Electronics Stealth Angel Compact Survival Kit Review – 8-in-1 Everyday Carry Kit?

Stealth Angel Compact Survival Kit Review – 8-in-1 Everyday Carry Kit?


What Is The Stealth Angel Survival Kit?

The Stealth Angel Survival Kit is an 8-in-1 easy to carry, survival kit that is designed for everyday use. It was designed and developed by experts to help keep you safe regardless of the situation. The team who created the kit consists of some of the greatest experts in different fields, like law enforcement, veterans and other outdoor/survival specialists and enthusiasts. It’s the perfect kit that everyday people will be able to use.

The Kit consist of some of the best, hand-picked and high-quality items that will keep you safe and protected. They have completely high-quality items in the kit that will help you with the widest range of scenarios you will ever face. The best experts know having the right tools is the key to making it out of emergency situations. They can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. The right tool can be the difference of safety for you and your loved ones.

The kit comes packed with may different tools. It’s lightweight, super compact and ultra-discreet. Not only that, but the kit is also waterproof and very easy to carry. They say it’s about the size of a small book, and can be thrown into your backpack or car and even your office drawer. It’s designed to fit into just about any type of small space you can think of that you can access fast.

How Does The Stealth Angel Survival Kit Work?

They claim that the kit has literally thousands of uses when combined together. The kit has been pieced together and assembled by true experts. And it also uses the best quality materials for the kit. It’s one of the smartest, most compact survival kits that has ever been created. This will help lower your fear and anxiety that occurs when someone isn’t certain or prepared.

You just keep the kit close by and you’ll be able to live with more confidence, safety and security. And it will work in a multitude of situations, so make sure you have it around always. Just keep it close and you’ll have access to 8 of the best survival tools available.

For one, the case is made of high-quality, ultra-tough materials and is waterproof. There is a heavy-duty steel pen with Ink on the front end of one tool. And the back end has a heavy-duty steal pen carbide tip for breaking windows. The flashlight is a 100% professional tactical flashlight with the power of 350 lumens known as the XML Q5. There is also an ultra-bright 10 Lumen LED Flashlight that can fit on a keychain.

To start fires, the kit has a Large Ferrocerium Rod Flint and steel that makes it easy to create sparks. The striker also has a bottle opener on it and a ruler. As if that isn’t enough, there is a compass as well as a high frequency aluminum whistle. Lastly, there is an 11-in-1 Pocket Tool Card that has multiple tools on it.

The flashlight operates at 350 lumens and puts out a super-focused, very intense beam that can shine upwards of 600 feet or further. And with the precision optics Scalable focus and Tac-Head Design, you can see anything at night. The light is also said to be completely shockproof, waterproof and rustproof. It has an intelligent tail-tap switch. There are high and low strobe effects that you can use to blind attackers or as a signal for emergencies.

The flashlight runs off of one AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable battery that can work for hours of use. The design of this is a completely heavy duty, compact design and made to be tough as nails. It’s an ideal flashlight for anyone who is into hiking, hunting, camping and other situations.

The tactical pen is made of 100% aircraft grade aluminum with carbide tip. It’s a highly durable tact pen that is ideal for any situation. It’s portable and lightweight but extremely durable. Another purpose of the pen is to be used as a glass breaker when you need to break a window in the case of an emergency situation. There is also a diamond thread design on the handle, but it works to give you an excellent handle to grip. The grip works as anti-skid features and has enough durability to fray wires. It also works with standard refills. You can easily clip it to your shirt, blouse and suit as well as pocketbook straps or pockets.

On the multi-tool there is a can opener with hook, so you can open cans. There is a ruler as well with mm and cm markings for calculations. The bottle opener is ideal for liquid regardless of whether they’re bottled or packaged. There is also a butterfly wrench that works in small spaces when you need a more conventional socket.

The wrench has 4 positions that are ideal for different sized nuts, bolts and heads when you need quick access. There is a compact jagged tooth on it for cutting branches and zip ties. It’s also perfect for small spaces. And there is a two positions to be used on odd sized screws and bolts. The lanyard hole means you can wear it on a necklace.

The Stealth Angel Survival Kit Conclusion

If you’re looking for a superior tactical survival kit, then the Stealth Angel Survival Kit is a great pick. It’s also perfect for a gift for someone on Christmas.



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