture 1x viewing angle.

Emergency Response Modes:

Not only does the flashlight serve to provide efficient lighting but it can also be used as a means of self defense, the device features 5 unique defense settings which can alert nearby individuals in case the user is stuck in a difficult situation.

  • High Power: this feature can be used to blind an oncoming threat, when this feature is activated a high powered beam is focused and delivered from the bulb. This beam can be directed onto the eyes of the attacker, temporarily blinding him/her.
  • Medium Power: this mode allows users to carry out searches in case they cannot locate a member of their team or have lost an important article. This mode is really intense and lights up the surrounding region.
  • Low Power: this mode enables users to perform quick excavations in case of emergencies.
  • SOS mode: in this mode a strong light pulse is emitted which relays an SOS signal to onlookers. This can be highly beneficial if a user is stranded or is in a compromised position.
  • Strobe Light: this light can have a blinding/hypnotic effect on an attacker, it can be used to effectively gain time in case of a serious problem wherein somebody's life is in danger.

Tactic Light 360 Pricing

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online. A single unit is available for 67.00 € but on making larger purchases of 2 or more units, users can avail of heavy discounts.

For example if an individual purchases 5 devices he can obtain a single unit for an average price of 35€ (approx.). There is also free shipment available on all purchases.

Payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.


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