Equipment Battery Chargers TENDO Charge – Emergency One-Time Use Disposable iPhone Charger?

TENDO Charge – Emergency One-Time Use Disposable iPhone Charger?


What Is The Tendo Charge Disposable Charger?

This is said to be one of the most compact chargers available on the market. This is a 3-Pack and very portable, lightweight plus compact wireless battery for use with iPhones. It’s a one of a kind, emergency wireless Battery that is suitable for one time uses on iPhone 5 and above. It’s faster than a lightning charger apparently as well.

How Does The Tendo Charge Work?

The charger is designed to help you by getting out of the red zone. You’ll never have to worry about running out of power again. Even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, you will be able to talk. The charger is ideal for people on road trips, taking weekend trips camping in the mountains or spending time at an amazing festival like burning man or EDM.

It’s said to be one of the best disposable chargers available. You can charge upwards of 35% of your iPad. The charger is claimed to charge as much as 35% of your phone as long as it’s an iPhone 5 or higher. It’s lightweight and can be taken anywhere, making it perfect for people on the go. You’ll be able to count on the 1000mAh anywhere at any time.

There are no cables and no trouble for you to worry about anymore when it comes to setting off for the weekend on a camping trip. Other great uses would be if you wanted to take a trip to the beach or something similar. You’ll be able relax, knowing that you won’t have to ever miss one of your calls that could be important. The disposable charger is a great addition to add to anyone’s technology stash and have in addition to a power bank or other portable charger. If you’re trying to make sure you don’t miss any of those important emails and want to have a portable charger for emergency purposes, this is a great charger for you.

It’s ultra-lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere you go. And right now, you can buy it in a set of three on That means you have 3 extra charges for your phone. It’s like having a brand-new travel buddy that you can take across the world and will help you stay connected. It’s great to keep in your backpack or car for those unexpected stays that turn out longer than projected. You’ll be prepared for anything with the Tendo Disposable Charger. Another great thing about the charger is you don’t need any cables or troublesome aspects to deal with. And, the charger will hold it’s charge and be safe in the packaging for as many as 5 years.

Tendo Charge Disposable Charger Conclusion

The charger is a 100% green product that can be recycled. It’s manufactured from some of the best, most ecofriendly materials on the market. If you’re looking for a way to ensure you never run out of power again, then pick up a Tendo Disposable Charger today.



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