Equipment RemarkaBulb Review – Extra Bright Atomic Beam LED Light Bulb?

RemarkaBulb Review – Extra Bright Atomic Beam LED Light Bulb?


What Is RemarkaBulb?

RemarkaBulb is a specialized LED light that is said to be an innovation that makes it different than any other bulb. It differs from ordinary bulbs by remaining lit, even when the electricity goes out. But does it work? In short answer, yes. According to others who have used the bulb, it is a highly effective security feature you can install in seconds all over your house.

How Does RemarkaBulb Work?

The light bulb is a completely shatterproof LED light bulb that only uses a rechargeable battery for it’s energy source. It can be activated when a power outage occurs. You can pick up a bulb for just $12.99 and get a second one for an additional $6.99. The website for the company was just registered in November of 2017. They claim that its one of the easiest ways to improve your home and make it a safer place.

There are a lot of claims from the makers of Remarkabulb. It screws into any normal, standard light fixture. Each bulb has its own personal, rechargeable, lithium ion battery and it switches on when the power goes out. There is even a remote control you can use to turn on the lights or turn them off with ease. The bulbs are promised to be completely shatterproof in design. Each bulb is made of 50 LEDs and is claimed to put out enough power to light up a 450-square foot area.

There is something else that is super cool about the bulb as well, if you slide out the handle, you can instantly convert the light bulb to an Atomic Beam Flashlight. The flashlights typically cost at least $19.99 on their own, making this an even more valuable product that is ideal for any safety situations.

As said you can get a single Remarkabulb for just $12.99. But the special offer is probably a smarter idea. For just $19.98 you get two of the bulbs plus the remote control. If that’s still not enough for you, there is also a multi-pack discount where you can get 4 bulbs and two remotes for a very affordable $36.96. There is free shipping regardless of the offer. And as of now, this product cannot be purchased in stores. You can only get it at

The bulbs main purpose is to be used as a backup lighting source for when the power goes out. When you lose power, all you have to do is press a button on the included remote. Remarkabulb will then instantly switch to the lithium ion battery.

It’s very easy to use as well. Just screw it into any standard light socket and it will work like any other normal light bulb. And as long as it’s connected to power, the bulb will stay charged. Once the power is turned off, the bulb can be turned on to give continuous light to the room. They claim that each charge will last for about 7 hours. That means you could light your entire home all night with one bulb or have four charged and it could stay lit for a couple nights. The 50 LED light should be enough to light up a small room.

RemarkaBulb Conclusion

One of the coolest features is that you can screw it into any standard light and get some serious benefits from it. There is a two-inch extension that will convert the bulb into a standard handheld flashlight. The innovative feature makes RemarkaBulb a truly valuable piece of equipment that can be used to make your home safer during emergencies.



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